Sunday, February 5, 2012

February 5, 2012: You Matter...


Our Associate Pastor, Rev. Olivia Updegrove, gave the best sermon today on "What matters most."  She touched on too many great points to recall or reiterate, but she got me thinking...  (who me... thinking?)

Somehow, you (the person reading this) and we, the Ringgold clan, found each other.  However that initially happened, here we both still are.  Together.  We matter to each other.  You matter to us.  We matter to you.  Otherwise, we wouldn't have a blog, and / or you wouldn't take the time to read it.

That alone is special.

In this world where 24 hours of video are uploaded to You Tube EVERY MINUTE... where there are over 150 MILLION blogs in existence...

We are here.






This isn't virtual.  The emotions I feel when I read a supportive (or mean) comment aren't virtual, they're real.  When this blog was a carepages blog in its early days, Angelique and I read the comments EVERY SINGLE NIGHT before going to bed.  Those comments are what gave us the spiritual strength to be the best parents we could for Bella and Ali when we arose the next day, and the best husband and wife to each other as well.  That's why they are included in Bella's Blessings: a Humble Story of Providence, because they were every bit the reason we rose to the occasion the way we did.  It's a mutually beneficial circle of nurture.

You matter to us.

Thank you for being here with us in our life.  Our life is better because of you.

Here is the duet I had the honor of playing with our Music Director, Dean Erick, today during the offertory.  It's by a pianist named Kevin Kern.  I love being exposed to new music, and I figure, since it's so easy to share a YouTube video on here, I'll do it more often!

Thank you for mattering.

To God.

To your family.

To your friends.

To us.

God night.


  1. I am still here, I check the blog every few days. I tell everyone about Bella and EB. And, Tripp. They touched me. They made a difference. I will never see a butterfly and not think of Bella. Tripp memories will be triggered by trains and Elmo. Such sweet babies. I know I've said it before, but thank you for sharing Bella. She has mad a difference in more ways than we could imagine, and continues.
    Carla Spradlin
    Taylors, SC

  2. We are together & connected by a terrible disease, but God works all things for good, and good will come from these connections. My prayer is that it is an end to EB.

  3. I am still here following along in the journey! I don't post much life here in NJ has been very up and down, but I am glad we are connected through this place.
    Tina in NJ

  4. I am still here too. It feels good to matter to someone. I always check in to see how my EB families are doing. Your family will always be in my prayers. Still love looking at the pictures of beautiful Bella. Keep the Faith. Love and Peace Leah and Tabby's Nana

  5. Still here too! Some days my computer doesn't want to cooperate, so it doesn't let me post, but I'm still reading! Thank you so much for continuing to share yourself and your family with us - and for keeping Bella in the front of our minds.

    Team A loves Clan Ringgold!

    Love from TX,

  6. Still here and still being inspired by you all as parents, christians and by your marriage! Thank yoU!

  7. Following from NC, don't commment as often as I would like to, but sometimes life gets in the way. My mom was very sick from July-until she passed away on Thanksgiving Day. A couple of days before she died, I asked her when she got to heaven to find Bella, Gabe, Leah & all the other little EB bundles of joy (an now Tripp) and rock them..she loved her grandchildren & great grandchildren & loved holding & rocking them. I know she is enjoying her new life in heaven..with all those sweet babies. Prayers are still sent your way

  8. I will never see a butterfly in the same way.. THANK YOU BELLA!

    I love sitting here reading about your day to day lives, you inspire me everyday to be a better person, wife & mother. Thank you!

    Love you all!!

    Amanda <3
    Hobart, Australia.

  9. I'm still here. You'll have to work pretty hard to change that.....sorry :)

    Lots of love....

    Ps... I may need a Julian fix soon. Just sayin'

  10. The picture of Bella & her mommy made me teary eyed for some reason today. I miss her.

  11. I'm still here although I don't comment often (I know bad). I enjoy reading your blog and love seeing pictures of your family. It is so awesome that God had you and Ang get pregnant so quickly after Bella's passing, it was scary at first not knowing, but now looking at little Julian! How perfect, how special, how awesome!

    Tracy Stuewe
    St. Peter, MN

  12. Thank you for the blessing this evening. It has been a busy full day for me as an accountant. Your music brought a time of peace to my weary soul this evening. Do you mind if I add it to my quiet music list?

  13. Luv the photo of sweet Bella and her mama. Too sweet for words.

  14. I am not quite sure why this picture of Bella struck me eyes immediately filled with tears. I think I was struck by her spirit in that moment because I just became swept away. Love that little girl...

  15. Yea, Christie. Me Too. Exactly.

  16. what a sweet picture. might be my favorite.