Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 17, 2012: Happy Father's Day!

Ali's new jar system for her allowances... hand painted by the master herself of course... they say "Saving" "Donating" and "Spending"...


Happy Father's Day.. er um... to any? fathers that actually read this blog!  LOL.  Are there any of you? If so, COME FORTH!  Renounce your lurker status and stand tall!  I salute you!

Thanks to my amazing wife for giving me a hall pass to play 9 holes of golf with 8 other dads and sons from church this afternoon, for getting the donuts this morning (usually my task), for an ADORABLE card and gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods, for a wonderful meal of pasta with homemade meatballs, and for allowing me the luxury of not touching a dish in the kitchen sink (usually my duty, too) all day!

I asked if she'd do the blog post for me as well, but I came up short there.  You're stuck with me, but not for long.  I rented Captain America on Friday night and still haven't gotten to it.  So, I'm gonna get to it now.

BUT before that, I'm gonna ask that you put in some double and triple time prayers for Charlie Knuth.  You may know that Charlie is one of the true EB BMT success stories.  Well, this week, he got sick... really sick.  He's at Amplatz hospital at U of M in Minnesota receiving treatment for what looks like a simultaneous viral and bacterial infection which has really kicked his little butt.  Please pray for his recovery, and send his amazing supermom, Trisha, energy, health, comfort, and strength.  She is Charlie's world, and a walking inspiration to me.

Trisha's latest caringbridge post can be read by CLICKING HERE

Lastly, here's a cute clip of Julian cracking up at Ali's splashing antics in the bath tonight...

God night.


  1. Happy Father's Day to you! Love the idea of Ali's jars for how to utilize $! Great video of Julian and Ali and a great pic of Bella and Ali! Hope that Ang, her mother and your mother and sister are doing well also. Please send our love and good thoughts!

  2. Happy Fathers Day Tim! Glad you had such a relaxing day!!
    Have a fantastic week!
    Blessings from Kelley in MO

  3. Happy Father's Day! I feel so bad for poor Charlie. Little Hailey is having a tough time too and had to return to MN. Poor kids. I'm glad you had such a great Father's Day! LOVE "Captain America"! Have you seen 'Avengers'? If not, you HAVE to! SOooo good!

  4. LOVE the video!! Nothing more precious than a baby's laughter!

  5. Tim,

    Belated Happy Father's Day to you! Happy 499th post too. The big five hundred is just around the corner.



  6. Oh, Tim, and one more thing....

    That boy's laugh! Oh joy. What a fabulous sound!