Monday, October 5, 2009

We have no words... explain what we are doing admitted to a hospital on Monday. Apparently, we weren't on the schedule for surgery. at all. Then, we were told we are on the schedule for Wednesday. So, why did we admit today? No one has an answer.

Not a good start. it started with a call this morning saying Cigna wouldn't cover the procedure. They felt Bella's procedure is an outpatient procedure. It took about 5 hours and several phone calls among doctors, supervisors, etc. before they ok'd 1 NIGHT in the hospital. Great. So much for that night.

Ronald McDonald house is nice, though! Too bad, only one of us gets to stay in it while the other has to stay by Bella's side. We're gonna take shifts alternating each night so neither of us run too low on energy.

On a positive note, I met the CEO of the RMH, Bill Lennart, tonight. Super nice guy. I told him I brought all my instruments to let the kids in the house play at dinner time, but didn't know who to coordinate with. He was blown away and introduced me to the COO. I'm supposed to call her tomorrow to see which night this week is open. They have an awesome little outdoor amphitheater that will be perfect. That'll be cool.

Ali and Nanny are coming down with Grandma and Grandpa tomorrow, and Ali and Nanny will stay at RMH. Good thing they arrive tomorrow as RMH an Rady's go into lockdown on siblings or visitors besides mom and dad. because they get in tomorrow, RMH will let them stay...grandfather them in. We've been telling Ali all weekend that she's going to Sea World this week with Nanny so we're glad they can stay.

Anyway...hurry up and wait. The Doc that admitted us was TOTALLY cool and great to work with. We changed several of the standing orders to accommodate Bella. For example, they wanted to start a TPN due to a "failure to thrive" note in her admissions paperwork. WTF??? She's 50th percentile weight and 75th percentile in height folks. There ain't no failure to thrive goin' on here. Anyway, we explained she is taking her feeds just fine and that and IV is dicey with her due to not being able to use adhesives. He agreed and put off an IV until surgery time and no labs until they start the IV. Those are positives, so we'll take the positives where we can.

Alright. Time for sleep. HOpefully we get some straight answers in the morning. Ah, hospital/insurance red tape. Good times.

Tonight, please say a prayer for the following people: Sam, Greg, Chelsea's dad, and Barbara. Each of these people could use a prayer for healing. It would mean a lot to me if you would add their names to your prayer list. Thank you so much.

3/4 of Team Ringgold wishing you the best!

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  1. can you photo shop Bella into that picture?
    It's such a good one!

    Oh yeah...make sure Ali sees the Pets Rule Show at Sea World...we LOVE it!