Friday, October 1, 2010

October 1: Day +91

Ali loves that baby sister!


God is so good. Why? Because as we were leaving tonight at 1opm, we were on track to hit -100 mL for fluid for the day, AND Bella's blood pressure was...

...100 over 70!

I can't tell you how much joy is in my heart right now! We were so worried we somehow screwed Bella's blood pressure up yesterday going for the -200 mark. We learned our lesson. We can't pull off more than 100 per day. NO PROBLEM. We have our course! We shall now sail forward, blood pressure confidently in hand and pull 100 mL a day off until we get back down to around 11-12 kilos. Then... wean off the vent! Then, try hemodialysis!

There is just so much RESPECT and HOPE around Bella now. What a difference from last week, huh?

We had a nice visit today from three members of the U. of Minnesota Gopher football team. Adam Weber, Kim Royston, and Kyle Henderson stopped in to deliver a signed poster from the entire team. At first, I was curious to see how they would handle being in such an intense setting. What I can tell you is that I was extremely impressed with how present they were, how connected to the moment, and how polite and courteous they were. They were a class act. Three young men putting time into something small that makes a big difference. I told them about Bella's blog and gave each of them a personal, hand-written thank you card. I wanted them to know what an impact they have when they do such a seemingly innocuous thing as visit the hospital.

A class act. Thank you, fellas!

So, when was the last time you visited a retirement home, children's hospital, shelter, and let someone just tell their story?

I confess that when I was in college, I had to do service work in order to fulfill my church scholarship. While I derived some joy out of it. I confess that I spend little to no time volunteering since "I don't have to." (Yes, yes, I realize that I am a little busy taking care of Bella, but I honestly would not volunteer on my own as much as I did when I had to.) Please, don't be like me... forced to make a difference. Please, take it upon yourself to reach out. You will be amazed how GOOD you will feel, and you may or may not ever get to fully know the impact you make on another, but suffice to say that it is greater than none, and that alone makes it worth it for both of you.

This morning, when I sat Bella up and put on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (her FAVORITE), I caught her sneaking a peek at the TV! We can tell that, while she keeps her eyes closed most of the time, she is still fully aware of all of the sounds in the room, and is "awake" and "asleep" at different times of the day, even if her eyes don't open. Her heart rate changes, her respiratory rate changes, her blood pressure changes, it's pretty clear. it was cute to see her catch a glimpse of her favorite show!

My view of her...

Her view...

Tomorrow, I think we hit the Owl movie... whatever that is. I'll be in rounds first thing either way, and we'll do a circuit change tomorrow morning, hopefully in the AM before her morning meds at 11 (the one time of the day her ativan and methadone are given at the same time).

The butterflies are upon us!!!

Please keep the words of support for Bella comin'! I read to her every comment every day now, and it is a ritual that uplifts not only Bella, and myself, but each and every staff member that hears the love and generosity and faith Bella's world-wide only family has for her. And please please PLEASE, if you feel comfortable, put your name and location. I got the MOST AMAZING letter today, and I so badly wanted to know who wrote it so I could say their name and thank them personally, but alas, I'll never know.

Next prayer request: We want to drop the vasopressin to just a whiff so we can resume tube feeds. Bella hasn't had food in her gut for waaaaaaay too long, and we need to be down to a bit more on vaso (or OFF!) in order to do that.

So, the exact intention would be that Bella's blood pressure can stand on its on such that we can resume tube feeds. Please hold this thought for a moment and lift it up in whatever way works best for you. Thank you for offering all of the energy to Bella that you do. I am firmly convinced, considering her mystifying myriad complications, that it is your energy that has kept her strength so she can battle back through EVERYTHING she has battled to this point!

Thank you for that gift. You have given it generously.

Also, please send Angelique and I physical and mental energy. We are pretty worn down from the roller coaster of the past 10 days. The fatigue in my body hurts a little more each day. THANK GOD we get roughly 7 hours of sleep a night. The 13-14 hours in the ICU for going on 3 months straight now (albeit with some wonderful weekend breaks) is pretty draining, gotta admit. So, thank you!

One day, Bella will look back and say, "Yeah, when I was born I had this rare skin condition, but when they brought me home from the hospital, it went away."

God night.


  1. Maybe Stuffy Gloom MD should stand watch at night and do some magic on her BPs / sedation wean! He probably channels the knowledge and wisdom of "Dr Dooms and Glooms" around the country.

