Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 9, 2011: It's 10:23 already...


That title just means it's later than I want to be just getting to the blog on a Sunday night.  I had a tank full of gas earlier today and was ready for a good ol' Sunday night sermon, but now, I'm fadin', and methinks this is gonna be truncated by sleepiness!

In fact, I can't even remember what I was all fired up about earlier in the day.

Couple of thoughts:

1)  While at church, we heard about Project Hope in Orange County which serves the homeless children that live in our county.  Bruno Serato is involved with feeding many of the same kids, and I want to once again ask that you vote for him in the CNN Heroes race.  He feeds over 200 kids a night, every night, and has for the past 6 years.  That rocks, folks.  That's in addition to donating $800,000 in charity luncheons to support local charities every Wednesday at his restaurant... for the next 4 years straight.  Please take a minute to vote for him by CLICKING HERE.

2)  I only heard back from two people regarding the difference Bella made in their life.  The request was a single line two posts ago, so it's easy to miss.  On Tuesday, I'd like to read to Bella in the park statements from people as to the difference she made with them before the balloon release.  If Bella touched your life in some way, would you take a minute and write her and tell her how?  You can leave it here as a comment, or if you can't comment on here for some reason, you can email it to me at  Thank you;   I think that will make the occasion particularly sweet.

3)  I forgot to mention on the last post... the video of Julian?  watch it, then watch the very first video of Bella in her cradle.  Pretty amazing.

Ugh.  Today at church, I was dancing with Julian in the foyer to keep him quiet and I had another flashback.  I flashed back to dancing with Bella in the back of the sanctuary trying to keep her quiet.  I remember so clearly looking deep into her face while the room spun in the background thinking, "One day, Bella, we'll be doing this on your wedding day."

Today's moment had a cruel taste to it.  It was like fate was laughing at me or something, saying, "Not quite what you planned, eh buddy boy?"  It was weird.  Sometimes I get really confused, because I'll be holding Julian, thinking about if he would even be here if Bella still was (I know that God only knows that, but I'm leaning towards that he wouldn't).  I feel horrible sometimes, because as absolutely blessed as I am to have him, I wish I was holding Bella.  Oh man, don't get mad at me for writing that.  That's about as vulnerable as I could be.  Sometimes, the whole cotton pickin' thing is a bit much to ponder, no lie.  I know that as his personality begins to shine through that purple mouth of his, I will be full of joy with my little boy... it's all a process, and I have to be patient and gentle... with my self.

Yesterday, we took Ali to Irvine Regional Park, which is this great big park a stones through from our house.  They do a really great pumpkin patch for Halloween complete with Hay Rides, a (not very) Haunted House, and pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins!  It was really sweet.  I've written about this place a couple of times.  It's where Jennifer Edling took those AMAZING pregnancy photos of the family, and where Ali and I rode the paddle boat not too long ago.  We had a good time.  Julian slept the whole time just about, bless his heart... he hates being in his car seat, so he's pretty much either screaming in it or sleeping in it!  Enjoy the pics... Ali wanted to dress up like a pumpkin.

I'll close with one thing I was reminded of from my experience with Bella.  Remember to compliment or praise your family every day, because you genuinely don't know which day is your last with them.  Just read October 10, 2010's post to see what I mean.  Would have never guessed Bella was going to heaven  When you finish reading this, go hug/kiss/squeeze your family and tell them you love them.  Trust me, you won't  regret doing that, even if they end up still being here tomorrow.

God night.


  1. Bella and your family inspired me to be a better person, to ask first if there is anything I can do for someone else. I feel stronger because of her and more thankful for what I have myself, and thankful to know you too via blog and facebook.

  2. I have only commented twice and have been a silent follower for over a year now. I lost my 5th child the same day Bella died (miscarriage). I have to think that are playing in Heaven together. I am so sorry that you lost your sweet Bella. I see Bella's name everywhere...and I instantly think of your girl. Your blog makes me aware of how painfully short our life is and to love everyone in it with all our heart right now..not tomorrow. You will be in my thoughts as you remember your sweetpea. Take care.

