Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 10: The Return to Disneyland!

A view of Peter's Canyon Park in my neighborhood...


Well, it was bittersweet, but we made a long overdue jaunt over to Disneyland this evening to treat Ali to some princess time! Donned in her Belle ball gown, we set out, for the first time without Bella, and the first time without a stroller of any kind.

Once again, it was so... easy.

Nonetheless, we managed to have a little fun while we were there. Ali certainly did. Ang and I had a hard time. Bella's absence was tough. I actually said out loud at one point, "I MISS YOU BELLA!"

We also made a well needed trip over to the chapel to prepare for Sunday. It's gonna be so beautiful, I can't even begin to tell you. The memorial in MN was pretty tough to top, and I don't want anyone to think of it in that way; we want the two memorials to be unique each in their own way. I think we're going to accomplish that on Sunday. I am really proud of the work we are doing, and all the amazing help we are receiving. It has been such a blessing.

Driving home after dropping off Ali at daycare...

Tomorrow is a pretty big day. I am going to a two day intensive mastermind seminar in L.A. and will be meeting Sir Richard Branson and Paula Abdul, among others. Tomorrow night Angelique joins me as we have VIP tickets to Sir Richard's annual charity ball for his Virgin Unite Foundation. We are extremely grateful to my good friend Joe Polish for allowing me/us to attend both events. Joe has been a close friend for years and has become a self made millionaire, and now spends his time teaching others to be successful but always doing more than you get paid for, and always donating to others. Joe is committed to helping me realize my vision of making EB a curable disease, so over the next two maybe three days, I'll be meeting quite a few enlightened entrepreneurs, some of which already know me and my story, many who don't. Please say a prayer that I meet and create relationships with the right people that can make big contributions to finding a cure!

Another shot of our neighborhood...

I have to get to bed, but I wanted to respond real quickly to the commenter about prayer and heaven. I appreciated what theartfulgardner said about the continuum on existence. I feel the same way. However, I can't speak for my client as to why she continues to pray, but I can say that for me, I tend to agree with you on the fact that I don't pray for Bella the same way I did. In truth, I was really always praying for her body, and that's no longer relevant. I do say prayers of gratitude, sometimes more than others, and in that respect, I am still praying for Bella. I am thanking God for Bella, and her presence in our lives. I pray that she continues to make a difference in death as she did in life. I am grateful to keep her memory alive through this blog, and through sharing my story wherever I go.

I am grateful.

I am in pain, MAN, am I in pain, but I am still grateful.

God night!


  1. I miss you too Bella!

    Laura (Philippines)

  2. What a beautiful picture of Bella!!!!
    How nice to see Ali smiling and happy.
    Good luck with your seminar and the charity ball. I'm sure you will meet the right people to help you. And have fun!!!
    Your "hacienda" is in a beautiful area.

  3. Good luck, hope you get to meet the "right" people. No one could spread the message in a better way than you can.

    It's strange how I can miss a little person that I've never met. But I do. I miss your little Bella!!!

    Alexandra in Australia

  4. I chuckled a bit when you used "mastermind" and "Paula Abdul" in the same sentence:) I hope they help you get the word out!

  5. Hi Tim and Family..this is only my 2nd comment..I come to Bella's blog to help with my healing...I lost my father to cancer in August, and reading this blog helps me with my grief..I feel so alone most days as I struggle with coping, what you write helps me get through it..please don't ever stop writing...I send you and your family all the best from here in Nova Scotia..

  6. Love that picture of Bella... sweet Angel.

  7. Hey Ringgolds,

    What a beautiful picture of Bella I miss her so much too!!!

    Thinking of you all everyday and good luck with the seminar.

    Through Bella and you Tim and our Father a cure for EB will be found in the name of Jesus Amen!!!!

  8. I have been following your blog for about a month and I did not realize that we would be faced with some hard times.
    Please see our sons blog to see a little more about Hunter.
    Yesterday when you put in your blog let is shine.
    I balled as I am now because of what we are facing he is only 9 months.
    The Isaacson's

  9. Nicole and I decided at the Choc walk we would kidnap Ali and take her to Disneyland together. We have passes..we should all meet there soon.
    Looking forward to Sunday..trying to narrrow everything in my heart to 2 minutes..

  10. Beautiful pictures of Bella and Ali!

    I am still amazed daily at how Bella is changing the world and helping me. Last night at dinner 7 of us VZW ladies talked about a way we can honor Bella and make a difference.

