Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15, 2011: Blue!


Behold, Julian Clayton Ringgold

Due date:  August 25, 2011.

Ultrasound report:  Normal results at this stage.

Amniocentesis results:  2-4 weeks to be conservative.

Somebody buy me some pee pee tee pees! LOL.  How do keep that thing from blinding you during diaper changes?

God night!


  1. So exciting!!!! Congratulations!

    And as a mom of 2 little boys, throw a wipe over him when you take his diaper off!

  2. Congratulations....I'm elated!!!! August 25th is my Dad's person....hands down....one of the most kind hearted, sincere person I have ever met. Julian....wow...what an awesome name! Sooo super happy for you all...my fav & fab 5....I can't wait to me Julian!!!!!!!!

    xo always & forever,

  3. oops...typo...I meant: My Dad's birthday!!!


  4. Yaaaaaay!
    Raising a good boy? Nothing like it in the world...
    Congrats and love..
    What did Ali say???

  5. Yay! :D I *adore* having a little boy, so happy for you guys!

    And to answer your question - you move REALLY fast. ;)



  6. Congrats!!! So excited for you guys! I loved the ultrasound pictures! What does Ali think about having a baby brother?



    Sandra Coelho

  8. Congratulations ... I'm happy for you guys.

    The first images of Julian are beautiful ... it has the same nose of Ali

    All the best to your family, you guys deserve.

    Kisses with love
    Sandra Afonso - Portugal

  9. TOLD you it was a boy, see leave it up to the baby nurse/ L&D nurse to know whats what, now prediction number 2, baby is going to be EB free, CONGRATS on baby boy. Continued prayers for you, ang, and the babies.

    Lisa from
    Houston TX

  10. Love the name, Tim! I had a feeling it would be a boy :) Continued prayers for your whole family!


  11. YAY!!!! Congrats!

    Be blessed


  12. Congratulations! LOVE his name!

  13. Awww. Yay! As a mom of three boys (and one girl) I can tell you boys are a LOT of fun!! Congrats

  14. Congratulations Tim & Ang! I love that you named him immediately upon finding out he was indeed a "he"!
    Kim M
    Waterford, MI

  15. LOVE the name. Welcome to the land of Little Boys. They are so much fun!!!

  16. Whooo hooo! A boy, I had a feeling too :) As a mom of 2 boys, I can tell you that boys are easy! Congrats to all!! Julian picked the perfect family.... love how his ultrasound broadcasted BOY~ there was no mistaking that picture :)

    Best wishes...
    Redding, CT

  17. Congratulations, Ringgolds!

    Praying for a healthy Julian Clayton. He is a very blessed baby, indeed.

    I love sonogram pictures. How can you not believe in God and miracles when you see that baby so "fearfully and wonderfully made" as he's developing inside his mother?

    Thanks for sharing the good news!

    A friend in NC

  18. Congratulation!!!

    LOVE the name.

    Praying for the very best now and always.

  19. Hurray!!! Congratulations!!
    Lovelly ultrasound pictures. And it´s a boy, alright! :D

    Very best,
    Carla, from Portugal


  20. Congratulations! Love the name Julian!

  21. YAY!! Can't wait to meet Julian in person! His pictures are too cute!

    ...and for what it's worth, my trick on diapering is to put the clean one up underneath him before you take the dirty one off. Then you can move quickly and get the clean one on before getting sprayed! Also, have a burp cloth ready for quick covering!! :)

    Praying for Julian to be healthy and arrive safely.

    Love from TX,
    Laura (and Team A)

  22. What a beautiful name for a boy sure to be extraordinary in every way, just like the rest of his family! Many, many blessings to all of you...happy planning! {{HUGS!}}

  23. Congratulations on your little man...so happy for all of you!
    Yes, I agree with Laura...I always had the clean diaper ready to go and moved quickly! You get used to it...I had my Allie first and then had to get used to changing a boy...lots of F-U-N!!

