Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011: Ali turns 5 years and Bella turns 6 months


It was a bittersweet day today.  It marks 5 years to the day since Ali's birth, and it marks 6 months to the day since Bella's death.  The day started off quite difficultly insofar as how do you honor both?  Tears fell, phone calls were made, and memories were shared for Bella, while smiles and laughter abound, trips to Disneyland were made, and memories were created with Ali.  To have our three children truly represent the past, the present, and the future today was quite a quantum experience.  On Ali's last birthday trip to Disneyland, Bella rode shotgun, today, she rode alone, but for her next birthday trip, Julian will ride shotgun.  Crazy.

Today culminated a 3 day festival of birthday celebration, really.  On Saturday, we celebrated Grandma's birthday with Grandma and Grandpa at Uncle Steve and Aunt Dina's house.  Presents were opened, food and cake was enjoyed, and a good time was had by all.  Here are some photos from that party, courtesy of Grandpa...

Then, yesterday, the all-girl entourage of Ali's friends descended upon the mecca of girliville: Olivia's Dollhouse Tea Room.  We balanced our chakras IMMEDIATELY after by hitting the Tustin Brewery right next door for some beer, lunch, and lots of big screen TVs showing more sporting events than you could follow.  Enjoy the pictures courtesy our friend Sara Cooper...

Finally, today, Ali went in to school for a half day so she could celebrate with her school mates... and it was her day for show and tell.  Then, we hit Disneyland.  I said "Trips to Disneyland" above because as we were getting out of the car in the parking lot, I realized I didn't have my wallet, in which lies Ali's and my Disneyland passes.  Remember the grief-induced-cognitive-disturbance I have written about before?  Yup.  Still got it.  Like when we showed up at our accountant's office last month and I left ALL our tax documents on the dining room table, after having them in my hands.  Nice.  Anyhow, Ang and Ali played in Downtown Disney while I doubled back home (luckily it's only 15 minutes away) for my wallet.  Good thing to have if you are driving on the freeway, also.

Ali had a BLAST at the big D today.  She cracks Ang and I up all the time.  Her mannerisms, vocabulary, and correct use of phrases and expressions which are grown up is amazing.  She won't let a SINGLE WORD go by that she doesn't understand without stopping either of us to explain it to her... and she doesn't forget.  Tomorrow, she'll use one of the words she learned today, and she'll most likely get it completely right, or the pronunciation is 90%, but more interestingly, the usage will be 100%  appropriate.

I'm in so much trouble.  Let's hope she uses her superpowers for good and not evil.  LOL.

All in all, it was a great three day stretch of friends, family, fun, and NEW TOYS... zhu zhu pets are taking over the planet by the way.

God night.

Enjoy my two favorite pictures from this day last year... first Ali sees mommy... then the giant mickey mouse on the ferris wheel across the lake...


  1. Hi Ringgold Family: Just wanted to wish Ali a Happy Birthday. I am so glad that you guys had a great weekend of celebrating.
    The pictures of Ali are beautiful. She is one amazing young lady. You guys are truly blessed.
    Always praying for your amazing family. Take care. Love and Hugs Leah's Nana

  2. What beautiful, beautiful memories you have made for your family! Memories to keep you warm, to inspire you, to make you laugh...blessings for your family that you make many, many more. And gratitude that you are so willing to share them with us...becuase those memories bless us too.

    I just love the pictures of Bella too, always. Peace for your family and love!

  3. Glad to be a small part of her big celebrations!
    Yes, you are in trouble :) but, in such a good way...

    By the way, not that it helps NOW, but, Disneyland will give one "I forgot my pass at home" day...just go to customer service.
    (I know, big help, right?)

    Lots of love, all the time.

  4. Great post today. Happy birthday sweet girl! Bella was in heaven partying with you! Ang you look so amazing! Much love to you all!

  5. P.S. That is hilarious... Her face is priceless!

  6. Happy birthday Ali! What a great celebration ... friends, family, a tea party and Disney! Ang looks beautiful and Bella I am sure blew kisses to her big sis from heaven... sent on a breeze... loving whispers to her family saying Yes, I am here, with you always.

    Your past, present and future celebrations are equal in their ability to warm all our hearts...

    God bless,
    Redding, CT

  7. 1. Ali looks like a PERFECT combination of both you and Ang... it always strikes me when children resemble their parents so closely. I love it!

    2. Tustin Brewing Company = awesome! The food isn't amazing, but their lemon heights hefeweizen is soooo good.

    PS cute preggo pictures of ang!

  8. Happy birthday, beautiful Ali! Looks like it was a fabulous day for a tea party!

    I know that even in the midst of the celebration you had heavy hearts, though. Praying for all of the Ringgolds!

    Love from TX,

    PS - Ang looks TERRIFIC!!

  9. Happy Birthday (belated) Ali!!! Love the pictures. Miss my little Bella doll...

  10. I love the prego picture of Ang!
    Love it love it love it!
    Can't say it too many times!