Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 10, 2012: A Bump in the Road...

Summer Hair cut!


Have you ever heard of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease?

Well, until our friend's little girl recently got it, I hadn't.

Until Julian's daycare provider called me on Friday...

..."Mr. Ringgold?  Julian has a fever of 102.5.  He didn't finish his bottle, and is really lethargic.  Two kids this week came back from having Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease, so I'm concerned that he might have caught it."

Well, she was right!

Poor little guy.

He's had a fever on and off since Friday.  Tonight, he peaked at 101.5, so that's not too bad.  He's got bumps all over his legs, diaper area, a big one that like's like a teen-age zit on his cheek, and we think some in his mouth, because he can't tolerate anything remotely hard.

He's crabby some of the time, but mostly still just his happy little cherub self.  What a little trooper!  It's been a little bit of a logistical challenge to rearrange schedules to manage having him at home with someone all the time (he's unofficially officially quarantined), but the European Football (soccer) Cup is on right now, so I'm happy to chill out with him and watch me some real football when not taking Ali on excursions and church outings to keep her from going stir crazy in our little place.

Say a prayer for the buddy, will you?

Rockin' out on daddy's "rock guitar"...

In other news, our big event in Minnesota called TIME TO FLY is coming up fast!  Team PUCK has 62 members walking so far!  How much does that rule?  We are the largest sized team under the featured members on the website ... the event is thrown by our parent organization, Children's Cancer Research Organization... with the most money raised so far!  I hope I didn't just jinx us!

We've raised over $11,000.00 so far for the event, and when you combine it with the exciting challenge grant, that's $22,000 more for the docs to keep making this treatment safer!  Will you do me a favor?  Since every dollar is being doubled, your donation goes further than ever before!  WIll you donate a couple of dollars to my pledge fund?  I'm 69% to my goal.  CLICK HERE to help out!  Even a couple of bucks will help.  Thank you as always for supporting this mission we are on!

Once again, I am falling asleep at my computer, so I'm going to wrap up by saying THANK YOU to all of you for still being with us.  This is my 498th post on this site.  Whew.  I wonder how many pages that would take up, given how long-winded I am!  LOL  Seriously though, this blog has made an indelible mark on my life, and it couldn't do that without you on that side of your computer, offering your attention, listening, and love.  Thank you.

God night.


  1. Hope Julian will get better soon. He is so cute.
    I don't miss any of your posts. It's like having news from my family and I'm always looking to read something that will help me keep going with my life.
    Thanks Tim.

  2. Poor Julian!
    Did Molly almost get a shout out in here as your first HFM patient?? ;)
    The worst thing is the waiting and the fact that you can't do anything for them, other than Tylenol....
    Hope he feels better's so not fun.

    Ali's hair is darling ;)
    Wish I could run with you! Who am I kidding. Wish I could walk with you.

  3. Good Morning Tim and Family -
    I know all to well the joys of Hand, Foot and Mouth 2 year old Max was home with it last week also. His ped said it is "rampant" right now, and apparently not just here in MO.
    Hope he feels better soon and you all have an uneventful week!
    Blessings from Kelley in MO!

  4. Love to "read" you and to hear that you guys are doing good. Praying for Julian! Let him eat tons of popsicles :). Our Gerry loved that when he had Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.

    Lilia B.

    P.S. Ms. Ali is looking gorgeous!

  5. The FIVE HUNDREDTH post is just a whisker away. It has been an honour and a privilege to have walked a bit of that road with you. Quite apart from the record of Bella's life that your blog describes, your words and your thoughts and your perspectives, and your moments of fun and your troughs of pain, and ALL OF IT REALLY, have made me see things anew. Bless all five of you. Thank you always for writing. Your blog is a fine record of Bella's life and of the hopes you hold for a future without EB.

    That is quite the achievement. May I be the first to pat you on the back, squeezing my way in two posts before the big 500? What an amazing thing to have done. We salute you, Tim!



  6. christiana (cyprus)

    I hope you feel better soon Julian! You are such a little trooper! love your haircut Ali!

  7. My daughter was diagnosed...its horrific.

  8. Awesome! I am contributing as soon as we get back to the country