    Boise, ID

  3. Hiya, i posted a message to your fb xx Bee

  4. I can't believe a year has passed ... but Bella and your family are always present in my life. My children very often ask me about you like you are part of our family. Bella taught me about EB and how hard you have to fight in life even from that early age. Bella and you made me think about the important things in life; to do small things with great love; that love is worth the pain; that as my faith increases, my strength increases too. You wrote those sentences and I have them with me in a little notebook as part of my prayers. I feel closer to God thanks to Bella.
    Bella and your family touched my life for ever.
    Thank you.
    Prayers and blessings,

  5. Hi Tim,

    Bella has been an inspirantion to me since the first day i read your blog. Unfortunatelly, a month ago my life also changed... my dad has a tumor on the esophagus... and since the day i knew, i am heartbroken, sad, with no strength at all to deal with this...
    But everytime i feel down and lonely i remenber your story, Bella´s Story, and that give me all the strength i need to keep on going...
    You are an example for me, and you have been of so much importance at this stage of my life, that i can only thank you.

    Bella wherever you are i know you are looking after all of us.

    Accept my sincere kisses.

    Sandra Coelho - Portugal

  6. Hi Tim!

    It's been a long while since I've posted, but I'm still reading and following the journey of you and your family. I truly cannot believe it's been one year since Bella passed on. I remember quite clearly sitting at my computer one year ago tomorrow, tears streaming down my face as I read about her final moments here on Earth. Although I never got to meet her, Bella taught me that life is fleeting...but grace is permanent. I know she is looking down on all of you now, and she will be what helps you get through a difficult day tomorrow.

    Sending my thoughts and prayers!
    Houston, TX

  7. Bella, It is hard to put into words how much your life meant to me. I didn't know your name until you were far along in your treatment in the hospital. I read everyday and was blown away, by your strength.. and the strength of your parents! Your dads dedication at the hospital was amazing... as is his dedication to finding a cure for EB today. Much love, Michelle -Houston, Tx

  8. Bella taught me to be grateful for every moment with my family, especially my son, even when he is at his crankiest. Through this blog she taught me that I can be strong even when I feel weak and tired. She helped me better focus on all the positives and let go of the petty and unimportant negatives. She reminded me I have choices every single day about what I say and do and how I choose to respond to others' words and actions. Thank you Bella (and Tim, Ang, and Ali)!


  9. Bella taught me to be a fighter. She never gave up and fought courageously. May GOD be with your family today.

  10. I don't even remember how I happened upon your blog, but after that day I have checked in, if not daily, weekly. This is how I first learned of EB, and since then I've been following a few and praying for all that have this cruel disease. The way you shared, and continue to share Bella's journey inspires me. I ignore the laundry pile so I can really listen to my little girl's stories about her day at school, or read her a couple of books with much animation! I leave the dinner dishes "soaking" so we can ride bikes down the street, or take a long walk.
    I didn't think it was possible to "be there" as a Mom any more than I was, but I found out quickly - there is always room for improvement. I'm so very sorry for your loss, and I pray for peace for you and your family especially in the days ahead.
    With Love,

  11. Your family inspired me with your courage, faith and strong goal-orientation. Bella was a beautiful child, looking wiser then her peers, looking strong and determined to have what she wants. May be she achieved it...

    Don't feel strange about what would have been if Bella was alive - there are plans we are not aware of. Everything is just as it should be.

    Sending hugs to all of you. I know how terrible it feels around this date. Mourning for Bella with you.


  12. I remember where I was sitting as I read your blog that Bella had passed away. I wept for all of you, yet my heart was bursting because of how much Bella and your family touched so many. Her struggle taught me to treasure each and every moment with my family and to stop and realize how blessed my life truly is.

    Lots of prayers of love for all of you as you remember your little one on Tuesday. We all mourn with you.

    Los Angeles, CA

  13. I remember so vividly reading your post the day that Bella passed away. I was nursing my son, who was just a tad bit older than Bella at the time and my marriage and family life was falling apart around me. I was sinking deeper and deeper into a sadness I had never known before. But your writing and Bella's strength reminded me of the person I was and the strength I had inside. This helped me survive that part of my life with strength and dignity. It helped me be the mother I want to be and not give up on my hopes and dreams. I have learned from you, to keep moving forward with my "new normal", but it is okay to take a moment and mourn the way it was once. Thank you for this. Thank you to Bella.

  14. Bella -- You reminded us of the strength of love, the joy of family and the power of faith. You taught us that we can choose love and power in the face of any circumstance, and gave us the inspiration to follow our dreams, to listen for what God has planned for us and to trust in his guidance. With all kinds of love to you and your family,

  15. As a parent who has loved an loss (not due to EB...she was born sleeping at 21 weeks) and I can say I know many of your feelings. Especially those about having another.

    I found your blog when someone on my sons birth board posted a link to Tripp's blog. I came across a post about your family and followed the link. I started from the beginning and made my way thru your blog...crying and being frustrated along with you.

