Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 28, 2011: Wordless... Thursday?


These arrived in my inbox this morning.  I had to share.

Lord, I see the strength I build from carrying the cross just as it is.  That strength is what makes me strong enough to continue to bear witness and minister in whatever ways I can.  I see what some call a tragedy or a hinderance as a blessing.  Lord, thank you for showing us that our cross can be seen in such a way where it can be the very thing we need, not the thing to leave.  Thank you for this GIFT.

God night.


  1. Hi Tim: Thank you so much for sharing. Really makes you think, doesn't it? Everything happens for a reason. Good or bad, it is always God's will.
    Love the pictures of Ali and beautiful Bella. I never get tired of looking at that beautiful face. Miss her. Love and Hugs Leah's Nana

  2. I knew Tim Ringgold couldn't keep a post truly wordless! Just kidding! I've seen this email before ..Love it! And those pictures...awesome!

  3. Thanks for the beautiful photos of the girls... they always make me smile. Bella's soul literally reaches out from her eyes and she never fails to capture me and inspire me. What a nice moment in my day.

    Redding, CT

  4. Perfect.

    Amarillo, Tx

  5. Wow!

    ...and LOVE those pictures too!

    Hope you all have a terrific weekend!

    Love from TX,
    Laura (for Team A)

  6. I love that illustration and have seen it before but need to see it more and so happy you shared it!

    Blessings for a restful weekend as "Bella's Big Bash" approaches...

    Love, Donna/NJ

  7. A simple illustration can give so much meaning and context. Thank you for sharing!

    Kate Stockton, Chandler, AZ