Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 14: The California Memorial


Hi everyone. Well, it is over. The month long run of memorials and gatherings has ended...

for now. :-)

Something tells me that Gad isn't through with us just yet, and that much more will be revealed.

First off, I want to thank my in-law family for working their butts off today to make the reception so great. It was AWESOME. It took a lot of time and effort to cater for 200 and still be a part of the service, but they did it with grace.

I also want to thank Wayne Jones for transcribing practically from scratch the solo piano piece that Bella and I listened to HUNDREDS of times over the past 17 months. He and his wife Amy produce A LOT of CDs for the Lifescapes brand (that's that kiosk in the middle of Target). When he found out how much we listened to that piece, Twilight Echo, his company gave me two CASES of it to give away during all the memorials and gatherings. Please take a second and bounce over to he and his wife's latest undertaking by just clicking on his name above.

Thanks to all who came in attendance physically and over the internet. The video is up at to watch. The sound sometimes gets crazy but that's what you get for live internet TV.

Thanks to our amazing guest speakers.

Thank you all who offered up energy, prayers, thoughts, wishes, and overall positive vibes.

I think the service did Bella justice.

It was a beautiful day, and a beautiful location, filled with beautiful people mourning the loss and celebrating the life of one beautiful little girl. I am just so honored to be Bella's daddy, and I know Angelique feels the same way about being her mommy. What a gift.

There is no way that it is supposed to go. There is just the way it goes. Set a course, listen for feedback from the winds, change course if necessary, but never think that you can control the winds, or that there should be any wind at all. The more that you can simply BE with what is, the more peace, serenity, and power you will have in the face of whatever it is you are dealing with.

This is "the practice."

God night.


  1. It was a beautiful memorial and I was honored to be there :). It was the most amazing celebration of life. I am a friend of Sara's and a follower of your blog. It was on my heart from parent to parent to be there to show you how much I admire Bella and all of you. Bella's ripples are definitely affecting me and how I think about my own life, my children and everything. Thank you for sharing your family's journey and Bella's legacy with everyone.
    Chino Hills, CA

  2. Tim, Ang, and Ali,

    I am so grateful that I was able to make it to the memorial today and finally meet ya'll in person. The moment I walked thru those doors into the chapel, I felt Bellas spirit and I started to cry. I think I cried the ENTIRE time. The service was BEAUTIFUL! At least what I was able of it. My rugrats were the ones making all the noise in the back so I had to end up walking out. That was a bummer but it gave me a chance to wall around the foyer and look at all the gorgeous pictures of Bella and all the great butterflies on the ribbons. I cried when I saw that one of my posts to Bella was printed on a beautiful purple butterfly and was hanging on the ribbon. I felt good to know that you actually read my comments and knew who I was when I talked to you. That made my day. Thank you. You definitely have a way of making people feel special.

    Thank you for that wonderful CD. It was very relaxing. I opened it right up and listened to it on the way home. I needed some peace and that was great.

    The pictures from today were great. Hopefully you'll post more. The picture of Bella tonight is great too. Man, I love that girl!

    Lots of Love,
    Amber, Craig, Malorie(2 1/2), Liam(10mos.)
    The McLaughlin Family
    Moreno Valley, CA

  3. Just to let you know that I am still thinking of you all. Praying that your transition into your (new) "normal" life goes well. I love the photos of Bella at the end of each post - she was such an amazingly pretty little girl. God bless!

  4. Thank you so much for allowing me to attend Bella's celebration this afternoon via the webcast. I appreciate the time, effort, and forethought it took to include your online community. It was absolutely PERFECT! My wonderful husband even occupied our two young boys(without me asking)for two solid hours so I could be fully present, as he knows how deeply my life has been impacted by Bella's life and by your journey as a family. I am so very grateful that you have chosen to share your precious little girl with the world! What a gift indeed!

    Be well, sweet family!

