Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 11, 2011: Inspiration Begets Inspiration


This is how inspiration works.

Mommy, daddy, Ali, and Julian watch CNN's Heroes of 2011 on the television.

We watch inspirational stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Our hearts swell upon hearing story after story.

I say to Ang, "You know, it's been a privilege being Bella's parents because in some small way, we've been heroes to parents, spouses, and people that have written to tell us what a difference we've made."

She responds, "I like to think that Bella is the real hero."

Right as always, but it's okay to acknowledge our roles as "supporting actors," I say.

Then, as I look at the picture in the living room of Ali hugging Bella, I turn to Ali and I say, "I know of one other hero who donated her bone marrow to her little sister."

To which Ali responds - out of the blue, "I want to sell my art to the world to raise money."

"Who do you want to raise money for?" I ask.

"Bella's doctors."

So, as I give her a bath, she and I start to brainstorm different ways to share her art with the world.  Among many of the ideas, a vlog (video blog) emerges where she'll draw a picture - like Bob Ross, baby - and while we're brushing teeth, she decides she wants to do her first episode tonight.  So, with, um, no planning, I give you episode 1 of Ali's Art World...

Life is good.  Stay tuned for more inspiration.  Here's a seed.  When you find yourself inspired, do something inspiring.  There's no better time to do so.

God night.

last but not least, one of my all time favorite pics of Bella and me...


  1. I think she's brilliant. I envision seasonal note cards, packs of 6 . .holidays, birthdays...cute colored Ali quote inside.
    I will be her manager. Then...we can team up and write that book for siblings of kids with EB!

  2. I LOVED this post. I loved listening to your daughter "think" out loud as she created her art work. I hope she raises lots of money for her sisters doctors!


  3. Where do I sign up for art lessons with Ali?. She is so talented!Hey Ali I'm coming over on wednesday I want to buy the picture!
    Maria McGovern

  4. Yay for Ali - that child is truly amazing!

    I agree with Sara - note cards are a great idea! I'd definitely buy some. It would be a great way to 1)raise money for Bella's doctors, and 2) give the people who buy/use them a great opportunity to spread the word about EB and PUCK.

    Continuing to pray for your sweet family!

    Love from TX,
    Laura (for Team A)

  5. Loved it Ali!!! You are really great!!!! I am looking forward for Episode 2!
    Sandra (Portugal)

  6. Oh, my, sweet family...

    That is one precocious little girl you have! I was chuckling all through her "lesson". What advanced thoughts and vocabulary for such a young one. My favorite line was the one about doing her art "to pleasure you". I actually went back to make sure I heard her correctly. What a delight and joy! As always, thank you for sharing your family with us!

    Still here and reading...

    A friend in NC

  7. Ali you are very, very talented and extremely intelligent! I am also an artist and would love to have a copy of your first video piece to put on my frig. Please let me know how much you are selling them for...and thank you for giving 'pleasure' to me! Also I think you might want to ask daddy to set up your own blog...I think you will be getting very busy and have many followers old and young with lots of posts to read. I love the elf, teddy bears and especially how the conveyor belt is behind the elf...awesome perspective! Merry Christma Ali!
    Donna in NJ

  8. Your family is inspiring!

  9. O yea...don't forget to sign and date all you artwork! It's fun to go back and remember what you did when you were younger and plus we all want to make sure we have original Ali Ringgolds! :) keep drawing!

  10. She is awesome!

  11. Loved every second of it Ali. I'm looking forward to more Episodes!

    Amanda <3
    Hobart, Australia.