Sunday, March 21, 2010

We Have a Giant Baby

It's true.

Bella is approaching 10 months old, and is currently wearing anything from 18 month to 2T clothes! Rarely does a 12 month article sneak into the mix. This is a great thing. The only problems (if you can even call them that) are that she is too big for a walker or jumper already, and since her head is off the charts big, she hasn't quite figured out crawling or tummy time too well.

In fact, she does yoga in her crib when she tries to crawl. Her butt goes straight up when she's on her tummy, legs straighten out, but head and shoulders remain planted in the crib, resembling a baby version of Downward-facing Dog. It's pretty hilarious to watch, right up until she moves into her "head-plow" move where she starts crawling with butt still up and head still down. This is not good for her face. Someone should tell her that. Her forehead really doesn't tolerate the head plow very well, so she's got some wounds on her head, but she really doesn't seem to mind.

Through it all, she remains happy, cheerful, and generally sweet.

Bella is also finally teething like a champ! She has her top 4 front teeth, but we can't see if she has any on the bottom. The only reason we can see the top teeth is when she yells or cries when she's in one of our arms. She sticks her hands over her mouth and sometimes she sticks her fingers in her mouth when she's crying, and we can tell it's not a tired, hungry, or diaper cry. She will mouth all over her bottle, but not necessarily drink it... seems like the nipple is comforting to "chew" on.

If you swallow the syringe, do you hallucinate?

Bella's wounds are currently GREAT. She has a couple of small wounds, one on her left thigh, one on the right thigh, and behind her right ear, but they are all relatively small. All the major problem areas are currently closed! While we know this will probably be temporary, but it is a nice break for all of us. Wound care goes quickly and painlessly, which means less stress all around. We'll have plenty of stress to enjoy this summer in MN, so this little break is a nice, and needed, break!

"Hey, I want a blue tongue, too. If I can just get my hands on that lollipop..."

In other news, THANK YOU to everyone who has bought a copy of Bella's Blessings! We're slowly selling Bella's book, but we'd like to sell more so we can write a big fat check to PUCK at the end of the month. They are the only non-profit funding Dr. Wagner's research (i.e. Bella's treatment this summer!), so we want to offer as much as we can to them while they are our featured partner.

Sooo..... please, if you haven't done so yet, order your copy right now! Just CLICK HERE, and it'll take 2-3 minutes TOPS! If you have read the book, will you leave a comment on here and/or a brief review on the page where you bought it? We are really counting on word-of-mouth to spread Bella's story to the many who could use an infusion of inspiration that faith matters.

Doesn't look like whatever was in that mug helped too much...

Thanks for being with us through these good times as well as the bad. Your presence, support, and prayers fuel our strength.




  1. Hey - I have that mug, too! Great post, Tim. Love the updates, and it was fantastic to see you and the gang all down here in San Diego recently! Take care and be well. Wow I just realized that almost all the letters of Bella's name are in "be well." Providence.

  2. How sweet it is ... Glad to hear Bella is doing so well, and growing big and strong. You can all certainly use the break.
    Prayers continue, along with lots of love.

  3. Hi! We have a 4-year-old daughter with Junctional EB. Just wanted to mention as some other families have not heard of it, the protocol we use to keep Caroline's teeth healthy. Every night before bed we apply MI Paste (available thru your dentist), an antimicrobial paste. Caroline also drinks through a probiotic straw each day (Biogaia, order through your pharmacy), which contains the good reuteri bacteria that kills plaque. These two methods, with minimal night-time brushing, has kept Caroline's teeth with NO decay. Hope this might help you get in front of tooth issues, as they can spiral and become a big deal if not headed off at the pass.

    Don't get to visit your site too often, but have it bookmarked to follow Bella's journey. Godspeed.

    Adrienne Provost
    Palatine, IL

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