    At this time I was floundering and needed help. I hadn't prayed in ages and I suddenly found myself praying again. I found myself relaxing and able to love more and let God back. Your words have always been inspirational to me and honestly both you and Bella have helped me heal.

    It never ceases to amaze me the work God puts forth thru these beautiful butterfly babies and Bella is no different! Her strength and courage will live on forever!

    May God bless you and your family and help you to heal in whatever way it is you need to heal!

    Many hugs and prayers,

  16. Hi Bella! Every night I think of you and your family in my prayers and I know that you are watching us all from heaven right now! Thank you for being so strong and spreading the word about EB to so many people from around the world. I know your family misses you and will always miss you but by touching the hearts of so many your spirit has lived on with us all every day and it is comforting to know that you are alive in the hearts of so many people who love you! I also want to thank your dad for sharing your family's story with us and allowing us to be a part of your life. Bella, you have been an inspiration to so many... and now because of you I am fighting hard to raise awareness of EB and to help find a cure. You are a heroine to the cause and a catalyst to the cure. What a special girl you are and have become! Lots of love and happiness to you, your mom, dad, sister and baby brother.
    Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

  17. Praying for you all today.i am especially prayerful that you become full of joy, wonder and awe for your little boy---now! God Bless and go gently in his love today

  18. My dear Bella,

    You, sweet girl, are the butterfly who flew around the world. You're flying still.

    Across the globe's time zones, I think you teach us each and every day to take joy in friends we've never met, to understand the lives of others in ways we'd never thought possible, and to celebrate the wonderful fact that you remain present to so very many of us in every corner of the world because of your zest, your spirit and your quirky glorious unique Bella-ness, which enriches us all.

    To Tim and Ang, Ali and Bella and Julian, you all made this happen. You shared Bella. And that is a wonderful thing.

    Tomorrow, I shall celebrate you, Bella, and I shall think of you with great joy as well as much sadness. Fly on, sweet Bella,

    Fondly always,


  19. Bella,
    I don't know if I can convey what you taught me during your fight against EB. I've been following the bone marrow transplants since Sam had hers. You, sweet little girl, are now EB free and loving Heaven and being held by Jesus.

    You should know that your little brother is bringing much joy and healing to your big sister, Mommy and Daddy.

    I once read that "when someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure". Through your Daddy's blog on Caring Bridge, I learned to love you and now I treasure the memories of a very courageous little girl.

    Have fun playing with the other EB kids who are now angels in Heaven and EB free.

    Kim M
    Waterford, MI

  20. Dear Bella,

    You taught me how to enjoy more all the moments of my life, with family, friends, etc, and not to complain so much about everything.

    Thank you Bella!
    Sandra Dart from Portugal (Azores)

  21. Dear Bella:
    You taught me to be thankful for every moment with my family, to stop complaining, and to pray, pray, pray for a swift and successful cure for EB. I know you are pain-free with God and am so amazed at your earthly family and their incredible strength.
    Bridgette, SC

  22. Sweet little Bella... you have taught me so much. I started reading your daddy's blog this past January after you had earned your wings. While reading back, I became engrossed and than heartbroken. I could not stop thinking about you for days. I gradually began to feel closer to God as I read your daddy's post each day. I learned that grief can be felt very deeply, just through words and pictures I had fallen in love with you. You taught me to open my heart wide- to love big you need to understand that it could hurt deeply, but it is worth it a 1000 times over. You helped me slow down... to lie in the grass with my kids and giggle. I picture in my mind you there with us and I wish that were possible. You taught me to accept that our time is finite and should be held precious. I love my kids more because I want to be as strong and noble and full of faith as your parents and lavish them with affection. You taught me that while EB is a terrible disease, a child with EB is as beautiful as any other child. You make me reach out more and live bigger. Our family loves you, Bella. We always will.

  23. Before Bella I had no idea that there was such a thing as EB.
    Before Bella I was a little less grateful for the things I do have.
    Before Bella I wasn't as ready to laugh off the crazy days of kiddies squabbling and otherwise running wild.
    Before Bella I wouldn't have been as calm during my little boy's short (and in the long run, insignificant) hospital stay.
    Before Bella I wouldn't have any little girl to think of every single time I hear Mickey's Hot Dog song.
    You are never far from my thoughts. Thank you.

    Heather, Newfoundland, Canada

  24. I've learned from Bella, and from you, that you can be experiencing the worst that life has to offer and still live with love and dignity and an innate understanding that there is a bigger reality that we cannot fully comprehend. Your family is amazing. You are amazing.

