Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 5, 2014: Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! 

Ang and I started the new year off by reconvening in our FB group: 12 by 2/1.  If you’re like me, and you gained some holiday weight, and you want to shed that weight, and you want to have a supportive community cheer you on, come find us on FB!  If you request to join, I’ll add you to the group!  Just type in “12 by 2/1” in the search bar. 

The name comes from the goal I had last January of losing 12 pounds by Feb 1st.  I just threw the idea up on FB one night to see if anyone else wanted to lose their holiday weight together, and 30 something members later, we got a great group that is totally supportive and seeing progress and posting it!  It’s fun, and I know it works.  The whole reason I didn’t reach for a beer today was because I didn’t want to post that I had a beer!  Social accountability can be a beautiful thing!

This week rings in the non-stop pace of the fall as well.  Ali returns to school tomorrow, Ang gets on another plane till Thursday, and I travel Fri-Mon.  No grass growin’ under any feet over here.  Still, I’m starting the year super grateful for the past 3 weeks.  Ali’s been home from school, and mommy was home for all but 2 of those days.   It felt really great reconnecting and spending so much time together.

Perhaps the biggest news of all was watching (and smelling) Julian go poop on the potty tonight!  LOL.  We have been reading to that little guy on the potty for who-knows-how-long now, and at one point tonight, he pooped while I was reading to him, but then, not too long after, he went into the bathroom, got himself a book to read (no joke) and made a giant poop all by himself!  He also peed through 3 pairs of underpants along the way, but hey, that’s progress!

Ah, potty training.

God night!

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