Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 23, 2011: Julian's Second Day...


I never covered the fact that I'd post last night (even though it was a Monday) because I figured y'all didn't wanna be left hangin' till tonight!  LOL.  So, last night was a bonus and here we are at Tuesday again.  I'm not quite sure if I'll post daily for a while as things are moving and will move with great speed for our family over the next 30 days without break.  I already remarked to Ang tonight, "How did I ever post daily?"  I am genuinely at a loss for how I pulled that off for so long, ESPECIALLY given the amount of intense pressure and stress we were under.  I suppose it was as cathartic for me as it was informational and inspirational for you.  Anyway, I really should be sleeping right now because he is, but I feel obligated to keep you posted, so I'll keep the text short on the day, but the photos a' plenty.  Fair enough? :-)

Also, THANK YOU for allllll your wonderful comments last night and today.  We feel your love and support, and it is extraordinary to receive such love from so many from near and far.  We feel honored to receive your prayers, wishes, intentions, concerns, thoughts, vibes, energy, emotion.  They are yours to give, and in this overstimulated world, the fact that you point them our way humbles us.

Okay, so Julian had a busy day at the pump today. ;-)  He fed something like 15 or 16 times from midnight to 5 pm tonight.  All night, all day, he fed.  Needless to say, we went on two nights without much in the way of sleep.  No biggie; we expected as much.

Good news, though!  Looks like Ang will get to discharge a day early!  We are REALLY excited about this since Thursday is Ali's first day of kindergarten, and is our original discharge date.  Well, as I have always said, Ang is a machine of strength and grace, and is dressed in PJs, unhooked from everything, eating solid foods, walking to the bathroom, and even walked a lap around the entire unit today!


Julian's doc saw us this morning and said he's clear to go when she is, and Ang's doc saw us this afternoon and said she's cleared to leave tomorrow evening if she wants to!  We are most likely outta here.  I asked her what would the pros and cons be to staying, specifically the pros, and we really couldn't think of one.  Know a lot of moms who deliver via c-section on Monday that go home Wednesday?  Me neither!

Alright.  One last story:  I was remarking to grandma this morning how Julian was up all night after sleeping all day to which Ali chimed in without so much as a thought, "That's because he's nocturnal."  I think she's ready for kindergarten, don't you? ;-)  (All around proud papa tonight!)

Enjoy the pics from today.  Bella's is at the bottom.

God night.


  1. We are so happy for you all!! Congrats to your lovely family...for everything! Ali, you will enjoy Kinder but not half as much as they will enjoy you!
    Ang, you are so beautiful and lovely and I am so proud of all that you went through and am thrilled to hear how well you are feeling now.
    Tim, thank you so much for keeping us posted and for the great pictures of everyone.
    Salvatore, Valentina and I prayed for the "new baby Julian" tonight and we always say one for Bella too!

  2. Life got crazy and I just got back to check in on your family! I am so happy for you all!
    What fun it is to enjoy the great things that God has in store for you.
    What a big baby! Wow! What a pleasure to get a big strong baby! I got a big monster baby after my preemie and boy it is a different experience.

    I am so happy that you got to have sweet moments of recognition with Julian.

    I am sniffing from the tears that fell as I read about your sweet adventure and grinning from ear to ear.

    God has a plan and yes, you deserve it.

    Congrats big sis Ali and Mom and Dad!
    Welcome Julian!

  3. Congratulations Ringgolds! Julian is just perfect and so beautiful! All of you look great and we are happy to read that everyone is well. Thank you for posting all these beautiful pictures and updates. I think it is great that Ang was able to experience her water breaking and a little bit of the labor - not good that she was in pain, but this time she got the whole package (all 9 lbs, 2 oz of it!!!). We can really empathize with you about the all day, all night feedings...those big babies eat a lot! Good luck to Ali tomorrow -we know she will love school. Marissa speaks about her quite often. We look forward to the day we can hold Julian...he looks so soft and sweet...what a miraculous blessing. All five of you are in our thoughts and we love you. The McGuires

  4. Love the photos. Love, love that you are starting over with Bella's photos.


  5. My immediate thoughts....

    Ang is one amazing lady!! That is one trooper of a mama. Is she running a 5K next week too? LOL I bet she could if she decided that she wanted to!

    Ali is hysterical besides being smart as the dickens~ nocturnal??!!! That HAS to go into Julian's baby book!

    Julian is outgrow his 0-3 month clothes in two weeks! He is the sweetest looking baby I have seen in a while!! :)

    Bella photo is so right. I like that started them over :) I wasn't aware of your blog when she was born, so I get to see all these wonderful photos of her now.

    Thank you for letting us share this magical time with you!

    Love you guys!


  6. Very glad that Ang is getting better so quickly! It's no fun to stay in the hospital.

    Ali looks like a very gentle big sis, and clever too!

    And Julian looks very much like his dad on one of the photos. Are you as hungry as he is? ;)

    Best wishes to all of you!


  7. Thanks for the update and the beautiful pictures. Give Ang my best and tell her good work. She really is something else. Ali looks like she will be a terrific big sister again.
    Take care sweet family and enjoy your new blessing. Love and Peace Leah's nana

  8. Woo hoo! Nothing like being home....and what a blessing for Ang to be home to see Ali off to Kinder....speaking of school. I am reminded of the little chat Ali and I had at Bella's memorial.....when Ali informed me ..."when I'm in kindergarten, I'm going to ask *a lot* of questions"....hope her teacher is ready! What a light she Will be in her classroom.

    Soooo happy for Julian to be home....selfishly, because maybe I really want to hold him! I used my self control Monday...but am praying for my 5 minutes ;) ....or 10....or whatever I can get.

    If dinner service needs to be changed to tomorrow instead of Thursday, let me know!

    My heart smiles for you guys....We love you!

  9. And.. I forgot...last night while having dinner with friends, I was showing pics and telling how blessed I felt to have been there, Jack said. " who Are you talking about"...and when I said "Ali's baby is here"....he said, " a brother, right? . ..and is he ok?"...when I said yes, Julian got quite the smile out of my 8 year old.

  10. Congratulations!!!!!!! What a lovely suprise after being away for 2 months!!
    Hes so cute!

  11. Tim & Ang,
    Congratulations on a beautiful boy, born on a beautiful day! It will be easy to remember his special day, as he's now a "Birthday Buddy" with our sweet Caroline (who turned 6 on 8/22)!! We share your joy and know that Bella is beaming wide upstairs. Blessings and joy to all of you,

    The Provost Family
    Palatine, IL

  12. So so so so so so happy for ALL of you! Julian is precious... all 3 of your children are precious! Ok ok, your entire family is fantastic! I adore reading your blog and thank you for being so honest, and so open about every experience. Enjoy these first moments with your sweet baby boy! As a Kindergarten teacher, I hope Ali rocks Kindergarten all year long! :)

  13. Yay for another post! Love that baby! Ang you are awesome! Well, we all knew that! ;)

    Good luck your first days at home! Thinking of you!