Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ripples in the Pond...

Ripples in the Pond...

...more on that later.

First the bad this time...

Bella's head...well...let's just say she is now doing her best Kareem Abdul Jabaar impersonation (see photo gallery). The blisters were coming so fast and so many on her head we had to wrap her head to try to help keep it under control. Now, she is roasting due to covered limbs and a bandaged head. She has three wounds on her face: one under the left eye which is healing well, one over the right eye which is healing well, and a new giant wound across the bridge of her nose down onto her left cheek which, though it looks huge and MUST be painful, it is clean and responding well to aquaphor. We are now adding colloidal silver to her feeds to boost cellular recovery and aid the immune system. She will receive colloidal silver for only 7 days, then off. It isn't intended for long term use. We are also using Mepilex Ag (foam pad infused with silver) again on the left foot as it has just been such a mess for so long...not to mention I have a stockpile of Ag in the garage and very little straight mepilex. Mepilex works the best on elbows, so we are using it up on elbows. Hands continue to look clean and blister free.

okay okay, now onto the good.

Ready for The Ultimate Dose of Providence? Check this out...

Sunday morning, it was my turn to do the offertory at church. What that means is I go up in front of the congregation and say something about giving. Then, music plays as they pass the plate for contributions. I like doing the offertory, because I get the chance to preach a little! I have been on the schedule doing this maybe once a quarter for maybe two years, and the congregation always gives me really nice compliments for whatever it is God happens to say through me, as if I am the source. I always thank them graciously, but I am just a conduit - a transformer. It's not from me, it's through me. Simple as that.

Anyway, there I was, up in front with a wonderful plan. I led the congregation through a guided imagery/visualization experience. Oh heck, I'll lead you through it, too. However, you can't actually do it since you would have to close your eyes...and then you wouldn't be able to read on! So, here it is (approximately)...

"I want you to close your eyes. Close 'em! Remember, I can see every one of you, and I can see if your eyes are open so, close 'em! Picture you are 8 years old again. Just a boy or a girl. You are standing on the edge of a pond. It is summer, and it is early evening. The crickets are cricketing, and the bullfrogs have just started doin' their thing. You look out over the pond. The sky above is waning, and the water is still and looks like a sheet of glass. You look down and see a large pebble, and you just can't resist. Being the 8 year old that you are, you pick up that pebble and lob it into the center of the pond. It makes a piercing splash, darting through the evening peace and serenity. You see the splash, and you are happy. Then, you begin to notice the ripples in the pond's surface that the pebble caused.

Now I ask you: does the pebble know the blade of grass growing at the edge of the far side of the pond that its wave just fed? Does it know the baby dear that will eat and be nourished by the blade of grass? Or how about the little child who will gaze upon that dear in awe in a different field on a different day? You just threw that pebble because it was fun.

Now I tell you: You have no idea how far your gifts reach. YOU have NO idea how far your gifts reach."

Then I broke into an abbreviated, a cappella version of a song I wrote called "Ripples in the Pond" I sang,

"Sometimes you never know
How far the ripples go
When you throw yourself into the pond called life.
Sometimes you never know
How far the ripples go
But you throw yourself back in again and again
With a smile

But Jesus what you need to know is who you are for us
For we are now the cause of the ripples in the pond
Who knows where or when we first threw ourselves in
But we all know what's true is that we're still splashing
Because of you

Sometimes you never know
How far the ripples go
When you throw yourself into the pond called life.
Sometimes you never know
How far the ripples go
But you throw yourself back in again and again
With a smile"

THAT SAME MORNING... a church in a nearby city, a minister was giving her sermon. She was a visiting minister to the church. The details were delivered to Ang's mom at a car club meeting in a third different city Sunday night. A club member mentioned to Carolyn that the minister was telling the story of a little girl who was recently born with a rare skin disease, and of her parents and their faith, and this woman realized that this minister was indeed speaking of Carolyn's grandchild! The woman merely said the minister's name was Karen...

...could it be Rev. Karen Reddick? Our old choir director and friend? Although Karen left our congregation a few months ago, she has followed Bella's story on this very site. So, while I was preaching, "You have no idea how far your gifts reach," Karen was preaching about us.

We are all connected, my friends. Our thoughts, our feelings, OUR PRAYERS, our actions. They resonate throughout this world in ways we barely understand. But make no mistake, we cause the ripples in the pond every day.

What ripples are you making?


  1. From Care Pages:

    Posted Aug 19, 2009 9:58pm
    by Albert Alva

    Teaching jazz to kids of all ages is keeping waves constantly splashing. I rarely have time to examine how far the ripples are going. However, I feel inside, that it is my calling to keep them alive.
    Posted Aug 19, 2009 8:34pm
    by Robin Setto

    Tim, Angelique, Ali and Bella,
    Wow wonderful dose of Providence. You are helping others with your blog each day even while you are in the middle of such a test! You are amazing in keeping your strength and focus!
    Our intense prayers continue...
    Robin and Michael Setto
    Posted Aug 19, 2009 6:38pm
    by Chelsea Davis

    Thanks, Tim! You guys are always encouraging in the midst of everything. Throwing some prayers up for you right now!

    Posted Aug 19, 2009 1:18pm
    by Bernadette Slavin

    Hi my loves, I absolutely agree our ripples reach far and wide. I am so lucky to know you and send my love and prayers to each of you. You are doing a wonderful job with your family and everyone you touch in life. With love, Bernadette
    Posted Aug 19, 2009 12:05pm
    by Russ Baldwin


    Your postings are ripples in the pond. Making us reflect on our own faith and our relationship with Jesus. Getting to pray for Anabella and your family, and growing in our faith. Two for one.
    Russ & Jen
    Posted Aug 19, 2009 10:17am
    by Steve Williams

    Posted Aug 19, 2009 3:28am
    by Peter Smith

    Hey Tim, remember Peter, Sam and Sophie from Hbr Christian? I've been following your page here since the beginning, didn't want to add to your overflowing mailbag... but this post made me write. Not quite a ripple in the same sense maybe, but my cousin's daughter here in the UK created a Facebook page a few weeks ago for her upcoming effort in the Adidas Women's Challenge in London, which is a fundraising run for... EB. As she says, she's "the girl who doesn't run for the bus..." so that she should happen to pick this cause is another of those weird "coincidences" I guess!

  2. More from Care Pages:
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    Posted Aug 22, 2009 3:43pm
    by wendy burkhard

    So incredibly beautiful, Tim.