Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 4, 2012: Sorry...


Sorry gang.  I disappeared I think longer than I ever have since I started this blog almost three years ago.  Truth is, I think I'm a burned out blogger/social mediayte.  (I'm pretty sure that's not a real word, but I don't know how else to label it!)  I've been staying off blog(s) and facebook lately, and I have to be honest, it's been great.  Even right now, I'm tired and want to go put away my laundry and get a good night's sleep for what will be a busy next three weeks,  and just typing away on my computer, well... I kinda feel... over it.

Still, life is good here.  Julian continues to grow into a chunkster.  He's 75th percentile height, weight, and head, and still happy and pleasant through the day.  When I pick him up, I slowly bring him down and plant my nose in his cheek and wiggle it, and the smile he makes as he's looking out over the world... melts my heart every time.

Ali grows and matures by the day it feels like.  She is so articulate and expressive that sometimes it's hard to figure out how to relate to her, because in some ways she is beyond the almost 6 years age, but in many ways, she's still just an almost 6 year old... I know that makes sense to you parents out there!

Ang hits the road for business 4 days this week and 4 days next week.  Work is busy/intense for her lately, but we are blessed to both have great jobs that provide so much for us.  She's been enjoying taking weekly Zumba classes, while I get out on the soccer field once a week to still mix it up.  Both of us are so grateful to get some "me time" to burn off stress and stay fit and healthy.

I am conference chair for my professional association's regional conference coming up in three weeks (yeah, the week after Ang gets back) in Salt Lake City, and running that event is a part time job in itself. Last year, I wasn't working when I ran the conference and it took up all my free time.  This year, I am balancing staying home with Julian 2 days a week, working the other three, and still running the event... oh, and directing PUCK on the side...  now you can see why I've been offline... I'm stretched pretty darn thin... even for me... right now.

The fantasy of the terminally busy is that "after [insert date or event here], things will slow down."


I remember saying that in September about October, then about December, then it was January 15 (after Wings of Hope), now I hear myself saying, "after conference..."  but then we are in full swing for Time To Fly in June followed by Bella's Smash, our first golf tournament out here in October.  It never ends.

Too much?

God night.



  1. Christiana (cyprus)
    Dear Tim,

    I am so so happy that things are going so well for your family. Please, please don´t stop writing. Your posts are such an inspiration. I jump from joy whenever I see a new post from you! You truly inspire me and help me become a better person, a better mom. I have been reading your posts non stop from the beginning in the past couple of weeks and even though I am always sad that Bella is no longer with us, your positive attitude and your faith have helped me so much! So, thank you Tim, thank you Bella. Please, keep inspiring us! We need you. And we love you. I love your family, I love Bella and pray for you constantly. And before discovering your blog, I wasn´t much of a believer, or a faith person. So thank you again.

  2. I need to get over there to see Julian...I mean, you guys :)
    We need a kids eat free date soon!!!
    Why was Ali dressed so formally? Is that the Santa Ana Zoo??
    I've missed your blogging, but get the need for a break. Good to see everyone happy and healthy.

  3. Good to hear and see that you are fine. Good luck with all your activities. Enjoy some private time!

  4. “There ought to be a man with a hammer behind the door of every happy man.” - Anton Chekhov. I think of this quote by my favorite writer each time I read your blog, and have to process emotionally the photo of your adorable Bella at the end of every post. To remember, to connect, with all forms of human experience around me, in time, and space. To try. Your family is beautiful.

  5. Ali in the green dress=Bella.

    Look exactly alike.

    Bella, Bella, Bella.........

  6. I am new to your blog (I found you through Tripps blog) and have been "catching up" by starting from the beginning and reading your posts over the last few weeks. I have a ways to go yet(you have been very busy the last few years lol!) but I just wanted to introduce myself and say thank you. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul out to total strangers and sharing your extraordinary story and perspective with us. Im not sure I have the right words to describe how much of an impact your story has had on my life. You have not only deepend my faith and opened new doors of perspective and thought, you have also helped me to keep my life and it's joys and sorrows in perspective. You and Bella have made me a bracers person. I think that helps me to love a little deeper and appreciate every second just a little bit more than I did when I started reading your family's story. I believe I am a better mother (I sure hug my 2 year old son Max a little longer now!), wife, friend and christian (I am also a Disciples of Christ church member in MO)because of my brush with you and your family and especially little Ms. Bella. You and her sure are making an impact on the world!
    I can completely understand your being worn out blogging...I would be interested to know how many words you have typed over the last 3 years..yowzers! What a journey of strength and faith you have taken us all on! Now you just enjoy that family of yours and keep on keeping on and I hope to continue to see updates on you and your wonderful family as the years march on.
    BTW...I am hoping to go home tonight to find that my very own copy of Bella's Blessings has arrived! I just wanted you to know that you have touched another life and made another friend :o)
    Blessing and love from Springfield, MO

  7. we all "hit the wall" as my hubby says and need a break. take care of yourself & your family. we'll be here when you feel like coming back. :)

  8. Tim ~I also love reading your blog, it is inspiring and like visiting with friends. But I admire your honesty the most. So take a break as you need. I won't be removing you from my 'favorites' anytime soon ~ will just be thrilled when a new post is published. God keep all of you healthy and at peace. Holly in ND

  9. Aw! It's great to hear your life is going so well!! I am so glad you are happy and your family is healthy! If blogging doesn't fit this, move on!

    Enjoy your life and your wonderful blessings. Stay happy, focused and enjoy every minute.

    You have a lot going on! Wishing you all the best!!

  10. It's good to hear from you, Tim and sweet family.

    The pictures are lovely. The one of Julian sleeping on your chest just melted my heart, and the one of you both with your matching hats had me smiling for sure. But it's always that last one of beloved Bella that gets to me every time. I'm usually very engrossed as I'm scrolling through and enjoying your pictures. But when I get to Bella's, I say out loud, "Hey, Bella." I'll never tire of seeing that sweet face and those eyes.

    Wishing you well with all the busy-ness of your lives. I understand how burned out you must be with all the blogging and writing. It's always a treat to hear from you, but you must do what feels right for you. I'll enjoy reading when you choose to write. And when you don't, your precious family will still be close in thought.

    Be blessed, Ringgolds!

    A friend in NC

  11. Rest is a good thing! Have missed reading your posts, but rest and family are much more important. Love the pics of everyone - Julian is getting so big! Give each other hugs from the Team in TX- love to all of you!

    Laura (for Team A)

  12. I know you dont know me but I have been following your blog for a while now... I prayed many many times for your precious little Bella and your family... I am reaching out because my family needs prayers... I am at the end of my strenght right now... My fil (more a dad to me than anything) died of a heartattack on 2/11/12, My BIL my husbands older brother passed in 09 from cancer... yesterday my BIL husbands youngest brother was life flighted and we dont know if he will live... Can you please add the Wallace family to your prayers.. Im not sure our family can function through another loss especially right now...

  13. No worries Tim! Don't blog so often. Do it when it feels right. It's your life, it's your time, it's your journey.

    Fun photos! Enjoy the happy times,

  14. Kpow2006 I second everything u said!