Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 4, 2011: The Holiday Spirit is Alive...


LIFE is good.

Did you know that?

The tree is up, the lights are dazzling, the ornaments are dancing, the Holiday music channel on cable is on almost all the time.

Life is GOOD.

Ang had to remind me that we weren't even HERE last Christmas; we were up in Colorado visiting my mom and my sister and her family visiting from Spain.

I forgot completely.

Talk about the fog of grief.

I remember more and more as I really concentrate, and even still, only segments come back at a time.  The first time she told me we were there, I was able to recall only one or two images.  Now, as I write this, much more comes flooding back.

Sometimes, I wonder at how I was able to function, travel on airplanes, speak at conferences, etc... then I remember that I got lost and couldn't figure out what hotel I was staying at and found myself wandering the streets of Cleveland last November.  That was then,

This is now!

There is fun in our home.

Little Julian giggles, smiles, and beams at just about anyone who will engage him.  Ali is an ever-blossoming pixie.  She delights in playing with her little brother, furiously creating her art (tonight she was working on a dress), cooking with mommy, and tonight she led daddy in call and response hymns in bed that she was improvising on the spot.

Life IS good.

Enjoy the pics.

God night.


  1. Yes I agree "life is Good". Thanks for reminding me of that during this busy time of the year...

  2. So happy for you my friends. Much love.

  3. So glad you are able to find some joy this holiday season.

  4. Loving the pictures guys =) I'm so glad you get to be home for this magical time of year!

    Amanda <3
    Hobart, Australia.