Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 28, 2011: Life with Julian...


Life is good.

Julian is sweet.

He eats.

He sleeps.

He poops.

He pees.

He cries.

He has gas.

Ali loves him to pieces.

Nanny is in town helping.

Ang is recovering like a champ.

I return to work tomorrow not as tired as I feared.

Pictures tell the story best, so enjoy.

Life is good.

God night.

And your daily dose of Bella... well it's a family shot...


  1. You deserve that nice life. Beautiful family.
    Sorry about Arsenal...

  2. Look at that beautiful family! And you all have gone Spanish, one beautiful girl in flamenco and your national Spanish team jersey, makes my husband proud. LOL

  3. Love the Julian sleeping ones at the end, that says it all- *bliss* . Ali's flamenco dancer photo is a favorite! Thanks for sharing all the pics!

  4. Aww that is sweet. Good to hear. Much Love!

  5. Wow! We go on vacation last week and come home and everyone gets super sick and I miss a ton!!!!

    Congrats to you and your entire family for such a beautiful little blessing! He is just perfect! For being such a big baby he sure looks tiny! My 9 pounder looked like a toddler on his birth-day but he had several inches on the J-man as well lol!

    Thank you for starting over the pics of Bella. Your beautiful girl makes me smile!

    I hope Ali has a wonderful second day of school and can't wait for the next post!

    Much love and prayers to you all

  6. What a sweet SWEET family! Tim I was wondering if I could pick your brain on ukulele's? I want to get one for my husband for Christmas, but I know nothing about them. He has guitars, and he's talented with pretty much any instrument he picks up. I really think he'd enjoy one, I just don't know the first place to start. If you get a chance, you know in all your free time (HAHA), can you e-mail me?

  7. Gorgeous baby Julian!!! He is so beautiful. It's so nice to see your family with such beautiful smiles. Enjoy him-he's very, very handsome. Congratulations!!

  8. Precious baby, precious Ali, precious Bella ... precious family! So glad Julian's doing well and that Ang is recovering nicely.

    LOVE Ali's costume!!

    Praying that you all have a peaceful week!!
    Love from TX,
    Laura (for Team A)

  9. Love all the pictures! He's a beautiful baby!!! I'm sure you're enjoying every minute of new baby craziness and you certainly deserve it! Anna :)

  10. These pictures are adorable. Love the one of Ali in the Flamenco outfit, her holding her new doll, and those of Angie, you have such a beautiful wife ! And oh my the last picture of Julian, what a doll !
    Much love to everyone

  11. I hope you won't find this an insensitive question but I found myself in an akward and heart breaking situation this afternoon and your situation immidiately came to mind. I thought you might be able to provide a bit of insight and advice (in all your free time, I know...). My daughters' dance class began a couple of weeks ago and there is a new little girl in the class who's mother is obviously pregnant. We've talked quite a bit and she is super nice. Today her pregnancy came up and one thing led to another and she disclosed that she actually lost a baby boy last October. Her son's 1st birthday would be in two weeks and is only 4 days different than my little boy. As a matter of fact, I had just been discussing 1st birthday plans for my son. I obviously had no way of knowing what her situation was and she was so super sweet but I just feel terrible. It really hit close to home as well because our little boys are so close in age. I left realizing how little we truly are in control of our lives even when we think we're super organized and have everything figured out. I mean we could just as easily be in opposite positions. There was nothing in her actions that caused the death of her baby and nothing in my actions that leaves me here preparing to celebrate my baby's first birthday. My heart just aches for her and I feel compelled to in someway reach out or do something for her as both of our sons birthdays approach. I have absolutely no idea what would be appropriate. I did think I would give her a copy of the poem you posted a month or so ago especially because her due date is October 26 and her baby passed away last October 30. If you have any thoughts at all, I would really appreciate them. I know this is an extremely busy time for you and so I don't want to take away from your time with your family at all. Just if there has been anything friends have done for you or anything you wish someone had done or any advice in general you could provide for something I could do for her, I would truly appreciate it (my e-mail is Thank you in advance for your consideration! I hope you are enjoying that sweet baby! Anna

  12. Hey Ringgolds! I have tears of joy streaming down my face as I am here catching up on your posts! I love your family dearly and am so happy julians arrival went so well!
    Angela O