Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 7, 2011: The Shower!


First off, sorry for the somber post Thursday.  I can't write in G major all the time.  There are going to be posts in the key of E minor every now and then, and that's just where I was after the news.  Thanks for understanding, and for the supportive comments.

Moving onward...

Yesterday was Ang's baby shower!  Her best friend and Matron of Honor, Jennifer Thomas, hosted the affair.  She insisted; since this would be our first boy!  Hey, okay!  We definitely won't say no to gifts! LOL.  We have been blessed with the sheer volume of gifts for Julian, from car seat hand-me-downs to strollers to bassinet hand-me-downs, to boxes of baby clothes hand me downs, to all the gifts we got yesterday... THANK YOU, EVERYONE that has contributed something to us!  We really appreciate your kindness and generosity!  I like to equate each gift with love, so thanks for the love!  It feels good to be loved.

I would show you the photograph of the amazing two-tiered diaper cake our friend from Team Bella, Lara Seto made for us!  It is glistening on our dining room table, and I took a great photo of it, but sadly, my camera has begun to bite the dust!  The jack for the cable to upload the pics to my computer no longer works!  I've switched cables, but to no avail.  There is also a really cute picture of Ali impersonating her mommy on the camera, and I just can't seem to liberate it!

Ang got lots of clothes for Julian, lots of diapers, some cute gifts (Ali did well with some gifts, too!), and a great fold-up bathtub!  We are in a condo, so ANYTHING fold up is king around here!

The nest is almost fully feathered.  We are waiting on a couple of items we ordered online, and we have a big trip to Baby's R' Us next weekend for the final plundering.  The bassinet is in place, car seats are ready.  I have to pick up the swing from our storage this week (gotta remember to do that).  We're getting there, though.  Only TWO WEEKS from tomorrow!  Crazy.  What an upside down world it's gonna be in two weeks!  Can't say I'm ready for it, but I figure we'll be able to roll with it.  The fact that Ali starts kindergarten the day we will most likely be released from the hospital... Ali starting school on the same day means DOUBLE transition!  We will all have to be on our A games to absorb the massive change coming right for us!  I think we'll make it.  We've been through some pretty intense... "stuff" over the past 2 years.  I think we've earned our stripes!

Alright, much to still do to prepare for tomorrow.  God bless you.

God night.


  1. Somber posts in the key of E minor are fine by me.

    Hey if you need camera help please feel free to email me at
    I am pretty good at freeing lost pics off of cranky cameras!

    Sending you lots of lovely prayers to help you guys prep for baby J as well as kindy for Ali!!


  2. I can not believe he is two weeks away! I'm so excited for you all, and for Ali to start school! Wow, you will be busy! How nice to get a shower, Ang deserves it!

  3. SO sad to have missed the shower :(
    But, I did pick up one more thing for Julian while on vacation ;)
    See you soon! Still awaiting my instructions....did I get a backstage pass????

  4. Two weeks, wow! And kindergarten! You will be busy but I am sure it will go well. I can't wait to see photos of Julian, and Ali's first day at kinder. :)


  5. I had a very vivid dream last night. I was at an EB fundraiser concert/event and yours and Ang's work offices were nearby. I saw Ang leave a building, (yes, very pregnant)and run to another. At that point I was wagering Julian was on his way. Most didn't think so because it was "two weeks early" regarding his due date. No sooner did Ang run into your building you flew out the door announcing (screaming)"It's time, it's time" and making funny comments. That is all I remember. It was very cute. You were hilarious and Ang was moving very quickly, but was very calm. quiet and together.

    Here's to an uneventful remaining pregnancy/delivery! Thinking of you!