Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 14, 2012: Happy Valentine's Day!


[fell asleep typing this last night... here it is a little late]

Valentines cards on the dining room table.  Check.
Coffee brewing.  Check.
Tooth fairy Valentine under Ali's pillow?  [Mommy]: Check.
Pink and red socks on everyone?  CHECK.

A big thank you goes out to Ali.

Ang and I aren't the biggest Valentine's peeps out there, and two days ago, Ali schooled me on Valentine's Day.  I had approached the crotchety old-man gumpus attitude about Valentine's Day being a boon for Hallmark.  We got our obligatory cards for Ali's classmates, and that was gonna be about it when Ali asked me what we were doing for each other for Valentine's Day.  I shrugged it off saying something feeble and lame, and Ali responded with...

"But daddy, Valentine's Day is for people who love each other, and I LOVE YOU!" to which she gives me a big hug and a smooch on the cheek.

That was Sunday.

Fast forward to last night, where I am standing amidst the other idiots at the Target Valentine's Day card trough trying to salvage cards for everyone with 12 hours to go before they get opened.

FAIL... almost.

Even if you are a schmuck and buy your gift on December 24th, as long as that gift is under the tree when everyone wakes up the next day, you're good, right?  That's how I felt putting everyone's cards on the breakfast table before they came down this morning!

On top of all that, Ali lost her tooth at school yesterday, so when she awoke this morning to see what the toothfairy left her... she came running downstairs because, "THE TOOTH FAIRY LEFT ME A VALENTINE'S DAY CARD!!!"

Nice one, mommy!

Somehow, they got on "the" or something like that and found out alllll about the personal toothfairy Ali has assigned to her (too funny).  So, Ang printed something that resembled a business card from the toothfairy and signed it, and it sent Ali into outer space.

Awesome.  The parenting ride is a never ending adventure!

God night.


  1. I'm not a big fan of Valentine's day maybe because I didn't grow up with it. But I still think it's another special day to celebrate and share love.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. I've never heard of that website before so I thought I'd go check it out. It's a cool concept! Although I will admit the tooth fairies looked a bit more hooker-ish than I've been picturing all these years!! Hahaha! Thanks for the link! Hope you guys had a great Valentines!

  3. Aw! The photo of Bella and Ally had "I love my big sister" all over it!! Kim

  4. Happy (belated) Valentine's day. The picture of Bella and Ali is priceless. By the way, I found your previous 3 posts very inspiring! Thanks for sharing your insights.

  5. Ali is wise beyond her years. :-) I love that her first thought about Valentine's Day was celebrating her family.

  6. Jennifer Edlings comment made me spit out my dinner :)

    There is a Yo Gabba Gabba episode about Teeth, and the Tooth Fairy is VERY disturbing...enough to make kids NOT want her to visit...

    Happy Love Day...appropriate for your family, that is overflowing with LOVE :)

  7. PS....I agree with Melissa. A has her priorities in place. Don't you love what you learn from those who are closer in years to their time with God?? Kim