Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19, 2011: Happy Birthday, Angelique!


Yesterday was my sweetie's birthday.  It was one of those "milestone birthdays" and spending it big and pregnant in the middle of the summer.... I wasn't sure if she would rather just skip it all together.  Being that it was on a Monday, we all had to get up and work/go to camp, so after a healthy, yummy dinner, we went out for gelato.  For those of you who are interested in knowing, gelato is not just ice cream from Italy!  It is made with less milkfat, churned slower so it has less air than ice cream, and served at a slightly warmer temperature - not frozen - so you can better taste the flavor.  All this adds up to a richer, denser, bigger flavor impact than traditional ice cream can deliver!  mmmmm.... gelato.

We picked up our gelato at a great little place in old towne Orange called Cafe Lucca, and promptly walked to the circle where there is a big fountain and tons of benches to hang out, people watch, and of course, eat gelato.  I think the people watching highlight was the 6'4" 250lb dad changing his daughter's diaper outside in the middle of it all.... on some sort of electrical box.  Guess he didn't want to get down on the grass.  That was weird.  Then there was the giant red macaw and its owner that came by.  Ali loved that part.

A trip to the fountain is never complete without some good old-fashioned CHASE!  Ali and I burn some serious calories chasing each other around the fountain and the park in general.  Yesterday, I conned her into running TEN LAPS around the fountain before I even got off the bench.  That was a personal best in getting her to do my bidding!  LOL.  One of us usually crashes and burns at some point in the melee, and yesterday, Ali and I were pretending to do the long jump, and I put my foot out for her to jump past.  Well, she landed with one foot on mine, and I thought we had a good old fashioned ankle sprain on our hands for about 15 seconds.  Then, like so many moments with a 5 year old, I asked her some random off topic question to get her mind unstuck and she took the bait, and within a few more seconds, we were long jumping again.  Good times.

Today, after a full day at the hospital, I had the honor and privilege of playing guitar for one of our church members who is on home hospice.  This couple practically adopted us when we first arrived in CA as their own kids, and we have grown to love them dearly over the 7 years we've been here.  They have been married for - get this - 66 years!  THAT is just about the most inspirational thing EVER.  I just wish Ang and I had gotten married early enough to have a shot at a run like that!  Best part?  They are every bit in love with each other today as they were on their wedding day.  That is SO apparent, even today.  As I played and sang some hymns and requests, the husband just sat hands wrapped in his wife's hands as she lay in bed,  occasionally kissing, and just being with each other, like they have their whole lives.

My friends, THAT is how to love.

Give EVERYTHING YOU GOT, then give some more.  Yeah, it'll hurt at some point.  It's okay...     It's worth it.

God night.


  1. I will miss that sweet sweet lady so much.
    I admire them for the same reasons.

    Birthday loveto Ang!

    (And you know I relate to the almost sprained ankle...but, our scare ended up in a cast!)

  2. This touched my heart because my grandfather just passed away, and he and my grandmother were married for 66 years also. They married during war time so they were very young, and their marriage is such an example and an inspiration for me.

    Happy Birthday to your wife!

  3. It is so touching to see the love that couples can have and have all their life's together. Love is Forever and some couples really make this saying so true. Of course there are lots of trials and tribulations along the way, but it takes enduring, strength and love to go forth. Sounds like you all had a great time for Ang's birthday. Happy Birthday Ang and many, many more.

    Love; Myrna & Dwight (CA)

  4. Happy birthday to Ang! Glad to hear that you are all doing well!

  5. I love the photo of Ali and Ang; you can see how much love she has already for Julian! Welcome to the milestone birthday years, you have so much to look forward to. Tim it is wonderful to hear that there are people who still love each other that much after 66 years. My husband and I married at 19 and I cannot imagine life without him. God bless, stay rested Ang. Holly

  6. Happy birthday, Angelique! I hit 40 on July 8th! Neener, neener. Oh wait... hahaha. I had a little cry that morning. Not because I am 40, but because I can not say I am in my 30's anymore. That is not crazy at all if you ask me.