Friday, November 5, 2010

November 4: El Paso, TX to Phoenix, AZ


This is gonna be brief:

We got into Phoenix today! Nice to be back here in the fall. Beautiful.

Wow. Just woke up... it's morning! Sorry to those of you that logged on and there was nothing new! Everything is just fine. We stayed up late last night with our dear friend Lynne (remember red lake house?) and I just fell asleep.

Harmless drive from El Paso to here, though it's a little brown. ;)


Today is the Phoenix Gathering at 5pm. Children are welcome. It is being held at the:

Franciscan Renewal Center
5802 E. Lincoln Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85253

We'll be at the poolside patio behind the main church and hall. Don't worry, the pool is fenced off. Please bring a potluck dish or beverage. We can't wait to see you!

God morning!


  1. heaveno!

    glad to know you are finally resting instead of posting ;-) praying for you, ang, and ali today. may sweet bella's love comfort you and surround all of y'all there tonight!

    god bless y'all
    w-s, nc

  2. Good morning to you all as well! Enjoy your gathering this afternoon.

    St. Peter, MN

  3. Hope you connect with lots of people today.
    You're almost home!
    I'd love to deliver a dinner when you get home. Let me know when..
    Love from home.

  4. I was relieved (ok there was a tiny bit of alarm too) this morning to see no post as I was hoping it meant that you were taking care of yourself sleeping and possibly all night without waking.

    I hope your gathering goes well.

    Love, Jeni (Madrid)

  5. It's not a complain but ....what a shock that there was nothing to read at 9 am England time!
    So glad it was because you were having a nice time with friends and fell asleep. Great!!! After all that driving!
    Enjoy the gathering today. You are so close to home.

  6. Hey Tim, Ang, and Ali!

    I also was a little bit worried when I saw no post first thing when I logged in this morning - but I figured (and am extremely glad) that you all got some rest! I hope that the gathering tonight goes well. I wish I could be in PHX to see you all again and celebrate your sweet little girl who has changed so many lives.

    Kim in Durham, NC

  7. Wonderful! Glad you guys got some rest! I hope you have a wonderful time at your gathering tonight. You are almost home and so many of us are so excited to see you guys!
    Love you,
    The Vanderbooms
    P.S. I second what Sara said...we woudl love to bring you guys dinner one night soon... or we can go somewhere. It has been so long since our dinner dates! Travel safely :)

  8. I can tell how wonderful and necessary it is for you three to be together, on the open road, traveling, praying, talking, enjoying, and connecting with people who love you all very much. Looking forward to formally meeting you all when you arrive here in California.
    Shalimar, David, Salvatore, and Valentina

  9. Thinking and praying for my fav & fab 4, today and always!
    With ALL our love,
    Nicole b & fam

  10. Hope you all had a blessed time this evening, connecting and re-connecting with friends. Glad you took some time to rest as well!

    With affection,

    A friend in NC

  11. I just learned of Elle's passing.

    I am crushed, I am mad. I HATE EB. I'm not supposed to hate EB. I am so, so angry right now.

    Your precious Bella, and sweet baby Elle, so sad. Yes, we've all learned numerous things through Bella and the EB/BMT journey. I came back here to reread some of your posts to help me keep perspective.

    Thank you so much for giving all you have; to have shared such personal trials. Please know I have learned from you just as much as from the sweet babes.

  12. There has to be a way to beat this disease. Puck. I hope your encouragement has helped PUCK grow.

  13. I agree with anonymous, I'm finding myself running over here to read the uplifting words you had to say because I am so angry and sad!