Friday, September 3, 2010

September 3: Day +63

Hi everyone!

We're a bit tired after a long day. Today was like 2 days in one. Bella had a 9:00 am MRI appointment this morning to get a picture of her head. Yes, I know we just did a head CT scan 10 days ago or so, but Bella's hypotension persists, and as long as it does, the docs have to keep trying to find the cause. At this stage of BMT, the most common cause is infection. Never mind that throughout this hypotensive journey we have had zero cultures come back showing anything, and never mind that we did a full body CT scan and chest MRI already... it just doesn't add up to anything else, so we have to keep looking. Dr. Wagner's rationale is that he'd hate for us to be missing something we know how to treat. You can't argue with that, of course. Hence, the MRI. Bella did fine, and she did well going back on Prisma afterward (we have to take her off her dialysis circuit to transport her down to imaging). THe good news of the day, besides an uneventful trip to and from MRI, was that we D/Cd dilaudid, the narcotic pain killer, as well as the nitrous oxide. After we got back, but before we went on Prisma, we also changed all her line dressings and hear headgear, and her ulcer dressing. It was NONSTOP from 8 till about 2. The timing worked out well because at 3, the plan was to leave for...

... The Great Minnesota State Fair!

I went and picked up Ali from school early, and Angelique finished up a little early so we could all hit the fair for the afternoon/evening/night. We walked to a nearby park and ride shuttle, and rode to the fair for free, and got in for free thanks to free tickets from RMH! That was appreciated, because once you get inside your money simply FLIES out of your pocket! That's okay; it was worth it. We ate all the disgusting food we could handle, rode rides, played with endless amounts of goats, horses, and butterflies, worked on a pretend farm, and got front row seats to the rodeo even! It was awesome. Again, it wasn't without the feelings that someone was missing, but we have to bear that pain regardless, so it is important to "recreate" ourselves through "recreation." In fact, it is VITAL to our overall well-being. Activities outdoors where there is plenty of stimulation are critical to allowing the brain to shift gears and attend to something different. The smell of endless deep-fried food wafting through the air, the sounds of concert stages, rides, and exhibits ringing throughout the grounds, blinking lights, face paint, and seas of humans around every turn... there was PLENTY of stimulation at the fair!

Mommy: "So Ali, what was your favorite part of the fair?"

Ali: "The rides."

Mommy: "What was your second favorite part of the fair?"

Ali: "The rides."

Cheers to the long weekend; may you re-create as you recreate with your family, your friends, your faith community, your self.

Good night. Enjoy the photo collage. I could probably post 3 times as many from the fair, but that would take entirely to long, and I want to go to bed. ;)

Yes, that IS a deep fried twinkie, and YES, IT WAS AMAZING...


  1. Love those pics....glad you all could get out together year, double the know Bella's going to folow her sister on all the rides!
    Molly would love that corn hat...her favorite food!
    And those were the biggest butterflies I've ever seen!
    Happy fried food dreams!

  2. Great pictures...Ali is such a doll! Can't wait to see Bella & Ali in a picture together, with the butterflies on their hands! I can see it now!! Sweet dreams Ringgold fam :)

  3. WooHoo for the fair! So glad you all had a great time and hoping your "re-creation"(I like that) will give you an extra measure of energy as you continue on your journey.

    Praying for healing...

    A friend in NC

  4. Loved the corn hat - think I will post that pic on my office wall! LOL only kidding Ang!

    Glad to see the day overall was so nice!

    Praying still for a great weekend of relaxing and good news for the whole Ringgold family!

    Tina & family in NJ

  5. So glad you guys got to get out and enjoy the fair. Ali looks like she had a good time and Angelique from the looks of that hat, I think you did too. Keeping Bella and your family in our prayers as always.


  6. In light of Bella's health...we, as readers of your blog, all attempt to send you encouragement...but the fact is YOU encourage us all.

    In this great big world, YOU make a difference.

    We are all thankful that you reach out to so many and touch OUR lives. I'm thankful that you, Bella, Ang and Ali have touched mine.

    I pray God multiplies back to you the blessing you are,many times over.

    Encourage one another and build each other up.
    - I Thessalonians 5:11 NIV

  7. Praying for precious Bella today as well as the rest of your family. That the source of the b/p issues will be found and especially no infection to occur!! SO happy that you, your wife and Ali were able to enjoy time together at the fair!

  8. I'm so glad you guys had fun at the fair. It looked awesome. Love the pictures.

    Take Care,
    Amber McLaughlin,CA