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“How To Truly Find The Silver Lining In ANY Situation Life Hurtles At You...”

When you read Bella's Blessings, you'll discover

The three "F's" and why you can rely on them
The power of being vulnerable
That giving in is distinct from giving up
How to ask for help without feeling helpless
You are a blessing to others
How to access the divine at any time
That you always have a choice

CLICK HERE to purchase a copy of the book. If you already have one, Cool!  Buy two more for the two people you KNOW are going to love this story! =D.  Did you know that 50% of the proceeds from your book are going to find a cure for EB?  Cruise over to our PARTNER page to learn more about the organization we have partnered with to help fund the research that will hopefully lead to a cure for EB!

Each month, we donate 50% of the proceeds from Bella's book to our our Proceeds Partner, Pioneering Unique Cures of Kids, or P.U.C.K.

Our vision is that by October 11, 2020, there are various treatment options for children with EB, and that NO CHILD EVER HAS TO DIE FROM EB AGAIN.  We have pledged our lives to this vision, and half of everything we make on this book and any other venture we start will go to realizing that goal.