Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Surgery Success!


Good news.  Angelique came through surgery okay. 

Two weeks with no weight bearing. 

We'll take it week by week.

Kind words, thoughts, vibes, and prayers for a swift and COMPLETE healing would be gratefully received and appreciated.

Actually, having just typed that...

... I have to admit that I still have some serious dents in my faith armor regarding prayer.  I'm just confused.  Since Bella died, I read books about people who were in near death situations, where legions of prayer warriors rallied to the cause, and the person near death miraculously came back, and it all gets chalked up to the power of prayer.

If that were the case, why didn't Bella make it?  There was a worldwide avalanche of prayer coming to her / on her behalf... does God arbitrarily decide which prayers to honor?  Were we just a few prayers too short?  I'm not looking for you to answer that, I'm just venting.

If I console myself with the thought that it was God's will all along, then are those books mislead?  It was God's will, not the prayers, that allowed the person in danger to return from the edge of death.

Can you see the spiritual checkmate I'm stuck in? 

God night.

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