    Elk Grove, CA

  5. Not there in person but with you in my heart!

    Alexandra in Australia

  6. Watched the live stream - it was a beautiful memorial!

    Tina in NJ

  7. Beautiful memorial! Thank you for sharing. I loved the music and slide show and all the heart felt testimonials. I'm glad that I stayed up past midnight (my time) to participate in the live broadcast. Keep the memories and pictures of Bella coming. Lots of love, Laura
    Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

  8. Dear Ones - The memorial for precious Bella was so moving. I, too, was so happy to be able to watch from the middle of the country. Peace and contentment to you in the days ahead. Love, Terri

  9. Tim and Angie,

    Very moving and touching service. Thanking you for inviting us to come. The word that comes to mind for us is courage. You all carry such courage and strength. Your children are so loved and deeply cared for-their every need. Your compassion, passion, and self-less love is truly admirable and a model for us all. I do not know of any parents as steadfastly loving. Your children are so blessed to you have. Not all children born with needs would be so fortunate to be loved as well as Bella. If I was born with EB, my mother would not have shared such self-less love (my birth mother abandoned me, and I was born healthy). There truly is that ripple affect.. . bringing meaning and purpose and God's glory to all . . .
    We will continue to pray for you on this journey ahead. We really took a lot from both of your eloquent words. God's gifted you both with such wisdom, charisma, passion, and heart.
    God bless,
    Tiffany and Joe Modica

  10. Yet another beautiful service for Bella. We watched from Canada again it it was just perfect in everyway. You all did an amazing job and Bella is so proud of you all.
    Love from Canada

  11. Heaveno, Ringgolds!

    Was praying specifically for the service to go well - am glad that God provided you with another great celebration of Bella's life.

    Will pray for all of you in the coming days - praise God that He will not leave you, and that He has a plan for each of you. I am excited to see what God has in store for the Ringgolds (like maybe another trip to TX?) :)

    Laura (for Team A)

  12. I haven't commented for a while, but I still read your posts every day.

    It looks like yesterday's was another wonderful celebration of Bella's life. I'm glad it all went well.

    Angela Ulrich
    Dublin, Ohio

  13. Tim & Ang (and Ali, too!)...

    What a beautiful celebration of Anabella's life we all witnessed yesterday! Bella was such a special little girl and, as was stated many, many times throughout the celebration, on a very special mission. I have been blessed multiple times by Bella's strength throughout her entire life and how you have handled her flying home to Jesus.

    I LOVED how Bella's lullaby from the Twilight series was played at the beginning of the service. How perfect! I am so happy that the composer of the CD has been so nice to you. I can only imagine how much you will treasure the hand written copy of this beautiful music piece! The slide show of Bella and her many different faces was priceless! Loved it, too! are a rock! I am amazed at the strength you have displayed time and time again. Your words about Bella were beyond beautiful. I can just see how much you loved your sweet Anabella and how much you enjoyed being her mother! are a wonderful speaker! Your words (both written and spoken!) have touched my life and inspired me to reevaluate my Faith. Last night, I went to bed quietly singing Bella's song and woke up singing Ripples in the Pond. Both have been so inspiring to me. Thank you for sharing your musical works with me (and the world!)!

    I am praying that the upcoming days, weeks, months, and years bring the Ringgold family great blessings, peace, love, and joy! I am also excited to see what God has in store for you all. Bella's not done sharing her story and inspiring the world...I can just feel it.

    I also wanted to share how Tim's words on the blog have helped me heal. Bella's MN memorial, although it was gorgeous and a beautiful celebration of her life, was very *sad* for me. Anabella's CA memorial was a completely different story! I was able to laugh, cry a little, and just be happy for having the privilege of knowing Bella! Sorry, I didn't want to make this about me and my feelings, but I thought you may want to know how Bella is still inspiring me.

    Thanks, as always for allowing me to know all 4 of you!

    Megan from WV

  14. i just watched the memorial service. sooo beautiful. i continue to be inspired by your family and your blog. i think it made me realize that we should all strive for more understanding with our own families. I am blesses to have a husband of 32 years, 3 wonderful children along with 2 son-in-laws. and two precious grandbabies with another on the way. Please continue to inspire and also keep praying for baby Tripp.

    shirlyn from la

  15. Dear Ringgolds,

    I will never look at a butterfly the same way again. I will never dream a dream, or meditate a pleasant while as I did before yesterday afternoon in the chapel.

    Another thing for sure, my mantra of these past months will continue into the future, but with a little twist for you and your family...

    "Hmmm...there is balm in Gilead, to heal the heart sick soul,
    There is a balm, in Gilead,
    to fill the heart with joy!"


    Brian Barr

  16. I must have rehearsed a dozen times! Emotions got the best of me and I was trying to read my paper through a pond of tears...I'm sorry if you couldn't understand me :)
    Thank you again for letting me speak on behalf of her friends @ Joanie's- I am so honored.
    Thinking and praying for you all!
    Nicole B