Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 15, 2012: R.I.P. Little Drummer Boy...


On a Saturday morning
just like the days past
Tripp woke up to mommy
and this time he asked

Is this the day, Jesus?
Am I to come home?
and today something different.
Jesus came for his own.

While laying with mommy
Jesus reached out his hand
and led Tripp back home
to that heavenly land.

As he approached the big gate
a little girl stood there waiting
with steely blue eyes
there was no mistaking

that an angel named Bella
was ready to play,
to laugh, sing, and shout
and celebrate this day

for her wonder-twin partner
had come home from 'hell'
having inspired the world
like she had herself

well done, lad and lass,
You connected the world
in ways known and unknown,
without ever saying a word.

Your sheer presence was all
A tsunami of hope
a restoration of faith
a model of strength

So many of us are better
at this game of life now
because you came into it
and showed us just how.

You two and God
in divine partnership
have accomplished so much
without making a pip,

and a small handful of folks
parents and grandparents, too
laid it all out
on the line here for you.

Did you pick us?
How did you know?
Was it laid out in advance?
Is this all God's big show?

Of course we'll never know
While still here on earth
Was it all meant to be?
Or did we just rise up and see

That God's promise is true
no matter how tough
He is always here
in the easy and rough

If we just remember to look
His signature lays
all over this planet
in millions of ways

In me and in you
even when we are blue
we are not alone
He's here through and through

So despite all the pain
that we feel in our heart
we know that there's joy
if we do our part

which is give thanks for what is
and remember the cost
for all that we have
will one day be lost

and we'll stand there with you
holding your hands
starting all over
in that heavenly land

where we'll run and we'll play
and we'll hug and we'll kiss
and there's not adventure
that you'll have to miss

because you are now free
of this thing called EB
that God did provide
as a lesson to see

us give past our limit
and dig deep inside
to discover God's power
that never will hide

if we just ask for it
to show its true face
we see God in all of it
and feel his sweet grace

the moment we trust
and give in to him
he rewards us with peace
serenity within

it's all one big game
for all of us to win
if we just remember
to always thank him

it's all simply perfect.
it's all simply perfect.
We may lack the ability to see,
but we have the ability to believe

and this is our faith
the gift that we give
it allows us to trust
and continue to live

even though you are gone
and we'll miss you dearly
we'll see you again
and it will seem nearly

a blink of an eye
a snap of the finger
no pain will be present
no suffering will linger

for we'll be together
in God's heaven above
surrounded by angels
surrounded by love.

God night.


  1. My first thought was how Bella would greet him ;)
    Two sweet babies....
    Wish I could fit in your carry on and go to the service. Do you know if they will stream it?

  2. Well said. I've been so upset all day Tim. I hate EB. I don't want to read about anymore children passing. I read five blogs. Three of the children are now home. I'm just sick at their suffering.

    Thank you for posting this. Kim

  3. So sad to hear about Tripp.
    Praying for him and his family.

  4. that is beautiful Tim, so beautifully written. I am feeling the pain of the loss of another EB child, but I take comfort knowing that our babies/kids are free from pain & we will all meet again. Prayers for Tripp's family & friends xx
    Kylie, Australia

  5. So beautiful...thank u. Precious little angel with her drummer boy for sure...praying for all. Xoxo

  6. Great words... sending our love to EB families.

  7. That photo of Bella with Ang is one of my all time favorites. Unfortunately you and Ang are in the unique position to provide comfort from a 'been there' point of view to Courtney and her family. I KNEW you would be flying to Tripp's funeral... you are endless in your thoughtfulness and your reaching out is so inspiring. I say prayers for Bella and Tripp every night. Your poem is very moving and put into words what our hearts feel. Thank you for sharing it, sharing Bella, sharing Tripp (whom I came to know through your blog). My life is better having known these two little angels.

    xoxo~ Tracey

  8. Absolutely beautiful. A fitting tribute to Tripp and Bella. And yes, they are running and laughing and playing in Heaven right now. I believe that with all my heart.

  9. Beautiful. I know Tripp and Bella are smiling and playing and drumming (LOTS of drumming!) right now. And they are NOT hurting or bandaged or trached or g-tubed.

    My pastor always says, "We grieve, but not as those who are without hope." Praise God for that. We do have hope, and we have assurance because of Jesus. But it still hurts. Praying for God's peace and comfort for Courtney and her family, and also for the Ringgolds.

    Love from TX,
    Laura (for Team A)

  10. My heart aches for her loss but rejoices for his gain. Tripp and Bella must be SO HAPPY together! And they both chose fantastic families to represent them! God Bless Courtney and her family and praying for all the time and healing that they need and seek.

  11. Beautiful Tim, simply beautiful.

  12. Those words were absolutely beautiful.

  13. what a beautiful tribute to a sweet and heroic little angel! well done!

    w-s, nc

  14. Absolutely breathtaking! I was privaleged to meet you today at Tripp's funeral! This poem warms my heart. Thank you for sharing this. As I said today, Bella's legacy lives deep in my heart along with Tripp's. God Bless you and your family.