Monday, November 2, 2009

More Good News

Enjoy a 2 minute montage of our family's journey so's a bit cropped so go see it on you tube (see link on right) for full version)

Okay, first good news...

Our new insurance provider covers all wound care supplies! WHEW. We have been extremely blessed in this area because both our current plan and new plan (2 different providers) cover wound care supplies 100%. This is NOT the case for MANY EB families. Many providers consider wound care supplies to be over-the-counter. Unbelievable.

Second, we went to see Dr. Kling, Bella's surgeon, today for our 3 week post-op check-up. We were happy to see her; SHE ROCKS. It was great to check in with her as well because Bella got a blister under her button, and there has been some discharge coming out from around the button as well. We were concerned about it, but Dr. Kling took one look at it and said it was fine, and within normal limits. She said it takes about 6 weeks for everything to heal and set. We will be back in 6 weeks to learn how to remove and replace the button ourselves. Apparently, there are several types, so as she grows, the original may not be the best fit, but it was a good start. Bella had a stitch removed while we were there as well. She did NOT dig that one bit.

Later today, grandma and grandpa came over to get trained on everything. GOD LOVE 'EM; they are watching the girls this weekend so mommy and daddy can sneak off to Disneyland for a long weekend to celebrate our 6 year anniversary! We've never been by ourselves, and we're staying in the Grand Californian Hotel right on the property, so we are really excited to get away and unplug...even though we'll have a cell phone on for stand by the whole time! We are blessed to only be 15 minutes from Disneyland, and we are DOUBLY blessed to have Ang's parents available for the whole weekend! They only live 25 minutes away!

Alright..that's it for now. Thanks for all your continued love and support.

Many blessings,

Tim & Ang


  1. let's see if this works...none of my comments are posting...

    i watched the video three times :)
    love the latest footage, in her crib, i think.
    you are holding her up....LOVE it!

    disney with no kids...awwww....and that hotel is AMAZING! enjoy your time..goodness knows you deserve it more than anyone....

  2. That's great about the supplies being covered! We deal with other disabilities, but not all of the basic things are covered. It's insane. I loved the montage.

    Have fun at Disneyland! I was just there with my son on Sunday. :)

  3. it was WONDERFUL! to see this video.


  4. Good stuff...hope you had a great time in Disneyland! Happy 6 years! Heather and I just celebrated a decade! Hard to believe. Our continued prayers!
    Many Blessings!
    The Gleasons

  5. What a blessing to that all the supplies are covered...God is good...still have yet to stay @ the Grand Californian Hotel...I always wondered, does that hotel have a pool? xoxo, nicole baca