Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 18, 2012: Bella would be Proud...


Bella would have been so proud of her big sister tonight.  Ali danced to "Real in Rio," the title track from the animated movie "Rio" at our church talent show fundraiser tonight.  Mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa, and Julian were in attendance to support her, and she simply blossomed.  Her nanny sent her this ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS flamenco dress from Madrid, Spain last year, and, well, see for yourself...

I woke Ali up from her nap this afternoon in the middle of a deep, sweaty sleep.  We spent the night at grandma and grandpa's last night, and Ali didn't get much sleep... too much fun to be had!  Anyway, she was cranky and groggy when she left with mommy for call time.  I wasn't sure if she would be into it, or clam up and get scared.  Guess that got answered, huh?

Thanks to grandma and grandpa, I got to take Angelique to see Jerry Seinfeld perform live at the famous Pantages Theater in Hollywood last night, hence the stay over.  What a gorgeous theater!  Home to the Academy Awards from '39 to '49 I believe, this theater is absolute stunning beauty... and super easy to get to and out of!  Jerry was absolutely hilarious, and it was a treat to treat Ang to this as a surprise stocking stuffer at Christmas.  She LOVES the series Seinfeld, and has probably seen every episode multiple times.  I love the show, too, but do not possess her depth of passion or knowledge for the series.    With our travel and work schedules being so intense right now, laughing our asses off for over an hour straight was GOOD therapy last night!

The conference I am chairing starts in the morning, so please say a prayer that all goes smoothly.  I can't get in till Wed night, so I hope everything goes smoothly in my absence.  I have an amazing local committee in Utah that have been rocking it all the way up to this point, so all should be well.  Still, last year when I chaired conference, it was here in socal, so I could be first on the scene and last to leave, which is the way I like it.  I will be able to be last to leave on Sunday, so I just have to trust all will run smooth on the front end.  I have been working like 30 hours up to 40 hours a week for the past month on this conference... whew!  I am beat.

Julian moved out of his car seat today!  Yay!  Into the stroller and into the big car seat that stays in the car now!  He's getting so big so quick, and what a cutie.  He was smiling and BEAMING at all the ladies at church tonight.  At one point, a young girl in the church came up to say hi to him, and he was looking the other way.  I had to straighten him out and explain when a young lady comes to pay you some attention... buddy, you better return that favor!  LOL.

Alright.  Gotta run.  The video took up a lot of time editing and posting.  Sorry it's so blurry... stabilization feature didn't really help.   I'll be writing from Salt Lake City next Sunday!  Wish mommy support while I'm gone (I leave Wed night and will come home late next Monday night), and wish me health and peace as I power through the home stretch on this puppy!

God night.


  1. Christiana (cyprus)
    Gosh! you have a little pro latin dancer in the making there! absolutely gorgeous! so glad you got to do something just for you and Ang! all the best to your conference! sending love and prayers your way! looking fwd to hearing from you soon! and please please can you elaborate a bit on your conference in your next post? what exactly is it about? I haven´t missed a single post from you in the past 2 months but somehow I am still not sure what the conference is about. so, thanks!

  2. Julian really is a McCutie! And the last picture of Bella is great. Wishing you strength for the upcoming conference. God bless!

  3. Good luck with your conference!
    Great pictures and video!
    Love Bella's photo.

  4. Oh my goodness...killing me here with 3 things:
    Ali and her thumbs up during her dance...priceless.
    Julian and his belly in those pants.
    That pictura of Bella is my favorite. Ever. (i think)

  5. Wow...GO Ali! She was super cute!

  6. That video is awesome. Ali is a d o r a b l e. Oh my goodness. Julian is getting so big and handsome!

    Been meaning to comment, but have had my hands full (literally, usually I'm browsing the net with one hand). Ari's baby brother Avery arrived a little over a month ago and my two little guys keep me super busy! I still check in here and think of you all often though.

    Good luck with your conference!


  7. That video was absolutely adorable! What a great performance. All of your kids are so beautiful.

  8. Love Ali's video! We watched it twice and would still be watching it if Clara had her way. ;)

    Sending you a good luck with your conference (which you dont need because it is going to be a smashing success!) and many prayers Angeliques way (may your days go quickly and smoothly while Tim is away).

    I love Bellas picture...sweet, sweet, beautiful girl.

    Sending my love to all and sweet kisses for Ali and Julian (I cant believe he is already out of his carrier...that is crazy:)).

    Denise WI

  9. Glad you got to laugh...sounds like you two were due for a break!
    Ali is adorbs!! She is going to be in the spotlight someday, just like her Daddy :o)
    Have a great trip and enjoy your week!
    Kelley from MO

  10. "Dancing With the Stars" better look out. I think I just watched a future contender! Ali totally rocked it. What a cutie. Of course, a red flamenco dress brings out the best in all ladies!

    I'm so glad to read of the joy that seems to be filling your lives right now. For me, the view from the mountain top is much more spectacular after I've spent time in the valley. I bet you all feel likewise.

    Wishing you well at your conference, and wishing patience and stamina for Angelique in your absence.

    Be blessed, sweet family.

    A friend in NC

  11. I love that photo of Bella. She looks beautiful and I love the combo of her shirt and bedding. She will be remembered. Ali and Julian are beautiful too and so was the post, but this one of Bella struck me.

    Your family is inspirational.

  12. That girl can sure cut a rug! Wonder where she gets the performance talent? hmmmm...... :) Praying for safe travels for you and a calm week for Ang.

  13. Oh that video is awesome! Ali did a super job :D

  14. Awesome job Ali! A beautiful dress, for a beautiful and talented little girl!!

    By the way, are you guys making out the to "Jogging for Jonah" 5k? I would love to see you guys there!

  15. Loved ALi's dance - awesome job! Loved all the pitcures too!
    Tina in NJ