Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My daughter has 100% POTENTIAL!!

Hi everyone!

Just some quick stories to share before bed:

Bella gets new blisters, and heals old ones.

Mommy and Daddy get better and better at dressing changes.

Nanny (my mom) is helping around the house and we're all still beat at the end of the day!

Ali is regressing on potty training...heard that might happen, but figured it would have happened closer to Bella's birth.

Tonight, we have to start making formula as a backup...sugar is the first ingredient in formula and Bella and Ang have been sugar free since week 2...not sure what effect that will have. Say a prayer that tomorrow, Ang's Doc calls back. There is a prescription Ang can take that will hopefully stimulate more breast milk production.

Ang has a sinus infection. Say a prayer for her immediate healing, please!

Mommy and Daddy got to see Coldplay live on Ang's birthday on Saturday night!

Tim was 22 rows up from seeing David Beckham and Ronaldinho on Sunday at the Galaxy v. AC Milan match!

Now for today's revelation:

I was talking to a friend who was remarking how impressive Sean Stephenson's story is and how nice it was for him to spend 45 minutes on the phone with me. My friend said, "It's amazing; he's this little guy in a wheelchair, but he's so powerful!"

Then, it hit me.

Sean Stephenson's power comes from his mind and his spirit, not his 3'2" frame, though that frame was the catalyst that led to him honing his mind and spirit into the powerful entity that it is today.

And, so, too, may it be with Bella.

All through my adult life, I have been honing my mind and spirit, because I believe that I leave my body behind, but not my consciousness. I figure it's an investment that will pay returns even after I die.

However, I have been relating to Bella like the quality of her life will be determined by her body.

NOT TRUE! I take responsibility for that fact that I made that up on my own. The quality of her life may be informed by her body, but it is not the source. That will come from within. Her source of quality will be her mind and spirit, and THOSE ARE PERFECT IN EVERY WAY AND IMPERVIOUS TO EB! She is free to create her life as powerfully as she chooses, despite what her skin says.

My daughter has 100% POTENTIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many times, I have thought about what Bella can't do, and have missed out on what she CAN DO! After all, Sean served in President Clinton's CABINET!!! Oh the things you will be able to do, sweet Bella! The world is truly your oyster!

Good stuff. Good stuff. God is good. ALL THE TIME.

Your homework today is the following:

SEE just one thing God has blessed you with specifically today. Once you recognize it, post it briefly on the message board for everyone else to read, then, you can come back later and read how God blesses us all with just what we need every day. Just remember, the blessings are already around you, you just need to believe they are in order to see them.

The Following is in reference to the Care Pages Site set up for Anabella:
Oh, and tell two friends to sign up to this page! We have 198 guests! Let's share Bella's story with 2 more to break 200! (who - me - counting?)

Also, for your computer-challenged friends, this site is maintained also at www.careforanabella.com. You can also hear music, link to youtube, and make a donation on that page if you feel moved to. Pass it on to those who you know can't get through the registration screen without getting frustrated or confused! (you know who they are!)

Good night and God bless you all.


  1. 12 Messages from the Care Pages Site:

    Posted 2 hours ago
    by Olivia Swedberg

    It's only 8:00 am and already I can think of too many blessings to list... today we have 65 degree weather in Florida in July, which is a gift that I am taking full advantage of by being outside as much as possible.
    Posted 12 hours ago
    by lauren hicks

    God has blessed me today with reminders that family and good friends help us endure tough times ;)
    Posted 13 hours ago
    by Erica Thomas

    I got blessed today when I got a BIG HUG from one of the girls at VBS (vacation bible school).
    Posted 15 hours ago
    by Treisa Cassens

    I am living the life I always wanted while sharing it with a wonderful and loving husband and a daughter who amazes me every moment of every day.
    Tim enjoy it - she will grow up too soon then the baby time will pass - I miss Zoe as an infant. Good for you!
    Posted 16 hours ago
    by Jennifer Jenkins

    A friend told me to live each day to it's fullest, because who knows what tomorrow may bring. I'm thankful for that friend and the gentle reminder of how precious our lives and time really is.
    Posted 22 hours ago
    by Doug Gleason

    God has blessed me with inspiring people in my life that have encouraged me, directly and indirectly, to pursue what He intends for me.
    Posted 22 hours ago
    by Kristine Gorman

    Happy belated birthday, Ang! The Coldplay concert sounds like the perfect way to celebrate. Bella is just gorgeous and certainly lives up to her name :)
    Posted 23 hours ago
    by Kelli Kelly

    I'm blessed by having a for-pay-job that allows me, for 9 weeks out of the year, to have my DREAM job of being a stay-at-home-mom!
    Posted 23 hours ago
    by Lauren Teger

    God has blessed this day with rain to water the flowers that were sorely in need.
    Posted 24 hours ago
    by Lynne Boschee

    God has blessed us by letting us wake up together, as a family, surrounded by and enveloped in love. We are grateful and in awe, every day. He has blessed us with you, Ang, Ali and Bella, who inspire us every day.
    Posted 1 day ago
    by Robin Setto

    God has blessed us today by having us wake up, with our house over our heads, together. We are truly grateful.
    Posted 1 day ago
    by Trazona Montague

    God has blessed me today, by letting my boyfriend come home from work safely and by waking me up and letting me have a job to go to. I am truly grateful for both.

  2. Today, I'm blessed to have a husband who is a true partner and let's me indulge in all my obsessions without being judgmental or teasing. He's taking care of the family for the next three days so I can go to the nerd fest in San Diego. How lucky am I? VERY!!! Thanks Tim for the homework...now to remember to repeat this lesson every day!

  3. Oh that's easy because my blessing happened 10 minutes ago. I took the train to visit my teacher who is an aerobics instructor. It's a little creepy catching it home late at night, but I wanted to see her and attend her Spin class. When she found out I took the train, she drove me home even though it was completely out of her way and not a short distance. There truly are angels everywhere, what a blessing.

  4. Hi :-)

    I saw your blog posted somewhere and felt compelled to say hello. I also have EB like Anabella(beautiful name by the way!!), I have the more severe form, recessive dystrophic, and wanted you to know, that whatever form she has, she will still have a wonderful life. I'm 29(almost 30!)and despite having EB I've gone to college, finishing my masters in art therapy, I have a job working as an intern, having a really wonderful relationship with a caring man, and an amazing family who has stood by me through everything I wanted to try and accomplish. Meet any child or adult with EB and you will see the strength they have gained, not what they have lost, because of it. Your family seems wonderful, so no doubt your daughter will be a strong individual and will do anything she sets her mind to as she grows up. :-)

    Take Care,