    NICU nurse
    Chicago, IL

  2. It is time for my bed. The eagles are asleep. The hummingbirds are moving south. And the strongest, most powerful, almost superhuman people I have possibly ever known are the Ringgolds. Ironically, I don't know you except through your words. But you have strength beyond words. Fight on, Tim, Ang, Ali, Bella. We're all in silent but determined support.

    Fondly, once more, from Vancouver,


  3. Always look forward to your updates! Bella ~ you are amazing. Each day I see these precious pictures of you and I am amazed at how wonderful God has made your body. To be able to handle all that you do! You have a story that is touching lives and you are a blessing! I am praying hard for you... I can't wait to see you up and watching mickey mouse clubhouse! That is my 3yr old daughters favorite show too! She loves the 'hot dog, hot dog, hot diggitty dog' song! We are loving you and praying for you here in Houston Texas!

  4. Yeah Bella!! Praying each & every day for you. You're such a strong girl, and I don't blame you for peaking at the cartoons. At 32, I myself still like cartoons. :) Of course that could be due to the fact that I'm "forced" to watch them with my own 4 kiddos. Keep up the AWESOME work Bella! Tomorrow will be better than today.
    To your mama & daddy: prayers are being sent your way for your peace of mind & rest for your body. I understand the beating a hospitalization of a child can have on you. (though our longest stay was 3 weeks, so on the length of stay, can't imagine). take a few minutes for yourselves here & there to rejuvinate. Bella is so very lucky to have you for her parents!!
    Much love & prayers
    Brenda (Kansas)

  5. Hi,
    It's me again looking in on you Bella. It's always a joy to see that pretty face! All day long you pop into my thoughts and I offer prayers for you. Whenever I feel something getting me down, I think of you and tell myself, "Self, if Bella can get through all her trials, so can you!" Thanks Bella for straightening me out! haha
    God, please give Bella's parents and care givers the strength they need. Thank You!
    Lots of Love,
    Mandy in Louisiana

  6. Praying for a great day tomorrow! Lots of love and prayers from North Dakota

  7. You are doing it Bella! Keep going honey!

  8. Dearest Bella,
    The Liconas in La Habra are praying for you tonight and every night. Our son, Salvatore, has learned to say the Our Father in Spanish and he puts your name in at the end.
    Dearest Ali,
    You are the most amazing and wonderful sister! Keep up that great spirit and keep shining brightly amidst dark clouds.
    Dear Tim and Ang,
    You are wonderful parents who serve as daily inspiration for me and I pray that you continue to get your "daily bread" as it comes to you both in many many forms.

  9. Father God, I praise your name and thank you for all you are doing in Bella's life. I ask, in Jesus name, that the doctor's can drop the vasopressin in Bella's body so tube feedings can resume. I ask in Jesus name, that Bella's blood pressure stands on its own, so again, tube feedings can resume. I lift Tim and Angelique to you Father God. Fill their bodies with physical strength and the mental energy they need to sustain their watch and care over Bella each day. Father God, restore this family to peace and comfort, heal little Bella's body, in Jesus name I pray....Amen.

  10. heaveno!

    absolutely love the picture of sweet bella sneeking a peek at her favorite show :)

    as the wife of a football coach and the mother of a football player, i so enjoyed seeing the players visiting with sweet bella today!

    not only am i praying for sweet bella tonight, but i am praying for continued strength for you and ang!

    god bless y'all!
    w-s, nc

  11. Fabulous Bella! Keep it up! I am putting a package in the mail soon for you and your family, Miss Bella. I picked out gemstone pendants for all of you - even if you don't "believe" in healing gemstones, it can't hurt and you will know they were sent to you from someone who reads the blog daily and sends healing energy. :) The carnelian is for you, Bella - to represent your Fire, to give you courage and protection, and because it is good for skin and kidney problems. The rest of your family will have to wait for the package to find out what theirs are! I hope tomorrow us another great day.

