Sunday, January 19, 2014

Moving On...


There are those who will be touched by music therapy in 2014 no matter what I do.

There are those who won't be touched by music therapy in 2014 no matter what I do.

But, there are those who will only be touched by music therapy in 2014 as a result of the expansion of the students I'll be training (along with my biz partner Kat Fulton).

And those people are who I am fighting for this year.

Who or what am I fighting?

Old tapes.

You know the kind…

The ones that still play in your head long after they should have worn out or been thrown out…

Tapes like, "You don't have enough experience to teach others.  What could they POSSIBLY learn from you?

Or this one, "When others figure out that you're still struggling in your business, they'll think you're a fraud and expose you to the world for what you really are."

Kat and my coaches call these voices our inner 'gremlins,' and apparently, we've all got 'em, and they are NOT very nice!

Tomorrow morning, our new FB group begins where we drop a little nugget of information or inspiration every business day for the rest of the year.  We have about 63 or so 'students' (could be students, interns, or professionals) who have 'enrolled' in our group and payed their $1 trial to check us out.  Now, it's time to deliver the value.  I'm up first.  I'll be posting a short article on core values in the morning, and I imagine that maybe this is what a college professor or teacher feels like the night before the first day of school when they are teaching a class or course for the first time.

My inner gremlins officially kicked into HIGH GEAR at about 6pm tonight and haven't let up.  I have a headache, neck ache… my heart is pounding.  Luckily I played soccer today, so my body is POOPED OUT… hopefully pooped out enough to make me sleep through the night.

I told you that I would share breakthrough number 2 from last weekend…

We did a commitment exercise, and it was another visualization exercise where at one point, my hands were open in that same "I am worthy" position I talked about last week, and little strands of light were shooting out of my fingertips and coming back into my fingertips like one of those orbs at "The Sharper Image" where you touch it and electricity connects the center of the orb to your finger tip.  The light was shooting out of the room and reaching that strata of music therapy recipients I described above… the ones that were going to be reached this year because a whole GROUP of music therapists are going to get really clear on their business skills and reach a lot more clients this year.  I could visualize them on a map almost, and their energy was dancing back to me and vice versa, all through my fingertips.  It was exciting, because these are people I'll never meet and never know personally, but through teaching, training, and coaching, their lives will be impacted nonetheless!  That's an honor to be a part of.

Then we had to pretend we had a stake in our hand and that it represented our commitment to our vision, and we had to imagine planting it in the ground.  Well, I had a flag pole in my hand, and the flag that was on it was our EMPOWER U ACADEMY social medial button, which was designed to look like a school crest.  I held it up over my head to thrust it in the ground, and as I looked up over my head in my mind's eye, I saw again Bella and my dad cheering me on to PLANT THAT PUPPY DEEP IN THE GROUND!  So when I thrust that virtual flag pole into the ground I feel like the ripple of energy reached the earth's core!  It was an intense experience.  Then, I leaned my cheek against this virtual flag pole, and rested against it, knowing that if at any time during the journey ahead, the gremlins start attacking, or I start fading, I can just lean against that flag and know it isn't moving.

When I opened my eyes, I had tears streaming down my cheeks, and when I turned and looked at the young woman next to me, she did too.  Apparently she had her own intense moment, and without saying a word, we just gave each other a big hug of support.  I never saw her again, and I never spoke a word, but the support I felt (and gave) just in a hug was so heartfelt, so authentic, it was a treat.

So, this is the game for me in 2014. Empower U Academy.  Where we teach vital business and personal development skills to other therapists and clinicians so they can help more people, make more money, and have the effect on the world they envisioned when they set their own course.

There's more to catch up on, but luckily, I'm feeling spent.  I'm gonna try to dive into bed before I get an unfortunate second wind!

God night and God bless.

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