Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 11, 2011: Family...


I love my family.
I love my family.
I love my family.

I watched with a broken heart the last video of Bella tonight.  What a girl.

I watched Ali watch "Cinderella II" with THE most concentrated look while inhaling popcorn on mommy and daddy's bed tonight.  What a girl.

I watched Julian practically climb out of mommy's belly tonight while she lay next to Ali during movie night.  What a boy.

I watched my beautiful wife survive yet another day where she looks ready to pop... with grace, humor, and sweetness, despite her telling me how grumpy she was. What a woman.

Bella watched her daddy provide music therapy and ministry to a family who was about to watch their mom "go under," essentially sedating her until she passes today.  Then, he picked up Ali, took her to swim lessons, played his ukulele at the pool with a Plumeria in his ear that Ali gave him as a gift, then came home, cooked and cleaned for mommy since she wasn't feeling well, then made up lullabies on that same uke about balloons and princesses while Ali fell asleep after singing Julian his song.  What a guy.  (He says so modestly ;))

I love my family
I love being in my family
I love being the daddy of my family
I love being the husband of my family
I am so lucky to have such an amazing family
I am so blessed to have such an amazing family

We are so lucky and blessed to have you
You are an amazing family as well
You have loved us
Prayed for us
Donated to us
Hoped for us
Cried for us
Shared us
Supported us
Cared for us
Thought about us
Talked about us
Blogged about us
Written about us
Driven miles to see us
Worshipped with us
Sent gifts to us
Sent cards to us
Held fundraisers for us
Babysat for us
Held us
Read us
Listened to us
Talked with us
Sustained us

I wish there were words I could use to accurately describe your presence in our life.  You know how you can just "feel" the Holy Spirit's presence?  Whatever name you give it, you know that feeling, like you can't ever be alone, because that presence is inside you, around you, beside you?  When I see that Bella's video has been viewed 450 times in two days, when I read the wonderfully supportive comments day after day after day after day after day after day... since just about Day 1 of Bella's life, I am filled with that same feeling of presence.  The sense of comfort that brings me... like a safety blanket... whenever my day is rough, I can just hit the bookmark on my bookmark bar that reads "Bellablogview" and your comments, your love, your support are a second or two away.  I can't tell you how I rely on that  Thank you.

We are family.

God night.


  1. 450? I watched about 5 of those!! Then I was very sad because I wanted to see imagining how you feel after - tears and more tears.

    Julian is coming, Julian is coming!! Woo hoooo!


  2. I think I've watched this particular video at least 5 times today - my little just turned one, and Bella's sweet babbling, facial expressions, and excited "flapping" are exactly what she does now!
    I've been thinking about your family lots lately - and revisiting all your youtube videos of Bella, along with all the blog posts from the past two years. My heart is so full of so much for your family, and I apologize for not having shown my support lately in blog comments because I just feel as if I don't have sufficient words (and that last sentence feels like such a cop out). And I hope it doesn't "freak you out", but I feel so much overwhelming love for you Ringgolds. I loved your sweet Bella with an intensity that surprised me - but YOU did that, by bearing your soul and sharing her with us instead of hiding her away. Love you, gorgeous people with gorgeous souls. Waiting with excitement for Julian! (is it superficial of me to admit I am just on the edge of my seat waiting to see his first pictures and who he looks like?)
    Do you know of any music therapy programs in the Bay Area? My family has a need, with a close member of my nuclear family in home hospice, who's suffering, both physically and emotionally, I think would be greatly alleviated with music therapy. Im a special ed teacher by profession, and have witnessed first hand just what music can accomplish and provide. The family member in question, my grandmother, lives just outside of San Francisco - I know you have ties with my neck of the woods. ANY info or insight would be greatly appreciated!
    Can I end with a "Lets go, Julian, lets go! *clapclapclap* Lets go Angelique, lets go! *clapclapclap*

  3. Beautiful words...we love your family, too!
    (You know, there is a song on Yo Gabba Gabba about loving your family!)
    I can't believe that Julian is almost heart is so anxious!
    I may have to come home after taking pics at hospital, hack into your blog....And post them!

  4. Aww Tim, you made me cry with your ode to your family. Ahh pregnancy hormones. ;) You do have an amazing family and it will only be more special on Julian's arrival! I feel so privileged to have met you all and can't wait to see photos of Julian.


  5. ::hugs::

    What an amazing family you! I too think I watched Bella about 5 times! So sweet and beautiful and thank you for sharing her with us! Seeing her and reading your blog has given me a new look and appreciation for everything in life! Thank you so many times over!

    I can't wait to see your little bundle of joy and yet I wish there were a million pictures of Bella as well!


  6. You and Ang are such an inspiration and Tim the things you blog are wonderful, it makes us feel as if we are right there talking and feeling the vibes. It was so wonderful to meet your family at Bella's Birthday Bash. We have a feeling of closeness to you, your loving wife Ang, beautiful daughters Ali and Bella ( special angel)and of course Julian when he arrives. Can't wait to see your blog with his pictures. Made us cry when we saw what you wrote about your beautiful wife, daughters and your new son that will be arriving real soon. Family is the greatest blessing in the world, as we are all brothers and sisters. Families are together forever. We feel the spirit thru your blogs and are always waiting to read them, they inspire and uplift us. Thanks for sharing. We Love Your Family and the work that you put forth to make things go so well. You are such caring and loving people.
    You are always in our thoughts and prayers.

    All Our Love;

    Myrna & Dwight ( CA )

  7. I think you are an inspiration to many of us blog family members. Your entire family is. Enjoy the weekend, take a nap! Will pray for you, Ang, Ali and Julian to be kept safe and healthy. Bella's photo is precious. Holly

  8. Hi Tim: We all love your family too. Give that beautiful wife a big hug for me. I can't wait until you post the first pictures of Julian. I know how anxious you guys are getting, we are in the same boat, but what a great boat to be in.
    Take care my friend and thanks for always saying just the right thing to make me feel better. Love and Peace Leah's Nana (and soon to be Nana to EB free Tabitha)

    p.s. As usual, love the picture of beautiful Bella!!!

  9. Great sentiment to your family...and you are all so blessed to have each other!! We watched the video of Bella multiple times and my son, Salvatore, kept asking me questions about her. Plenty more prayers and well wishes coming your way.

  10. What a beautiful family it is. This I think is one of my all time favorite posts.

    Thinking of you all as Julian will soon be here. My gift is on hold now that Noah has the same fever as Clara and I dont want to pass that along too.

    Sending my love to all, kisses for Ali and belly rubs for Julian.

    Denise WI

  11. Glad to be with you walking with you, on your road, so very glad to be pacing step by step through thick and thin. Wandering together with good souls...

    Love that girl Bella. Love that girl Ali. Love that boy Julian.

    Love those parents Ang and Tim.

    Life is good,

    Fondly, always,


  12. Tim,

    I've been thinking of your family a lot lately, especially when listening to a song by Marc Cohn called, "Things We've Handed Down." I'll bet you know of it, or a different version. Here's a link to a youtube video (the video isn't the best but the song is the same version from the CD).

    The lyrics are: "don't know why you chose us, were you watching from above?, Is there someone there who knows us, said we'd give you all our love..."

    It's a beautiful song for anyone expecting a baby, but I think the lyrics are so perfect for you and Angelique. I think Julian will come to this world with more knowledge and love than most of us acquire in a lifetime.

    As always, thank you for sharing your love with all of us. What a privilege to be a small part of your world!

    Karen Steiner
    Denver, CO