Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 15, 2011: Running... Down...



Running too fast.

Need to slow down.

Cutting back to 3 days a week to care for Julian part time when momma goes back to work next month.

Can't wait.

Family First.

Been playing 'catch-up' with my business.

Don't EVER wanna play catch-up with my family.

Business can wait.

Regarding music therapy...

Many hospitals (including the one I currently work at...) in the U.S. fund music therapy directly without reimbursement from insurance.  Many hospitals also utilize volunteer musicians to come play.  Not the same thing, but a great start. There is plenty of room for melody in any hospital, and frankly there are more musician volunteers than music therapists.  They help meet the needs of the community.  The music therapy can't meet the needs of the community by ourselves; there are less than 10,000 of us nationwide.  I just wish the volunteer programs would at least consult with music therapists as to the possible contraindications of using music in such a fragile setting.  That can't be mandated, it can only be offered, and it's up to the volunteer programs to accept.  There's room for us all, though.

The difference between the two?

Musicians entertain.  They perform for patients, and the attention is on the performer/performance.

Music therapists treat medical conditions in patients using music as their treatment tool/modality.  They work/play with patients, and the attention is on the patient.

Same medium, different context.

Need sleep now.

God night!


  1. Love the picture! of course pink Ukelele for Ali so cute!.
    And beautiful Bella,she looks so peaceful and comfy in this picture LOVE YOU SWEET ANGEL.
    Maria McGovern

  2. Just watched the special on 20/20 on Gabby Gifford and they emphasized the use of music and songs to re - introduce language. I thought of you. I know it's not the same but I thought of the power of music/language used with music.

    Yes, family first always. We definitely put the needs of our child before money earned by working more. Kim

  3. There was a special on ABC Monday night about Gabrielle Giffords' recovery, and a large part of it showed how music therapy helped her regain communication and even helped her walk again. Did you happen to watch it? So inspiring! Definitely getting the word out. :-) What you and people like you do is invaluable.

  4. Tim,

    Winter storms hit us hard last night. I was awake thinking of everything and nothing last night. My girls were scared - these storms are loud - and so we had a bit of a family camp up in the master bedroom. I could see both my daughters sprawled safely around - and it did make me stop and think of the pain of your losing Bella that must intensify so many times during a single day. Being reminded of her must filter from many trivial and not so trivial sources each and every day.

    And that is exhausting.

    I hope you and the family are taking time and regrouping and just being.

    All your internet friends love you dearly, and we so appreciate your part in our lives. Take stock, regroup, just chill.

    Fondly, always, from my storm-ravaged rooftop,