Friday, June 18, 2010

We are Go for Transplant

First off, THANK YOU for taking the time to post! It has really warmed both of our hearts.

The consents are signed.
The labs and tests are in.
Bella and Ali passed with flying colors.
They are both as healthy as they could be going in.

Today was another crazy day. I'm too tired to write. Today, mommy worked at her amazing new office in Plymouth, and daddy attempted to move the family into a bigger, BMT suite at RMH. Once we're moved in and settled, I'll shoot a video and post about it so people can see just how AWESOME this place is.

Bella got over her constipation and the poop flowed like Mt. Vesuvius this morning. Poop is cute to a parent unless it is SOAKING biopsy dressings, and overall endangering this little kid. This morning, poop was my enemy. I feel bad being stressed out over what should be a innocent thing, but Epidermolysis Bullosa changes pretty much everything!

There was a party for Jerry, the house dog here at RMH today. Too cute. They brought a pack of dogs to play with him. It was awesome. Here's a photo blog... I can't write anymore:

Ali's preschool, just two blocks away!

At Jerry's b-day party. Awesome bubbles....

From this crazy bumble bee camp chair!

The greatest sign ever. It is at Mall of America, where we went tonight.

When we came home from MALL OF AMERICA,
Ali decided she wanted to "Rock out the show!"

Okay, Talk more tomorrow.


  1. Hi, just came across your blog from Jonah's blog. Wanted to say I'm praying for you guys. Thought it neat that the date for Bella's transplant, possibly new way of life, is on my Birthday. Fitting. I will be back often to check on that sweet girl. Stay strong. *Gabby

  2. Dearest Special Ones,
    A little push was all that was needed to hear from me. Your blog is the first thing I read when I get up in the AM (actually, almost PM). While reading your journey, many thoughts come to my mind and it's as if I am communicating them to you - but alas, I am not. So remember, I am thinking of you each day and sharing in your ups and downs. Your courage is admirable. Your faith is contagious. Your optimism is a lesson for all. If you ever need a great/grand-aunt (interpret the preceeding as you wish) to fill-in for a grandmother, you've got one. "Have suitcase, will travel!" Our prayers and positive thoughts are with you. May you feel the warmth of our love covering all of you.
    Aunt Marie

  3. Your paragraph about Bella's BM made me think of the song in Parenthood..."When your sliding into first...diarrhea..." I know, classy! Get some sleep this weekend, sounds like you'll need all your energy for Tuesday. Looks like Ali is having a great time! Thanks for keeping up the posts. Jen

  4. Just checking in to see how everything is going. So happy that Bella's (problem) worked it's way out. Pretty good huh?
    Sending lots of prayers and hugs for you guys. Keep up the great posts but don't do too much. Take care of yourself too. Bella needs you healthy and happy. Love Leah's Nana

  5. Hi Ringgolds!! I'm so excited for all of you... what a journey this is!! I think of you all everyday! Bella is such a strong girl with such a wonderful family!! I read updates as often as I can... your family is in my prayers!!

    Nurse Tanya

  6. I just came across your site recently and wish you nothing but sucess for Bella with her upcoming transplant.