  25. I am sending my message to Bella to your email.

    I wish there were hundreds of comments for you to read to Bella like there were when she was in the hospital. I can't believe a year has passed. Ali is beautiful!

    Much love.

  26. Bella,

    I only "knew" you when you had your eyes closed, maybe halfway to heaven already. But your strength was so apparent and you taught me to never give up. You also taught me to stop and see the world and the people around me. I even remember last fall..... the bright blue sky and vibrant trees never looked so beautiful. I sometimes forget to live in the moment, but those leaves are changing around me now. I know it won't last, very little does, but that means I need to appreciate it all the more.

    I never look at a butterfly without thinking of you. I recently read a story of a man who tried to help a butterfly out of it's coccoon. He watched the coccoon shake from the struggle of the small, wet butterfly trying to emerge. He felt bad for the creature, so he sliced a larger hole in the shell. The butterfly emerged quickly, but could not survive, because it's wings were not adaquately strengthened by the struggle. Did your struggle feel the same? I know I felt helpless watching your struggle, to find your way here on earth.

    The night that you left us here, I sat at my computer screen and sobbed. I couldn't believe it was over, that your time here was done. And for a second, a very fleeting second, I wished I had not found your daddy's blog..... it hurt too much. I never even really knew you, never saw you, or touched you or played with your toys.... and it hurt to know you were gone. But I quickly realized that my pain didn't compare to yours, or your closest friends and family. And what I realized most, through my tears and my computer, was how grateful I was for knowing you.

    Karen Steiner
    Denver, CO

  27. Sweet, strong Bella---thank you for fighting so hard, for helping doctors figure out more about EB. Thank you for teaching me about this disease and for leading me to pray for all of you EB kids. Thank you for reminding me to hold on to my kids a little tighter. Thank you for reminding me to keep an eye out for providence stories in my own life. I know your patents know how special you are but I hope they know that others can see that, too. You were, and are, a miracle.
    Melissa in IL

  28. Bella made me a better person. A better wife, daughter, mother, sister, friend. Her story made me realize that this is it... it's not a rehearsal, it's the real thing.

    And your story of how you continued after her passing helped me deal with my own sorrow when my mother passed away unexpectedly in May. Nothing is easy but it's all in what we make of it.

  29. Bella- I will always remember your happy, wise eyes. I know those familiar wise eyes. I believe you've always known more than what those around you knew or understood. You are a fighter. You fought hard in this life and I believe you continue to fight through the way you have inspired people to be better. You are a lucky lady to have parents that love you so much. Bella, keep inspiring- the world needs sweet angels like you to help us understand, especially when we lose our way. Thank you for your life and for teaching and reminding us what is truly important.

    Lonni Mooreland

  30. Bella inspired me with her determination and courage. Her life has made a difference to me in that I hug my children a littler closer and are even more appreciative of the wonderful blessings they are to me. You and your family have inspired me with your tireless perseverance and optimistic attitudes even in spite of everything that you've endured. You and Bella are truly an inspiration. Prayers for you and your family. FYI -- I also never see a butterfly now without thinking of your beautiful Bella.

    Kansas City, MO

  31. I got your request the other has taken me a few days to finish my note. :)

    It has been so long since I have written a note to you…the tears already fill my eyes. I can’t believe a year has passed …in some ways it feels like yesterday. The grief has lessened but is still present. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of you (yes still with tears). We still have “our” talks but not nearly as much as I would like.
    You have made such a difference not only in my life but around the world. It still amazes me that someone so “little” ( in size not in spirit) could make such a huge impact. Not only am I a better person because of you I am a better mommy. I cherish the time I have with my children to a different level…I don’t know what tomorrow may bring. I am looking at ways of giving back…giving back to others…to strangers. I have a couple of things I am working on …because of you. I am trying to teach myself how to make stamped jewelry so I can make necklaces to send to mommys who lost their "babies" too soon. I am looking to make a difference in the lives of others just like you have done for me. I hope I can live up to the example you have set.
    There are so many other things I wish I could tell you (but daddy wanted this kept short;)). We are planning a trip to Minnesota to Como Park…that is where I feel close to you. We will have a great “talk” then. You are always in my heart and never far from my thoughts.
    As always I am sending you my love sweet Bella…can you feel it?
    Denise WI

    (I have to smile at the comments about butterflies. I too look at butterflies and think of Bella...thinking that she sends them my way. I still look to the west in the evenings as the sun sets and think of Bella painting the sky)

