Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19, 2011: T minus 1.5 days!


Man, is the momentum swingin'!  I told Angelique today, this past week has been so much fun, because throughout our grief journey there have been many weeks where it just felt like we weren't accomplishing anything with the PUCK Foundation. This week, however, it's all coming together.  That is a good feeling.

Today, the video newsletter Jim Palmer shot on Saturday with the text  2 donate campaign was sent to 10,000 people.

Today, OC Family magazine did a follow up piece promoting Bella's Birthday Bash!

Today, The text to donate campaign was included in an update news story on WFRV in Green Bay, WI, including a short piece about Bella, AND her Pilates 100 video was included in the news story!

That's a lot of publicity in one day!

We are so grateful to Jim Palmer - the newsletter guru, Jo Ashline for OC Family, Trisha Knuth - Charlie's amazing mom, and Chelly Boutott - the reporter at WFRV CBS affiliate in Green Bay!  Thank you all for sharing our story with your communities.  We are honored.

Tonight, we had a final planning party at our place.  Our friend Sara Cooper and her mom came over to help make all the gift baskets and silent auction items.  I think we have roughly 35 items!  Thank you to all that donated goods and services to the event.

I also got a call from "The Butterfly Whisperer" tonight!  This is a beautiful woman named Kimberly Parry from Ontario, Canada that heard about me through a gentleman I met at James Malinchak's event over the past weekend.  Anyway, turns out she is a monarch butterfly farmer, and she reached out to offer butterflies AND grant wishes upon butterfly releases.  She is such a beautiful soul; her generosity just poured over the phone, and we had never met!  Folks, there are GOOOOD people walking this planet.

So, here it is, the final call to action for the event on Saturday!  If you live in SoCal, or know someone who does, c'mon out, or send 'em out our way!  If you are not local, in lieu of coming and supporting us, won't you consider sharing our text 2 donate campaign with your friends and family?  If you just comment, FB, or email us letting us know you shared that with your communities, that would really be appreciated.  Remember, you can donate $5 simply by texting BELLA to 50555.  Easy, right?  I really like this campaign, because five bucks is a pretty humble amount to ask for, and it allows people to participate in funding a cure to a childhood disease without having to drop in excess of $200 and up for a typical fundraiser.

In other news, Ali's kindergarten orientation was last night!  Boy, was that surreal.  Ali starts kindergarten in the fall... where DID the time go?  The principal and two kindergarten teachers were just about the nicest people on the face of the earth, they were so sweet.  The school is within walking distance, and has before and after school care on site, so I can continue to work.  Having said that, I still signed up for the PTA and volunteered to assist in the classroom!  How can I resist?  If I was willing to spend 14 hours a day by Bella's side, I think I can hang with Ali in her school a few hours a week, right?

Ali also resumed swim lessons today.  This is her doing her Barbie in a Mermaid Tale impersonation!

Okay, gotta run; I jerked open my eyes to see that I was sleeping at my desk!  LOL.

Talk you all on Monday!  Can't wait to share how everything goes.

P.S. If you are still reading, would you drop a comment of support for the event?  We'd really appreciate hearing from you!

God night.


  1. Hi Tim! I know Bella's Bash will be amazing and I can't wait to read about it and see photos. Best of luck!

    I posted the $5 text donation on my Facebook. :)


  2. Tim, I very much wish I could attend Bella's birthday bash - I am confident that it will be fantastic!! Best wishes to your family and to everyone who attends!

    Houston, TX

  3. Praying for a fun and successful event ~ and I have no doubt those prayers will be answered! ;-) Although I rarely comment, I always read and have been very touched by all of your family.

    Blessings from WA.

  4. Hope you have a great day and that everyone have lots of fun!

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  6. Still here, still reading.

    Love checking in with you! I am putting on my facebook to donate $5 in the text campaign.

    Tracy Stuewe
    St. Peter, MN

  7. Hi Tim and Ang... I too posted Bella's photo and text info on Facebook. Everyone should try it, I am getting good responses of people saying they donated. I also posted the video about Charlie that shows Bella and talks about donating. With people being skeptical of stuff on the internet, that helps people to know all is legit. Thanks for all your handwork Tim & Ang. You are helping so many and beautifully honoring Bella.

    Redding, CT

  8. Hi Ringgolds!

    How we wish we could be there for the big bash! I know it will be a huge success!! Can't wait to hear about it next week.

    Love to you, Ang and Ali - all the way from TX!
    Laura (for Team A)

  9. heaveno!

    good luck with bella's birthday bash tomorrow! the ringgolds are an amazing family and i wish you great success :)

    god bless you!
    w-s, nc

  10. Thinking of you all as the big day is so close. I really cant wait to see pictures.

    Sending my love to all and sweet kisses for Ali.

    Denise WI

  11. Lots of prayers for an absolutely fabulous event in honor of a most special little girl. I'll be thinking of you all!

  12. Hi Guys: Praying that you guys have a terrific day. I sure wish I lived closer but I am there in spirit. Bless you guys for all you do to help find the cure for this awful, awful disease.
    Take care and have loads of fun today. Love and Peace Leah's Nana

  13. I'm breaking my rule and commenting! ;-)
    Who loves the Ringgolds? Max and I do. We'll be seeing you in like an hour and a half. I can't wait.
    I blew it up, social networking -style.
    And if you're reading this and coming out today - come visit the planting station! (I'm excited to show up and find out what that means).

    Tim & Ang, you are HEROES.
    Love love love,
    Jessica Rose