    Cara in Tucson

  12. Hello Bellagirl and family!!!!
    I came home from work and read your update. Its becoming my nightly ritual. I'm very happy that things are going so well! Congrats to you all!
    Like I"ve said before my children love the club house shows. We have a few on dvd and we watch them on tv. MY Bella is in love with Minnie. I want to take her to Disney world some day to meet the REAL minnie!
    Your room is looking real pretty Bellagirl. I've always loved butterflies myself, my first car I had, I had butterflies detailed on them, I used to have those hanging ones even in high school in my room at home. I also have a butterfly tattoo!
    I'm glad you got some pretty handsome visitors today! Thata girl! I love the positive impact that such a small girl as yourself is having on everyone!
    I work in a nursing home but sometimes I go there even when I"m not working. I've been a nurse for 7 years , however before that I was a nursing assistant and before that I was doing "adopt a grandparent" programs that I love. Its sad to see but not every grandma and grandpa in nursing homes have families as wonderful as your own. I"m trying to instill the values in my own children to accept the responsibility of perhaps going places where others wouldn't think of as "fun"... the ladies who work at the nursing home..they become like a second family. They spend alot of time with those grandmas and grandpas and each one has a piece of our hearts. That's what I love about this job. Its just not "work".. you put your heart and soul into people, much like your nurses do with you my dear. Maybe you'll grow up to be a nurse? Or a doctor, and instead of Dr.Gloom, we'll have to find you your own nickname? I myself would love to work in a hospital with children, that's something I"ve not done yet with my nursing career. I've done lots of things in my 7 years but not that.
    ok so now I"m rambling and probably boring you, but I wanted to let you know I"m thinking of you!
    what kinda socks did you wear today?

  13. Yay, Bella!!! Keep those pressures up!!! The good days are going to start outnumbering the bad... we can just feel it!!! We are sending you pee vibrations too... my son is potty training, and let's just say there is a lot of pee in our lives right now... Whenever he 'misses,' I think of how your family would be grateful to be wiping YOUR pee up off the floor... and walls... and couch... :) We know you'll be up and around and potty training soon too!!

    Praying for your tube feeds to resume... for your fluid to evaporate, and for your incredible parents to have healing slumber this weekend. Go easy on them!!

    We love you in California!

  14. Jack and Molly's NanaOctober 1, 2010 at 10:57 PM

    Costa Mesa had 45 minutes of HARD rain late this afternoon...hard enough to wash away the grandkids' chalk artwork on our patio. After a restless day (I'm chalking it up to the change in the barometric pressure), I was able to sit still long enough to finish another chemo cap and wait patiently (more or less - LOL) for today's post. And BOY, it was worth the wait!
    Sending prayers for stamina for all of you; you are amazing!
    Doing the hot dog dance on my way to bed.

  15. Good Morning Bella,it's morning where I am :) just checking in before I go to bed, It is so awesome to see what a wonderful big sister you have - she definately has your back :) - and Mommy and Daddy to of course, but nothing beats a Big sister's love.
    Way to go sweet heart on bringing your BP back after your dialysis yesterday, and I am so pleased that the Avastin worked.
    Sleep tight Bella and sweet dreams, get some rest so they can wean that vasopressin down and give you some food tommorrow
    Jess - South Africa (S.A)

  16. I am so proud of you Bella for being such a strong little girl and showing everybody what you can do. Keep that blood pressure up and then you can work on the next goal. My 5 year old son is also a big fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, it's a great one to watch. I love seeing all those Butterfly "Words of Encouragement" hanging in your room. You have so many people praying for you and wanting you to get better and we know you will in your own time. A friend here in the UP of Michigan wishing/hoping/praying for your recovery.

  17. Ooohhh...Bella, you have some cute admirers. Haha...those guys from UoM were so nice to take time out of their day to visit you at the hospital. Good job on raising and stablizing your blood pressure again. Now we just need to get that V drug weened and we can get you eating yummy foods again.
    It's so funny that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is your favorite show. It's my daughter Malories favorite too. Every morning when I go into her room to get her out she asks to watch "mouse house". So cute. She even has a Minnie Mouse doll that she calls mouse house. I love it. We're all probably watching it at the same time on certain days. That's really cool.
    Stay strong Bella and keep that pressure up. Lots of prayers tonight to help get you on solids.