  32. I came across yor blog a while back and have been touched in reading your words and thoughts through your journey of loss and grief. I have been blessed with 4 wonderful children...they are healthy and have not had to endure the type of pain and suffering that your family (in particula Bella) have had to endure...your dear sweet Bella and her journey has taught me to hold onto, love, hug my babies as often as I can. I try to make their lives joy and loved filled and on those days where I am feeling tired or exhausted I think of your family and remind myself that each day/moment I have with my children is a blessing and to never take that time for granted. I honestly believe that reading Bella's journey has helped me to be a better mom to my children and for that I thank you Bella and my children thank you too...the little moments are the best moments in life...I have learnt through you to embrace those little moments....

  33. Bella taught me to laugh more often, live more open, and love freely.

    She also opened my eyes to suffering I never knew existed. I will forever pray for EB sweeties in heaven and on earth.

    Know we are praying for you and your precious family today.

  34. Bella made us all see God in hope, family, struggles, failure, success, the unknown, the known, and in each other! Thank you, sweet Bella! You will always be deeply loved and cherished in our family!
    -Shalimar, David, Salvatore and Valentina Licona

  35. Bella, you taught me that it is possible to be in pain and still smile and laugh. You were so full of life, and connected and interacted powerfully with others. I'll never forget how you would look deeply into my eyes and hold the gaze for a long time. It was a true soul connection. I'll always love you, dear Bella, and while I miss being with you in person, I know you are with me and will always be with me in spirit.

  36. Oh TIM!!! You are giving an insight to the pain of losing a child and the joy of having another after the loss. Thank you. I know you love Julian with all your heart (who wouldn't, he's cutie!) Your feelings that you were able to share with this community help me to understand how you can have such joy in having Julian and still miss Bella so much. Thank you. Oh, I remember this time last year and the pain I felt for your loss. Hard to believe it's been a year. Feels like yesterday. So many beautiful tributes above.

    My prayers and my admiration are with all four of you here on earth and Bella in heaven!


  37. Bella's journey has taught me to be thankful for all that I have, to look past the worries and problems that each day brings and to see all the immeasurable blessings I have in my life.

    Thinking of you and your family today, Tim. It still breaks my heart that Bella is no longer with you. She was such a treasure!

  38. Bella, I'm not sure that there is enough room on this page to express what your journey taught me and how you continue to inspire me today. I am deeply moved when I reflect on how I followed your Daddy's blog so closely so that I could know you more. I confess it was a compulsion for me to read what was happening in your day to day life. I am hopeful that you hear my giggle every time I see funny socks and think of you. Or that you recognize my sigh when I see a butterfly. Or that you understand that you are a part of me although I never had the opportunity to meet you in person. You inspired my dtr to reach beyond herself to raise money for PUCK so that other children with EB can face a cure. Overall, thank you for allowing me to know you.


  39. Bella,
    I can't believe a year has passed already. You have taught me so many great life lessons: Patience, understanding, and so importantly to slow down and enjoy everything.(I admit I still need reimnders now and then, but thankfully your dad is still writing!) I will be thinking about you all day today and before everyone leaves for school today I will tell all of them how much I love them and how important they are to me.
    Still thinking about you,
    New York

  40. Bella,
    Sweet little girl with the entrancing eyes! Your picture first captured our attention, but it was your beautiful spirit that captured our hearts and have kept us following your story.

    You see, we have a beautiful little girl with piercing blue eyes, too. Like you, she has EB. Like you, she endures more every day in her boo boo skin than most people do in a lifetime. And like you, she is so brave and determined and charms everyone she meets! You and your family are a tremendous gift to us - working so hard to help find a cure for EB. So, many times when we appreciate a moment with Caroline, we think of you, too. When she asks if she has to have boo boo skin forever, we can honestly say "maybe not." We think of you helping watch over our EB girl, asking God to send grace and healing to the butterfly children. And we say a prayer for your family who misses you so much.

    Happy "birthday" in heaven, Bella!

    The Provost Family
    Palatine, IL

  41. Bella,
    Wow how fast a year has come and gone. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to care for you and your wonderful family. Ali has grown up so much in the last year, what a little woman. You have taught me so much about patience, hope, and fight (not to mention PRISMA). I take the lessons I learned with you every day to work with me. I often find myself thinking we tried this or that with little Bella. You and your family have taught me to always be thinking outside the box. You should be very proud of your mommy and daddy they looked at every possibility carefully and were always challenging your team to think and work harder. They should know they did everything and have no regrets. You are an amazing little girl and are missed by many.

