Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 31: Day +29

Tim Ringgold reporting to you live from West Twin Lake in Minnesota. After a day that started in rounds in the ICU, I feel a thousand miles away as the quiet, still air off the lake permeates through the open windows of the cabin. Today I saw a mother bald eagle perched on a tree limb overlooking the lake, and I saw her son, now essentially a teenager, fly right by us with his 6' wingspan. Turns out the family have a nest two doors down.

I started my day in rounds since I left my guitar in Bella's room last night, and really wanted it for the cabin. Things are mostly unchanged in Bella's world since yesterday. I will post more tomorrow night when I am back at RMH. In the meant time...

Here are the numbers:

Weight 12.1 (down .1)
I/O +210 (circuit was down for 3 hours, so that's how we added 210)
WBC: 8.4 (okay)
ANC: 5.8 (okay)
BILI: 1.7 (GREAT! continues to drop!)
CSA: 214 (MUCH better... Dr. Tola's new target is 150)

Today was filled with fun on the lake. Jet skiing, waterskiing, tubing were all on the menu with fishing slated for tomorrow after breakfast. IT's been a good break, and Ali is having a BLAST. She gets along FAMOUSLY with our friends' boys, Jack (6) and Ben (3).

I am beyond exhausted, and have endeavored to leave as much stress out on the lake as possible. I know I will be sore for a few days from this "stress exorcism." At the end of the day, I played "Amazing Grace" on my native American flute on the dock, and let it ring in thanksgiving for such a wonderful day. Then, after an AWESOME dinner cooked by my buddy Bob, I sang a couple of fun kids games for the three kids while I also played some guitar.

A great time is being had by all. Thanks again to Bob and Lynne Boschee for taking me in under their wing yet again when I needed it so badly, and thanks to the boys for welcoming Ali! God is good, all the time!

Good night.


  1. I'm so glad you guys were able to let loose and have some fun today. You deserve it. Your family is beautiful. Lots of love and continued prayers are going your way.

    Take Care,

    Amber McLaughlin, CA

  2. Jack and Molly's NanaJuly 31, 2010 at 11:20 PM

    I hope your day filled you with much of the serenity visible in that first beautiful photo. And I wish that you have lots of luck fishing in the morning (Sara's dad is a HUGE bass fisherman); there's nothing like fresh fish for dinner or lunch or even breakfast!
    Tonight I'm thankful for your friendships that allowed for a well-deserved day of peace and relaxation.

  3. I am SO please to see you getting the chance to relax and leave some of your stress behind. What a beautiful place!!

    Look after yourself, eat lots :)

  4. So glad you got a respite from the stress and struggles of hospital life. As usual, you painted for us a lovely picture of what you and your family are experiencing. How thankful we are for God's creation and its power to bring us closer to Him! Praying that you return to Bella rejuvenated and refreshed.

    A friend in NC

  5. I am down the hall from you guys on 5C with my sweet 20 month old Isaac....... referred to you from Marybeth Sheridan - what an amazing journey you've had so far! Looking forward to bumping into you all in the halls on 5C.

  6. What a blessing for all of you! Ali looks just beautiful, as always! So happy that you gave yourself a break!

  7. Sounds like you're getting some well deserved rest! What a beautiful place to unwind! Enjoy your weekend! See you later on the war front! :) Love, Jenn

  8. I am mustering up all of my strength and sending it to you via the winds of the Universe. I know you feel depleted, rightfully so, please close you eyes and accept the energy i am sending to you in this moment. Let us not forget that as this is part of Bella's journey, it is a part of yours too. It's purpose is to help you know your own inner consciousness more intimately so you can fill your purpose and shine your light on others, which you have done a remarkable job of doing thus far. You are an inspirational and beautiful spirit.i hope this helps fill your cup just a bit. We will never stop praying. Much love, Angela Ostermann

  9. Hi, I came here from Jonah's blog. I had never heard of EB until I read his story. I am praying for your family and your sweet baby girl. This post sounds like your strength has been restored. I pray that you continue to have energy and courage during this journey. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.


  10. laking it in Minnesota....does good for your soul. I hope you had a wonderful night and am looking forward to your next update.

  11. I found out about your blog from the Sheridan's carepage.

    Just wanted to let you know I had joined in for some daily prayer for Bella.

    Much love and Big hugs from Chattanooga Tennessee.