Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 29, 2011: Tales From Multiple Fronts!


Well, it's the last post of 2011.  Does that mean something?  I dunno.  I do know a couple of things.  We were busy beavers in 2011.  Even more so, we were BLESSED beavers in 2011.  God is good.  All the time.  He has been so good to us this year.  We work hard and play hard and God has given us so much to be joyful for along the way.  HE has given us YOU!  In this ADD over-stimulated world of technology and information, we're all still together... convening a couple times a week to share... life.

Fellowship... internet style!  I almost said virtual style, but it's not virtual, it's actual!

Life on the PUCK front is hectic right now.  Our inaugural charity luncheon in Orange County, CA is less than 2 weeks away!  SO many moving parts to coordinate.  IF you are reading this and you are planning on coming but have not registered online (click on Wings of Hope in the side bar)...

... PLEASE do so this weekend!  Next week we have to send in a final head count and let's just say we're not where we hoped to be at this point with registrations.  We've had twice the number of RSVPs, but we need those RSVPs to convert into registrations so we can have an accurate food count for the restaurant.

There are still seats available if you are local and would like to come.  Dr. Wagner is flying in just to speak at our event and then get on a plane and go back to MN that same day.  How cool is that of him?

And, if he is in town, 2011 CNN Top 10 Hero Chef Bruno Serato will be dropping by to say hi to us!
Should be inspirational and yummy!  5 star, 3 course lunch to boot!  Alright, alright... enough plugging.

On the music therapy front, I said goodbye for the last time to 3 of my patients today.

That's a tough day at the office.  I'm glad I am only working 2 days a week.  The first patient was intubated and sedated and on the same meds Bella was on... Fentanyl and Midazolam.  They were taking her off life support today.  She is 45.  My second patient I used to see in the infusion center.  She is going home to hospice.  She is 50.  Cancer does not care how old you are.  It's got me a little freaked out frankly, because there is A LOT of history of morbidity due to cancer in my immediate family tree.  Grandpa, dad, aunt, and uncle.

A really sweet moment occurred when I walked out of the first patient's room in the midst of a flashback after seeing the medicines and ET tube.  The social worker on that unit just happened to be walking by as I was walking out.  I told her what was going on.  She didn't know Bella was in the PICU for 3 months.  She just gave me a hug and basically said she couldn't believe how I could even walk into a hospital again much less do what I do with the Palliative Care Team.  I just feel like it is where God is calling me to be.  He has been molding me into this position for years.  Still, it is no easy walk, but it is where God wants me.  THAT I can tell.

On the home front, we had a Team Bella planning meeting last night, and Sara was tickling Julian better than I ever have.  Enjoy the video!

God night.


  1. Sure wish I could come to the luncheon, but being on the other side of the country, it isn't very doable. So happy for your family. It really has been quite a year for us too. Being blessed with an EB free baby is soooooo wonderful. Holding Tabby is a joy and helps heal the hole in my heart a little bit.
    Hoping your family has a very Happy Healthy New Year. God Bless. Love and Peace Leah and Tabby's Nana

  2. Oh baby giggles!! Too much for me!! I'm working on
    My next act ;) thanks for sharing him with me!

  3. Baby giggles are simply the best! Wishing you all a 2012 filled with lots of giggles and overflowing with abundant blessings.

    Be well, sweet family...

    A friend in NC