Thursday, February 23, 2012

February 23, 2012: RIP Seth...


Sorry I've been MIA... I've been trying to get more sleep at night...  So much to catch you up on, but really there are two things to direct you to...

1.  Our dear friend and EB mom Trisha Knuth's heartbreaking post on her caringbridge.  Please CLICK HERE to read and show your love.

2.  Our dear friend and EB mom Patrice Williams does a wonderful online auction for DebRA each year, and it goes live tomorrow night.  We'll be traveling this weekend, so I don't know when I'll post again, and I wanted y'all to know about it and support DebRA.  We will forever be grateful to DebRA for all they did for us when Bella was first born, and we still happily support the New Family program every year.

That's it.  Life is good here.  Go send Trisha some love tonight, and Patrice some love over the weekend.

God night.


  1. Trisha's writing brings me to tears. What a blessing she is to the EB community, what a special gift she gave to Seth....heartbreaking.
    I've been stalking the auction items....lots of fun stuff!!

  2. Safe travels....sending love your way too. We all know that when one is hurting in the EB community everyone is....

  3. Was so heartbroken when I read her post this morning. So grateful Seth got to play like a little boy and knew he was loved by his Mommy. Praying for the Knuth family and EB community.

    Kim M
    Waterford, MI

  4. Have a safe trip. I am heart broken for Trisha. The auction is unbelievably good.

  5. Thank you for the link to Trisha's site. They are not that far away from us in Chicago; I will see if we can make contact for our next Midwest EB Picnic. What an amazing family - to manage EB that is thrust upon you is one thing, but to willingly take on another child with EB is truly inspiring. What a gift she gave Seth!

    We miss your posts!

    Adrienne Provost
    EB Mom
    Palatine, IL