Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011: Ramping Up for EB Awareness Week...


Hiya!  Sorry I'm late.

Last night, I was cuddling with Julian on our bed, and he was just... so... happy!  We just kept hangin' out, and he just kept bein' cute, and before I knew it, I woke up and it was late thirty!  So, you got trumped by some cuddle time with the J-Man himself.  I figured you'd understand. ;-)

Life is good over here, busy, and a little sleep deprived, but overall good.  We are getting the PUCK website revamped and updated in time for EB Awareness Week next week.  The overall "look" isn't changing much, but we've been working a little at a time since August to update all the content, the success stories, how you can help, who we are, etc.  It's still a work in progress, but on Monday, make sure to cruise on over to the page, check it out, and please sign up for our mailing list!

Now, onto something that I would LOVE if each of you would do in order to support EB Awareness Week.  Our dear friend Courtney Roth - SUPERMOMMY of Tripp, has entered the Your Life - The Reader's Digest Version contest on facebook.  Would you vote for her and share her with your friends on facebook?  This is such an awesome opportunity for EB to be TOP BILLING IN READER'S DIGEST!!!  AMAZING!


That's really all to report.  Much love to you all.

God day.

Ang, Ali, and Bella back in the day also chillin' on the bed...


  1. *LOVE* both the photos! Looking forward to seeing your revamped website and will be handing out Treats for Tripp flyers with our candy this year! Good for you, making cuddle time the top priority- we of course understand! :) It is nice to see the happiness on your face.

  2. Nothing better than that time with your children. So happy for you. Bella is beaming down rays of happiness. Two days ago my dear Aunt joined Jesus and Bella. Her only child passed in 1967. It's been 44 years since she has seen him. It's comforting to know they are reunited.


  3. The Treats for TRipp idea is brillant....

    Yay for cuddling time...

  4. Glad you all are well! Of course we will vote for Courtney and pass it on to anyone and everyone else. I love seeing those pics of Bella and Julian. Hope Ali is continuing to enjoy her days at school. Hope Ang is feeling as lovely as she is. Hope work continues to inspire you and you inspire others.

    P.S. Anonymous Kim...your comment above...took my breath away and made me cry. So glad that your dear aunt is reunited with her only child. 44 years is a long time. God bless.

  5. Hi Tim: Love the picture of you and the Jman. You look so happy and I am thrilled about that. I vote everyday for Courtney and post it on Facebook too. She has to win and help spread the word about EB.
    Love the last picture of Bella, Ang, and Ali. The look of love between the sisters is so awesome. Give that special family of yours a big hug for me. Take care. Love and Peace Leah and Tabby's Nana