    Missing you, Nurse Diana

  42. I remember laying in bed, reading the post that you had passed away a year ago. I sobbed like you were a family member. Today, one year later, I am laying in the hospital awaiting the arrival of my 2nd child. You were a gift to all that had the pleasure of knowing you, and to those that knew you through the blog world. Thank you for touching my life and making me realize that one person who can't even speak can change the world!

  43. Sweet Bella, we miss you so much. I know that you are in the loving arms of our Father and I find comfort in that. Thank you for restoring my conversations with Him. I know that I don’t have to explain, you already know what I am taking about. I feel so honored by knowing your family and being involved in any projects they do to battle EB. I keep telling myself all is as it should be. My tears today are different from a year ago, I have tears of joy for you, your family and life today. I live and love in your memory. We love you Bella and miss you so~

    The Davidson's

  44. Dear Tim and Ang: Thinking about you guys today. I know how hard this day is always going to be for the both of you. I miss Bella too. Our families have been through the trenches, but have also been blessed with EB free babies. You guys will always be in my heart and prayers. Love and Peace Leah and Tabby's Nana

  45. Praying for you guys today.

  46. Good afternoon, sweet family...

    Fall has officially begun, but sunshine and warm skies are still hanging around here in NC. It's as if summer is not quite ready to leave us. When I was outside yesterday afternoon, I caught a whiff of the sweet fragrance that was wafting from my butterfly bush. I turned to look at the shrub which is still blooming with its lovely purple flowers. And there she (I mean it) was...a large monarch butterfly floating and hovering near the blooms, savoring the last nectar of the season. And I said/sang softly, "Bella, Bella, your name means beauty."

    Despite the cruelty of the disease that took her from you, I think of beauty when I remember your precious girl. The beauty of family and friends. The beauty in the world around us that we so often take for granted. The beauty of some fabulous socks. And the beauty in a certain pair of eyes that were always filled with such wisdom.

    My heart is full for all of you as you mark this day. Wishing you peace as you celebrate the life of your beautiful Bella.

    With great affection,

    A friend in NC

  47. Dear Ringgolds,
    I am sorry this is late. I too found you on the web when you were in MN. You are such strong, loving, responsible parents that it has made me look at being a parent differently. I look for your updates daily to read the wisdom and insight you have to believing in God, the power of prayer and making difficult choices. God gave you Julian as a gift and sign of how much he loves you and knows how strong you are. I too look at butterflies and think of you and all the EB babies the world doesn't know about. BUT you are changing that, You and Ang are making thousands of people a year look around and say this must change.
    Sleep with an open heart tonight and a peaceful mind knowing that as parents you are exceptionally strong together. You make / made all of the right choices. God Bless and Keep you healthy, safe, strong and at peace. Holly in ND

  48. You are in my prayers especially today...I thought of Bella at different times throughout the day! Your family and Bella were in my mind and on my heart...
    God bless you on this day.
    Love, Donna NJ

  49. Happy Birthday in heaven Miss Bella. You touched me the first time I held you. Your little spirit and your families faith was ready to take the EB battle on full force. Your families drive is very similar to what my Lauren did for me. EB and helping new families is my mission. May your life help change others.

    Thinking of you always


  50. I misded the reading in the park timeframe, but still wanted to share. Bella has given me a new eye on life - like today when life was just down right bad at my house with a child who "just doen't care" so she says - I thought how lucky I was to have her and to share even the crap with her.

    Bella is always around. I have always LOVED butterflies, but since Bella I see them all over my life just in the nick of time.
    Tina in NJ

  51. Bella,

    It rained here today. All day. But there's a butterfly I know whose wings can never suffer from such an onslaught - I spent a few moments today imagining you travelling by, spreading your goodness. Bella, you are much missed by many who never met you. Bella, you are remembered by many who never met you. Fly on, sweet girl.

    Fondly, on this day and all days,


  52. I'm late in commenting, but have been thinking of the Ringgolds all day. In the short time I "knew" her, sweet Bella taught me so much about endurance and strength. And of course her beautiful eyes just captured my heart!

    I'm so sorry that Bella is gone and I know your hearts must ache, especially today. Please know that I'm praying for all of you, and I hope that you were able to find joy and encouragement today as you celebrated Bella's life.

    Love to all of you from TX!
    Laura (for Team A)

  53. Finally a photo of Ali with combed hair!!!! Looks so nice!!