Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7, 2011: Twas the night before Idol...


Yup.  I'm in.  I got my audition wristband and ticket today in nearby San Diego.  It's about a 90 minute drive to Petco Park where the San Diego Padres play baseball.  That is one of the seven cities auditions for Season 11 of American Idol are being held in.  I am 10 years over the limit, but I want to share Bella's story and her song, and I want to thank Ryan Seacrest, because our text to donate campaign was inspired by Idol Gives Back.  In order to audition, first you have to register.  To register, you show up and show your I.D. and if you are of age (15-28) you get a wristband.  Then, you have to come back on audition day, but there is no guarantee that you will even get an audition.  Not everyone who gets a wristband auditions, and those who do, are auditioned 4 at a time in front of producers, NOT J. Lo, Randy, and Steven.  Once they whittle 40,000 (or however many show up) down to about 100 for that location, then those 100 go before the judges.

My goal is to talk to the producers tomorrow and tell them my story, sing a little of Bella's song, and persuade them to let me go through to the judges round.  Today, I persuaded them to let me audition despite my age, and they said, "Okay, but you know you can't win, right?"

In addition, I plan to share Bella's story to lots of kids and their parents, and have them text to donate and maybe even share our story with their friends as well!

Pretty crazy, right?

I figured, I'd only regret it if I didn't try.  So, I tried today, and I got in.  Tomorrow?  Who knows, but it should prove to be a fun experience regardless.

Gotta get to bed.

P.S.  Thanks so much for the supportive comments.  They mean a lot, and they made us feel loved.  You guys rock.

God night.


  1. No. Freakin. Way.


    Please tell me you are wearing fabulous socks!
    So exciting!

  2. Wow! How did you not tell me about this! Good luck!

  3. Very VERY VERRRRY Cool Tim!!! Keeping fingers crossed.

  4. Wow, Tim! How cool is that! If anybody can pull this off, you can. I had always thought Bella would be the rock star on tour, but I suppose you'll do as a 2nd choice :) Seriously, this is a great idea and you have a human interest story that just might get you some TV time. So rock on, Bella's dad, rock on! And I agree with Sara, you MUST wear fabulous socks. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

    A friend in NC

  5. Good Luck, i hope you get through!!

    Long Island

  6. I do not watch that show, I find it annoying at best. If you get on I would watch! No Lie!

    I pray God uses you, uses this show to raise awareness.

    Be blessed


  7. What a GREAT idea! I hope you get the chance to share Bella's story with America :D

  8. How fun! I went to an audition with a friend once - I can't sing but she sure could. ;) She didn't make it past the producers. It was quite an experience though and we had fun. I hope they let you through to share Bella's story! Break a leg!


  9. Tim- you're AWESOME! Good luck today!

  10. Too funny, great idea you're the best! - Bee

  11. This is so amazing!! Break a leg!


  12. You are amazing. Bella is smiling!

    I found the perfect gift for Julian...I cant wait to send it your way. :)

    Sending my love to all, sweet kisses for Ali and belly rubs for Julian.

    Denise WI

  13. That is a great idea! Enjoy every second!

  14. I am so in awe of you and your amazing ideas!! I hope this went well for you and hope to see you on the next idol season!


    Mobile, AL

  15. Praying that you get in Tim! :) This is sooo EXCITING! I hope hope hope that you are able to share your story for the cameras! Imagine ALL those MILLIONS of people seeing that on Idol! WOW! Gives me the goosebumps to even think about! :)

    Shaddai Hernandez

  16. Sooo inventive, you continue to amaze us all. This is such a great idea to get Bella's story out there to the masses. I can't wait!!!! Sending prayers and love~you're gonna ROCK!!!!! I know Bella is smiling ear to ear...Your such an awesome Father and role model for all of us parents. Thanks Tim!!!

    The Davidson's

  17.!!!! Rock it Tim!


  18. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go DOG!

    Tina in NJ

  19. You must have a great job to get all this time off and work on your blog everyday, and travel.

    Good Luck w/ you American Idol Dream

  20. Good luck! I don't know where you get such good ideas and the energy to do it!
    Always praying for you,

  21. No- YOU rock!!!! That is the coolest ever! Bella would be proud! I can't wait to hear what happens! Even if it doesn't...that is awesome!

  22. Oh this is AWESOME, Tim! If they can let Mr. Pants on the Ground in, surely these people can find room in their hearts to hear Bella's Story (which is FAR better, I assure you!)

    Sorry for not commenting in a while - was out of town! Love to Ang - please tell her we're praying for her and for Julian's safe arrival! Love and hugs to sweet Ali, too - what an amazing girl. And love and hugs to you, too - thank you for being so open with us and for keeping Bella's memory alive.

    Can't wait to hear more about the Idol experience!!

    Love from TX,
    Laura (for Team A)