    Wishing you the very best on making the needed connections over the next 2 days. Sending you all continued prayers for comfort.

    Tina in NJ

  11. Thanks for the replies to my question. I suppose I still have the same opinion, and that is I don't need to pray for anyone who is already in heaven. I think heaven is so perfect that no one will need protection and they are in the perfect state of existence with God. It wouldn't be heaven if it were any different.
    But, like you, Tim, I DO pray to God in gratitude and thank Him for allowing those I love (or even those I don't personally know but who have impacted my life in some way) who are in heaven to have touched my life in a wonderful way.
    Thanks again.

  12. Good morning, Ringgolds...

    What lovely pics of your 2 girls! Ali is as enchanting as the place you were visiting. And Bella, sweet Bella, is absolutely...bella! I'm sure that was a tough journey to make, as will be all the other "firsts" that you guys experience without Bella. Thank goodness we have hearts that can hold memories and hope along with pain and emptiness.

    Wishing you well as you seek to make connections these next past few days. What a wonderful way to honor Bella and her life.

    Blessings to you all.

    A friend in NC

  13. Ooops...not enough coffee in me yet. Take out the word "past" from the sentence with "next few days".


  14. I really like seeing the photos of Bella. Wonderful family evening at Disneyland!
    Good luck in your fundraising. I think you will use your talents and your passion/dedication to make a huge difference.
    Kim in CA

  15. Sorry to hear Disney Land was bitter sweet. I can only imagine. I think Bella was there enjoying with you guys. Enjoying watching Ali have so much fun. As you know, she is EVERYWHERE.
    I too pray for her differently now. I find myself "talking" to her more than praying for her physical body liek I used to. I like this though.
    Probably one of my favorite pics of Bella that have been posted on the blog yet. She is gorgeous!
    Love you guys,
    The Vanderbooms

  16. Sweet, sweet Bella...

    Good luck, Tim, have a nice tinme tomorrow!


  17. Still thinking of you guys always. I know Bella's service will be beautiful.


  18. Precious precious Bella! Love all these pics you're posting of her - since I didn't start following the blog until she was well into transplant, I haven't seen as much of her "before BMT."

    So glad Ali had some Disney time!! She's a beautiful princess and it looks like she had a grand day. I know it must have felt empty without Bella - am so sorry for that.

    Continuing to pray for all of you!

    Laura (for Team A)

  19. Ok...I just left Joanie's house...and WOW..Ali has grown soooo much! I've been talking to Joanie every now and again and she's been asking to see Christian; so today, we stopped by to play for an hour :) Looks like Christian will be back 1-2 days a week over there! (He's climbing the walls @ home and a couple hours of preschool isn't cutting it for him)
    I miss Bella too. Like Sara said, we have passes and I think it would be so awesome for us all to go together. Disneyland has a new found meaning for me- CHOC: Team BELLA walked there. Walking down Main Street aches my heart and at the same time, puts THE biggest smile on my face.
    Hope your day is going beautifully. I took the rest of the day off, so I too can try to narrow my heart & feelings into 2min!! Let's just say I've taken over the yellow-lined notepad last night & today!

    in our thoughts & prayers ALWAYS,
    nicole b & family

  20. Oh sweet beautiful I miss you so.

    I have so much to say but I dont think I will be getting those thoughts out tonight. My mind and finger tips are not communicating and the typos are flying. I did want to check in though since I didnt comment yesterday. I started to comment this morning but the "tone" of my comment was negative...but trying to be positive. My emotions are being stirred by a little boy, AJ, who needs just brings the pain I still feel for Bella very close to the I worry for him. We went to Build a Bear to get AJ a puppy to snuggle when he has his surgery next week. I love going there and getting an animal and taking it to "Claras hospital". We did it last year at Christmas for the University hospital and there was nothing like building 5 bears and dropping them off for the kiddos that had to spend Christmas in the hospital.

    I have so much more to tell you...but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I hope everything went well/goes well with making connections. It only takes one right connection to make a difference. You are the one that can do it. The perfect man for this "job".

    Ok my typing skills are driving me nuts so off to bed.

    As always sending all of you my love and sweet, sweet kisses to Ali.

    Denise WI

  21. oh dear we all miss you so. I"ve been really busy with work, even my kids may not know who I am anymore... but bills are bills..I wish it were easier...
    I"m constantly thinking of you guys here in wisconsin...where great cheese is made.
    and I know of a blog I read of where a mommy lost her 7 year old son...and really could use some prayers.