Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 29, 2013: R+R=R&R...


Rest + Relaxation = Recharged & Revved up!

Hope y'all had a happy and holy Christmas filled with joy, love, and wonder.  I say wonder because I saw wonder on two fronts, and they were through the eyes of children.

Thank God for children.

The wonder was on the secular front with Santa and on the sacred front with Jesus.  See, both Christmas stories require an essential ingredient, and it's the word that the conductor punches into the boy's ticket in Polar Express…


Neither story has any magic or power in it if you don't believe.

If you DO believe, however, the season is MAGICAL.  The expectation on both fronts creates an anticipation that is palpable in children.  I saw it at church in front of the advent wreath, and while the children rehearsed for their Christmas Eve Pageant, and I saw it at home in front of the Christmas tree.  Preparations were in order, and a level of conscious awareness of "naughty or nice" was heightened.

It was a magical experience TIMES TWO!

Last week was a blast; we spent time with both Ang's family and mine, and Ang and I even got a day and a half on our own thanks to my parents.  We just got home tonight, and Ang and I return to work tomorrow.

I am really excited about 2014!  Life is such a gift.  I mean, think about it.  We have the ability to look at the coming year as a blank slate on which we can create a MASTERPIECE.  We can dig in and work hard at solving big problems, little problems, math problems, boy problems, and anything in between.  Want to fund breakthroughs in science, technology, biology?  No problem.  Want to fund micro loans to farmers in developing countries to help them break free from a cycle of poverty by starting their own businesses?  No problem.  Want to fund a well that will supply clean water to an entire village in Africa?  No problem.

We can do ANY of these things we want.

Man, we are so lucky.

One new venture for me this next year is that I'm partnering with a longtime colleague to teach business skills to clinicians so they can stay in business, make more money, and help more people.

What are YOU going to conquer/accomplish/obliterate/solve/create/provide in 2014?  Post something inspiring below and let's create a DREAM /VISION WALL for the new year!  See you in the beauty.

God night.


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  1. I really see Bella in that first pic of Ali. It took my breath away.

    And in Julian I just see sweetness! That boy!!!