    Love, Donna

  24. how wonderful...oh, night time showers are fun..lol

  25. heaveno!
    thanks for the pictures! can't wait to meet julian! i would love to know what ali said when she found out she was going to have a brother!
    god bless y'all!
    w-s, nc

  26. Congratulations to you all!! He is adorable already!!! =)


    Sarah in Colorado

  27. I'm so happy for you guys and cannot WAIT to "meet" Julian!!!

  28. Congratulations! What wonderful news. I will continue to hold you all in prayer as you wait for the amnio results.

  29. Get ready for a whole lot of spraying pee (not just in diapers)! Love boys, but despise pee around the toilet for potty training... who am I kidding, it happens in adulthood too. HAAAAAAAA! :)

    So happy for you! Oh, and when he struts around the house in a tiara and high heels, don't worry. Instead, get it on video and use it on his prom night!

  30. How exciting!! LOve the name!!!!!!

  31. Awesome! It looks like he is praying!! I love his name. I love the Ringgolds. Congratulations.

  32. Congratulations!! I think of your family often, Julian is a lucky boy to be born a Ringgold :)


  33. Hello,
    I am an old friend that has always been a 'lurker'. Many times I have wanted to comment, but I just always held back. I have followed your journey since I saw a tv show about sam sheridan. Many prayers said for you guys. and more to come. Reading your blog is more inspiring for me that going to church my whole life. You guys are ministers to everyone that reads your story. I love you guys and I have never met you. Our Christianity unites us but your blog has been a blessing to me.
    Kathy Jo Stuva
    Springfield, Illinois

  34. Ringgolds,

    Congrats! I knew it was a boy! It was very strange last night.... I found myself checking in every few minutes, hitting refresh to see if there was an update. I hadn't done that since Bella was in the hospital. It felt as if things had come full circle, waiting to see what little piece of heaven was coming your way!

    Of course, I believe it's all part of His plan, but welcoming a little boy may be a little kinder to your souls. I just wonder if another blond-haired blue-eyed girl would have taken the wind out of your sails. Not that Julian will be a replacement for Bella, but a baby girl might have been a constant reminder of Bella. I'm sure you'll see some of your daughters' traits and habits in Julian, regardless, but hopefully it won't be as bittersweet this way.

    And by the way, I think boys are awesome! I've been a nanny for 12 years to 4 boys and 1 girl. Boys can be just as sweet, without all the drama. There's nothing better than a lapful of snuggly warm boy and a good book to read.

    You'll master the diaper thing pretty quickly, but it's the aiming thing that is such a mystery to us girls. Plan on buying lots of Clorox wipes two years from now! The toilet will be a hazmat site and the floor will be worse. Enjoy every minute of it! :)

    Karen Steiner
    Denver, CO

  35. Congratulations Ringgold family. Prayers and blessings abound!

    Corona, CA

  36. I'm so excited for you all! A baby boy! I just had a feeling! We miss you too! Hope Ang is feeling better today! Thanks for the beautiful pictures, a miracle baby!


  37. CONGRATS! Boys are way fun! My two boys(7 and 2) are way more laid back and different that my one 3 year old girl. My mom calls it "the second child syndrome" meaning I being a second child basically broke the mold on children and did everything different, but my boys are chill laid back and just wired so differently that my diva. And I love the name. Its beautiful and older sounding(which I love) but something you don't hear alot of, which I also like, seeing as my boys are Jace and Jax.

  38. and the whole diaper pee pee tee pee thing? My boys only seemed to do that for daddy, who fumbled more with diaper changes. I got the diaper ready, put the front part of the diaper(the clean one) right over that spot and eased it backwards, so no shower for mommy. its all in the timing...lol

  39. Congratulations! So exciting. I love the name Julian. He will be a wonderful addition to a wonderful family...

  40. Congratulations! Julian has picked a wonderful family to join on Earth!

  41. Congrats!!! Really happy for your family!

    Re: the Peepee Teepees--- they didn't really work, we'd just throw a clean cloth diaper/burp cloth over him....and change him really fast. My poor little one once peed in his own face....definite Mommy-fail! I learned from mistakes!

  42. That is SO exciting!!! Congratulations you guys! I agree, pee pee tee pees = worthless! Little boys pee as soon as they feel the cold air! When TNT was little, he peed INTO his mouth because he had it wide open crying. Haha! You learn to change fast! Boys are so fun! We're expecting a girl in July and I'm petrified! More than when I found out we were expecting a boy! :) <3

  43. Wonderful news! Boys are the best!! Congratulations!!

  44. Congrats on the baby boy. I'm glad Ali gets to be a big sister, again. As for the other, you learn to dodge real fast. lol