    Lots of Love,
    Amber, Craig, Malorie(2 1/2), Liam(9 mos.)
    The McLaughlin Family
    Moreno Valley,CA

  18. Hi, Bella and family!
    It's morning here and as usual I open your blog to see what the news are.
    I am so proud of you all, that you managed to stabilize the Blood pressure! Go, Bella! Many hugs to you! Anx your skin looks so good! With all that excess fluid it doesn't crack, looks stronger. Looking forward to news of diminished vasopresin, going off the ventilator and being able to open your eyes and watch your favorite people and show.
    Tim and Ang, I know how exhausting is to live in Picu. I send my love and strenght to you and I am sorry I can't help you somehow.
    Now it looks so long but someday when Bella is at home, going to school, healthy and happy, you will think about this big stay as just an epizode from you life. I pray for you to find the strength to keep on going and stay healthy.
    It hurts to see your tired and ... faces, I can't find the correct word in English to describe it, but it touches my heart.
    Hugs and prayers to you all!


  19. Hi, Bella and family! I couldn't wait till morning to check things out. I'm so glad I did. Things are looking up, Bella. Remember, I said sometimes these things take a while. While us grown ups watch the numbers and all that other medical goobly gob, you just rest and get better. I know you feel bad, but it's gonna get better. Trust me, I've been a nurse for a long time. God is telling those doctors just what to do. Sometimes they have to try some things just to see if they work better than others.
    I've been telling my sister about you, and she is praying for you, too. I've been telling lots of people I know about your website. Everyone thinks you are a brave and strong little girl.
    I wish I could meet you. Who knows, maybe one day. My little niece, Chloe, and nephew, Noah would love you. Noah loves little girls, he likes to help them. Chloe is 6yrs old and already knows she wants to be a Nurse Practioner. She's following after her great aunt, Carla (that's me) and her mommy.
    I'll let you rest now. Daddy probably has some more letters to read to you. We all love you. Your mommy and daddy should have a big "family" get together when you are better so we can all met you and your family.
    Tell your mommy and daddy to be patient, everything is going to work out. Ali misses you. You keep listening to your favorite show, it will help you forget some of the not so fun stuff you have to do. You have to get better so you can visit Daylon. He is looking cuter and cuter every time I see a picture of him.
    Love and Prayers, Carla, Portsmouth, Ohio

  20. Good morning, Bella and family...

    It's early morning here on the east coast, and it's Saturday! That means I am leisurely enjoying my cup of coffee and reading the daily installment of the Bella Chronicles. And, I must say, that I have enjoyed today's news. It's good to hear a positive tone in your "voice".

    Miss Bella, girl! How about you having your picture taken with some pretty cute guys! That sure was nice of them to come by and spend time with you. Despite all the negative news that sometimes abounds about kids today, there really are some wonderful young people out there who are making a very positive impact on the world. Many of my high school students are like that - great kids with good hearts. And it sounds like those U of M fellas are well on their way to being great citizens of the world.

    Thanks for the specific prayer request. I'll get busy on that just as soon as I finish here. And, Tim and Ang, I always include you all in my prayers as I ask God to bless you with physical, emotional, and mental strength. May you feel His power in you as you continue on your journey.

    Hope you all have a good weekend.

    Praying for healing,

    A friend in NC

  21. Just today I went back to the blog three month ago when Bella got the transplant ... It's so amazing the energy all of you have to put through this process. You have all the rights to feel exhausted. Good days will be coming and that will work as an energizer; plus the prayers,good intentions,etc.
    Hope this is a nice weekend for all of you.

  22. Good morning Ringgold family!

    So happy to hear the BP recovered and that Bella was enjoying her favorite show yesterday (-: !!

    I have added Bella's name to the list of names we say in synagogue each day/service to ask for a full healing to those who are sick. Someone asked me a few days ago whose name I was saying so they too could keep this person in their prayers. I told her ALL about Bella (and all the other special and amazingly brave EB kids) and she said she of course would be keeping her in her thoughts and prayers. Yesterday she came up to me and said "I went to that brave little girl's blog and she has stolen my heart, she is now always on my mind!"

    Bella, you are amazing, people love you all over the world and want you to get well and come home and say that one day you had this disease but now you're cured!!!

    Love Tamar in Boston!

