Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11: Day +71


Good day for Bella!

She had a pressure support trial today and did great... again!

Her blood pressure has looked great all day!

They are actually pulling a little fluid off today!

Got to say the highlight of the day was seeing the respiratory therapy educator, Judy, come in on her day off with a home made cap for Bella's breathing tube to be anchored to! She didn't like the seems on the one we put on on Thursday, so she left the hospital, drove to the fabric store, picked out fabric, went home, busted out her sewing machine, and hand made her new cap... in fabulous pink sequin no less! Mind you, Judy admits to not being a seamstress in any way, but there she was Thursday, drawing out the shapes she would need to cut on pieces of paper in Bella's room. THAT is going the EXTRA MILE for your patient! Thank you, Judy!

Behold, the fabulous hat!

After fitting the cap and doing Bella's daily cares, we were invited to a barbeque at our friends Logan and Erin's home in nearby St. Anthony. Mutual friends, Mark and Lisa, came over with their two kids, and another couple that Logan had gone fishing with earlier in the day, Craig and Lisa, and THEIR two kids showed up as well! It was AWESOME. Watching and hearing the PACK of kids running around playing together reminded me of growing up back east and going to family get-togethers and running with the pack all day and evening, getting totally sweaty and tired, not eating enough, but playing till I collapsed in the car ride home.

Sweet memories for Ali in the midst of everything else. Thank you Logan and Erin for providing us with a little normalcy. It felt GREAT.

Remember the boy, Collin, that Ali met at Minnehaha Falls? We have a play date / BBQ at his family's home tomorrow! His mom, Deb and dad Steve have generously invited us over, so that's our fun tomorrow!

Can you see why it really is easy for me to write a gratitude list in the middle of all this? There is just so much to be grateful for.... like s'mores!

Okay. Gotta run. Rounds are at 8:15 tomorrow (I know... on a Sunday!) so I need some rest now. Thank you for all of your encouraging comments last night. They really made us feel better, no mater what happens this week.

P.S. There is officially a TEAM BELLA for the CHOC Walk back home in SoCal. So, follow this LINK and see where it takes you. If you are not in the area to walk, please make a donation to TEAM BELLA on that page as well. Thank all of you who participate. Thanks again to our friend Sara Cooper for setting this up in Bella's name!

God night.


  1. You look good in pink. Not as good as Bella....but not too shabby!
    Go Team Bella!!!!!!

  2. I am soooo happy that Bella had a good day today and so happy you all got a bit of normalcy! I hope tomorrow brings more good things!

  3. Yay, s'mores! Glad your princess had a good day; LOVE her new "tiara". How wonderful that you found an angel there who sews (AND has great taste in fabrics); as a seamstress myself, it's most gratifying to be able to solve a problem for someone special. Have a great Sunday - ALL of you!

  4. I love Bellas new hat. It's fabulous. I'm so glad to see 6ii guys are having fun and Ali's making friends. That's awesome. I'll be praying that Bella has another great day tomorrow.

    Take Care,
    Amber McLaughlin,CA

  5. Way to go Judy.....fabulous cap and very creative, might I add! Awesome day for Bella! Praying that the Lord continue to strengthen her! What precious times for Ali Bear...that is so cool to have great & old....welcome you over....the s'mores look de-lish!!! Good night...sleep tight...get plenty of rest! Thinking and praying for you sweet Bella!!!
    Ps...sooooooo looking forward to walking for Bella! GO TEAM BELLA!!!!

  6. Its been a few days since i last was able to check on Miss Bella... and its just fantastic to see how great she's doing :-) Huge kisses to you gorgeous little one!!!

    Shana (Australia)

  7. I'm glad to hear of a good day for all of you.
    I'm reading the blog and at the same time Bella's Blessings. Although I have never met you by now I feel part of your family. I hope one day we 'll get to meet with my very good friends Tracy and Jon,the boys and your nice family. We'll have to pick the place,in the States, England or Spain!
    Have another "normal Sunday"!!!

  8. Love the pink cap on Bella - not so sure I liked it on Tim! LOL
    What a special angel Judy sounds like - a true nurse willing to do what it takes to care for sweet Bella!

    So happy to hear Bella had a good day and so did the rest of the Ringgold family!

    Still praying non-stop here in NJ & while I travel!

    Tina & family in NJ

  9. A pack of running kids, s'mores, and a hospital staffer going the extra mile - definitely unadorned blessings, I would say. So glad that Bella had a good day. Wishing you all an even better end to your weekend!

    Praying for healing,

    A friend in NC

  10. What an angel you have met, willing to go home and sew up a hat for sweet Bella! That is devotion and true caring. :)