Friday, September 25, 2009

The Roller Coaster Continues

Me, Sean Stephenson, and his dad Gregg Stephenson

Well, up and down. This is the way with EB.


Getting to meet Sean and his dad, Gregg, this week at my good friend Joe Polish's annual conference. I asked Gregg if I could interview him and his wife for The 5 Percent Collective and described my vision. While describing my vision, Sean says, "You could build a MOVEMENT around that." My vision? To empower parents with children with special needs with the qualities that those 5% of married couples who don't split up have and use to stay together and raise successful children.

I want to create a monthly tele-seminar to interview those parents, but I want to create a retreat where families come and meet other families whose children have DIFFERENT special needs and diagnoses so they can see that while their diagnosis may be different, but the journey is NOT.

Left leg is (knock on wood) looking great!


I am in Phoenix while Bella has a fever that has spiked last night at 103.2 and today at 102. Mommy is bringing her to the doctor this morning while I sit in Phoenix. NO fun being so far away.

Bella is getting blisters on her neck, back, torso, and places where she hasn't had them yet.

Pray for Bella.




  1. I subscribed to your blog on my iGoogle homepage - Great to see a new posting, Tim. Thanks for the update! My prayers, thoughts, and good energy continue to be with you, Ang, Ali, and Bella. Lots of love, Kat

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