  23. Yippe Yahoo for great pressure! I come here each morning while Im sitting on the floor of my yougest childs room..I tell her about Bella..what a special fighter she is! granted my baby girl just turned one but I hope as I keep telling her your story she someday sees what faith is all about! Keep fighting Bella..I have a birthday wish for you Miss Bella..Ill be forty on the 7th...can you do me a favor and show those nurses and doctors more of your fight anf spirit? Thank you baby girl! You are a insperation each and every day!
    Much Love and Prays,
    Mia Decautur Ill

  24. Hi! Its me, Angela O..(vzw)... Im outting myself right in the beginning because I have a habit of leaving anonymous posts....
    So, I had to share this story, work is pretty intense right now (as you may have heard from ang) and I got a bad phone call at about 4pm on friday that indicated a plan shift at the 11th hour. As the feelings of anxiety began to rise, I quickly decided to recenter myself and meditate to regain focus. I work from home and have my desk in front of a window. I began by becoming present and watching the squirrels play in the tree, watching the sunlight pour through the trees, closed my eyes and after a few moments I thought of bella.... After centering myself I felt my energy renewed so I thought to send some to each of you in that moment....a few moments passed while I did this with my eyes closed. I open my eyes and BAM... A bird flew straight into my window! Lol...not only did it scare the heck out of me as you could imagine lol...but being the deep thinker that I am, I came to the conclusion that the bird could feel the energy I was sending and was simply sucked into the my story and im sticking to it! :)
    So Bella, I hope you felt that energy just like the bird, but don't go running into any windows ok, running in the park will do :)..birds have pea sized brains I, I am soooo happy and soooo hopeful for you. You are doing an incredible job and I am always sending my love to you! Today is going to be a great day! Xoxo

  25. Good Morning Bella! What wonderful news from your daddy this morning. I'm so glad those doctors are taking it nice and slow. And I'm happy that you were able to watch a little bit of your favorite show. My son loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as well...we do the Hot Dog Dance all the way in Dallas Texas too! The next time we watch we'll dance for you. I hope you have another wonderful day! Love from Dallas! -100 a day, how long would it take to get to 11 or 12 kilos?

    God Bless!

  26. Keep it up Bella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you so much and are praying for you!

  27. Hey Ringgold family -

    This is the first time I've left a comment - I've only been following your blog for a couple of weeks, but Bella has stolen my heart. I can't wait for the new update every day.

    Bella - you are a rock star! Way to go keeping that blood pressure up! I'm sure flirting with those U of M football players helped make your day go by a little faster. GOOOO GOPHERS (unless they're playing the Badgers!) Remember the tortoise and the hare story? Slow and steady wins the race! Before you know it, your mom and dad will be taking all of those butterflies off the walls and ceiling and packing them up to move you to your new room. I bet it won't be long now!

    Ali - what a great big sister you are! I have an "Ali" too - is that your full name? My 11 year old daughter is named Allison and we usually call her Allison, but sometimes she wants to be called Ali instead. I hope you're having fun at school everyday. Do you ever get to go on a field trip? Usually around this time of the year, kids go on field trips to apple orchards or pumpkin patches.

    Tim and Ang - my prayers are for Bella's continued healing (I love the specific prayer requests) but also for you to sustain your physical and emotional well being. As parents, we worry when our kids even have a cold - I can't imagine what you've gone through.

    I am a "local" follower - we live in Hudson, Wisconsin, just across the St. Croix River from Minnesota on I-94 - about 30 miles from the U of MN. If there is EVER anything I can do, PLEASE let me know. I would be happy to deliver dinner, take Ali for an afternoon, sit with Bella while you get out of the hospital for a day (I don't even know if they allow that....) - whatever. Please keep me in mind.

    Wow - that was a pretty long first post - I guess I had been saving up all I wanted to say for the last two weeks.

    Lyla in Hudson

  28. Miss Bella, I know you are still in your cocoon, still healing and developing...but when you are finally ready to emerge, you will be a butterfly the likes of which no one has ever seen before...blessings beautiful baby just take your time, we will all be here when you are ready to show the world your wings!

  29. Dear sweet Bella- 100 over 70 are beautiful numbers - PRAISE GOD!! Praying that today continues to be good and that you have more good numbers. Also praying that you will be able to have tube feeds very soon!

    Love to you and your family (we are praying for them, too!)

    Laura (for Team A in TX)

  30. Bella, I'm so glad to hear you are doing so much better. I'm so proud of you for fighting and beating the odds over and over again. I hope you have a great weekend and get to snatch even more glances at Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You and Tripp love that one, so I'm going to have to check it out for Jonah. I love you so much and pray for you to get through all of this sooner rather than later. You're on the way UP! Be a good girl and don't give Mommy and Daddy any more scares, okay? Happy Saturday!

