Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 10, 2013: Happy Tenth Anniversary!


Friday marked Ang's and my 10-year wedding anniversary!

Where did the time go?  I'm sure many of you can relate to that question, right?  There was a special on H2 last night about the White House, and former alternative icon Henry Rollins was the host, and MAN DID HE LOOK O-L-D.  It was really depressing, because I used to be a HUGE fan of his back in the '90's… of course the '90's were as many as TWENTY years ago already.  Sheeesh…. Ang and I started dating 4 years before we got married, so we actually were dating in the '90's! LOL.

Anyway, grandma watched the kids while we went out for a nice dinner full of uninterrupted conversations!  Isn't that just the best?

Compared to so many couples we look up to, 10 years isn't much at all, but it's still an accomplishment, right?  It honestly doesn't feel like 'an accomplishment,' though, and here's why… when you're shooting for 50, 10 is just getting started. ;-)  Seriously, we are lifers… so no one issue, challenge, accomplishment or event feels that big or significant when looked through that lens.  It takes a lot of pressure off, frankly!  Being a recovering perfectionist, it allows me to make a mistake and not beat myself up over it, and it allows Ang to make a mistake and me not obsess over it.  I like that a lot.  Point is, keeping a big picture, we laugh a lot...  at each other,  at ourselves, and DEFINITELY at the kids.  We'll probably pay for that someday, but it's funny now!

Have I ever shared my song, "Marriage Advice (Yes, Boss!)" on here?  Perhaps tonight would be perfect!  I more or less spontaneously wrote this song at a campfire on the island of Kauai on the night of September 8, 2007, having been the officiant at my close buddy and his wife's wedding that day on the beach of Hanalei Bay.  It's one big goof, and it may be a little hard to picture without me singing it, because it is pretty idiosyncratic, but here goes.  The nylon sting guitar strums in a minor i-iv-V chord progression that evokes a certain "Besame Mucho" vibe…

You think you know how to keep her happy
and always right by your side
You think you have a plan, but you don't even
understand how to turn the tide back in your…. [spoken] back in your favor!

So I'm gonna share a big secret with you
one that will help you out
now that you're hitched for life there is no doubt 
that sometime in your future
These two words…. [spoken] will really come in handy!

YES BOSS!  The only two words that you need
YES BOSS!  It's less words than "I love you…." [spoken] that's three!

"Honey take out the garbage for me please?!"
"Will you rub my feet?"
"Buy me a new house a new SUV"
"Or something from Tiffany's"
To match the 3 rings…. [spoken] you know…. 

1. the engagement ring
2. the wedding ring
3. and THE SUFFERING!  Ohhhhhh!

YES BOSS!  The only two words that you need
YES BOSS!  It's less words than "I love you…." [spoken] that's three!

Now we have come to the end of my song
I hope that it helped a bit
It's best if you just hand your (male genitalia) right to her
it will help you to sit
Sit on the bench…. [spoken] the bench outside that really expensive boutique in the mall where she'll be shopping for three hours with your credit card the next time you screw something up!

YES BOSS!  The only two words that you need
YES BOSS!  It's less words than "I love you…." [spoken] that's three!
YES BOSS!  The only two words that you need
YES BOSS!  It's less words than "I love you…." [spoken] that's three!


And with that sage wisdom, feel free to pass that song on to the men in your life.

God night!

Fresh from a bath and bandage change, Bella lobotomizes to either Baby Einstein or Mickey Mouse...


  1. So touched by this sweet picture of Bella... she looks comfy and contented and kissably soft! Saying a little prayer for your sweet angel - and you.

    Adrienne P.

  2. Happy anniversary to u and ang!!! Bella looks so cute. I miss that little girl