Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 21, 2013: Happy Almost Earth Day!


Whoops!  Let a whole week slip by there... sorry about that!  Last weekend, we had 5 parties in 4 days, so you can hopefully extend us some recompense.  It started with Ali's actual birthday on Thursday, then her sleepover party with two of her BFFs on Friday night, followed by a member of our church who was born on the same day as Ali on Saturday morning, followed by Ali's grandma's birthday party  (Ang hosted THAT party, too!), followed by a party for the final round of the Masters.  Phew!  Ang did an AMAZING job of hosting two 7 year old girls on Friday, followed by her parents, brother and sister-in-law and their two kids on Saturday night!  I think Pinterest made her do it personally.  That website has a dark side.  On the top, it looks like a great reference site for creativity, but underneath, I've noticed certain people feeling some sort of pressure to emulate the OAMs (that's Ang's and my joke... "Over-Achieving-Moms") that appear to create such lavish and ornate things at used to be "keeping up with the Jones," but it's evolved into "keeping up with Pinterest!" LOL

Listening to three 7 yr-old girls interact while playing or making projects is one part funny one part totally maddening.  The key is to not actually try to make sense of any of it.  It got me (by "it" I mean the conversation) a couple of times... I had to bite my tongue and remember that this is not my world, it's their world, and the three of them communicate quite clearly... to each other ... and I need to stay out of their way!

Last week was a rough week for Julian.  He had an ear infection to start the week off, and then, just as that got controlled, he started cutting a molar!  Crabby city.  An epic amount things were thrown off the high chair last week! LOL.  The funniest is his little train.  I think we need to get it registered as a lethal weapon.  I bought it in the Chattanooga gift shop and it is all metal and deadly!  Julian uses it as a javelin, dagger, sword, brass knuckles, and hammer.  I don't think he really means to inflict any damage on anyone in particular, but man, that it the little engine that could... kill you!  LOL.  Thank God it's metal, because it would have exploded into a million plastic pieces by now, and baby, it is going strong still!  Well, maybe not strong, since it no longer makes choo choo noises, but it's still going!

Alright, Ang heads off tomorrow on her next business trip, so sleep needs to happen!  We are traveling every other week between the two of us.  Need to stay healthy, and for me, nothing replaces sleep.

God night.


  1. Pinterest had to have been invented by a man...It has women all over the world exercising, cooking, cleaning and decorating. Its a conspiracy I tell ya!
    Happy belated birthday Ali and hope you guys have a wonderful week!

  2. Greetings from Fairbanks, AK, where it snowed *yet* again yesterday (frosting on my birthday). Just found your blog last week and have been reading your posts with much interest. I had learned of EB in the past (due to another parent's blog), but not of any treatments beyond management of blisters, etc.; very encouraging to know that there is a treatment that holds promise.

    I remember as a child reading about BMT, a then-pioneering, cutting-edge treatment, now a treatment of choice; it gives me perspective on where this can go in time. Lives will indubitably be saved based on what is learned in these early years. Not that there's an equation where what is lost ever balances out . . .

    I watched Bella's last video; what an absolute charmer. Loved the last few seconds, when you started singing and her little head zoomed around and locked on you, and she began to silently mouth the song along with you.

    Re: Julian and the train, boys and projectiles! Yes and yes!
    Wait until he discovers sticks, which coincides in general with the developmental stage in which they become convinced that rubber boots (preferably without socks) is the last word in manly footwear. I've seen kids go toe-to-toe over the relative merits and fine points of what appear to be indistinguishable sticks. Connoisseurs.
    [sigh] My formerly-little guy is now 18, and sometimes I look at him with this look, and he says,
    "What?" and I say,
    "I miss you."
    "I'm right here, Mom."
    Doesn't get it. He will.

    Happy day to you and yours!