    Winston-Salem, NC

  31. I think it's so cute that Bella was watching her show! I remember sneaking glances at the TV when I was little and "sick" and "resting". Lol. I'm so glad you're doing so amazing Bella!!! You reassure me with your strength to overcome ALL odds. Go Bella!

  32. Still praying for you, Bella! You were on my mind as soon as I woke up this morning at 6:15am, and the first thing I did was pray for you, then log on and check out your daddy's latest update. So happy that your blood pressure is doing well and they are able to pull fluid off! Keep fighting--God has you in the palm of His strong and loving hands!

    Nancy in CO

  33. Meeska, Moosa, Mickey Mouse!

    Can we go to Disneyland when you come home?
    It would then, indeed, be the Happiest Place on Earth.

  34. I remember Claras longest stay in the hospital. we didnt have the benefit of a RMH...but I couldnt/wouldnt leave her side either. I dont call the sleep at a hospital very restful (pull out couch and interruptions). To top it off the emotional drain = sheer exhaustion. I did that for eleven days. Eleven days...thats it. I can only imagine what you are feeling. I can only imagine the exhaustion. I also remember the things that made me smile during that time. Honestly it wasnt much. But the visit of a therapy dog did bring out my smile. It warmed my heart that people took the time to do that. To bring the smile to others faces. Thank you to Adam, Kim and Kyle for doing that for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you all as a family.

    Bella- Sweet baby girl. I love to see that you are doing so much better! Keep fighting little one. You have such a amazing strength. My daughter Clara loves Mickey Mouse too. It is the only show she will actually take a moment of her time to watch. :) Sending you lots of love as always. XOXOX

    Denise WI

  35. Tim and Family:

    Loved seeing Bella peeking out of one eye to catch a bit of her favorite show....made me smile!

    So happy to hear the BP is holding....keep it up Bella.

    Still sending prayers for your sweet family...I'm sure you guys are tired and worn out....Bella is one lucky little girl to have her family fighting for her!

    Tina from Texas

  36. Bella and Family
    I am Heather from Southern California. I just want you to know what an inspiration you are to me. You and your family help remind me everyday what a blessing the little things are. No matter how many things go wrong in your day your dad can always find a bright spot, what a great lesson to me. I also love how your dad and your story helps me, although I'm not going through the same things I feel on a daily basis I have to remember the smallest blessings because of all the hard things going on. Sometimes when you keep getting bad news the only thing that carries me is reading uplifting posts from the people in your family. Thanks for sharing your story with the world. We are praying for you and your health everyday as well as the whole EB community. Keep up the good work, you are a fighter and you help me to remember how blessed we are even amidst our greatest of difficulties. Your awesome, keep fighting and we love you!

  37. Go Bella GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still praying!!!

    Becky (Texas)

  38. The picture of the football players with Bella and Tim made me smile. I was happy that these young men had the opportunity to meet Bella. There are some things that you can't learn in a classroom or on the playing field. A little girl and her dedicated family can teach the world about persistence and faith from the confines of a butterfly-filled hospital room.

    Angela Ulrich
    Dublin, Ohio

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  40. Way to go Bella! Praying for a steady BP so you can get some food in your tummy. Also praying for strength for your mommy and daddy. Can't wait to see how today went. Keep up the good work.

  41. Hi Bella! I hope you had fun with the nice football players. You deserve to have fun. I hope you feel better really soon!

  42. Hello again, Bella. Your Georgia friend is checking in to send you a big ole southern hug. (I am uncertain how such hugs differ from others, but trust me on it, o.k.?) You are an adorable sight, in you pumpkin hat. I can't wait for you to bless us all with an adorable grin. Your cheerleaders can't wait to see you better! Until then, rest up, little pumpkin. There's a whole lot of life waiting for you.

    Scottie H
    Cairo Ga

  43. Hi Ringgold family. I am the mom of one of the football players. I was told about this post from a friend who came upon it. I have a big birthday in two days and this was the best present ever. The team may not have the big wins that so many desire but the boys on this team are really amazing. The room you are in is familiar to our son. He has a younger brother who was born a premie and spent a month in NICU on machines while he became a stronger 3lb infant. I had developed HELLP Syndrome and had become allergic to the fetus. It was take the baby or lose us both. We are happy to say all is well today. Our younger son just had his 1st fall season of 3rd grade football while the older son is playing as a Gopher. Sometimes life seems so hard and we don't understand it but there are miracles occurring every day. My thoughts and prayers are with you. T.S. Mpls Mn