Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16, 2011: Ho Hum...


LOL, I just woke up from sleeping on the floor in Ali's room for like the third night in a row!  I play classical guitar for her to fall asleep to, but the past couple of nights, I play MYSELF to sleep!  I sit on one of her miniature chairs which is really uncomfortable, and inevitably my leg or butt falls asleep or my back hurts, so I lay down to stretch it out and BOOM.  I'm out.

Actually, I kind of like it.  I get to sneak in a couple of extra zzz's and Ali falls asleep and stays asleep with me in the room.  However, nighttime tasks like doing the dishes or blogging get thrown under the bus a little!

Really, there isn't too much to report around here since the big day on Tuesday.  Ali and I spend our afternoons in the pool sometimes meeting new friends, sometimes by ourselves.  Then, we come back to dinner ready for us by mommy, and we all spend the rest of the evening together.  Tonight, we had our last flyer night at Beach Pit BBQ in Old Towne Orange.  Grandma and Grandpa were there again with their neighbors.  Sara had to get to-go since Jack busted his elbow this week!  Say a prayer for both Jack and Sara that his arm heals fast and that she gets the energy and support needed to help a 7 year old boy deal with a cast for half the summer!

Okay, back to dreamland for me... I can hear it calling me back, "Tim, where did you go?  We miss you! Come back!"

Okay, okay, I'm coming! ;-)

God night.

P.S.  As you know how important Bella's pictures are to me; I figured out something AMAZING with my iPhoto program the other night!  I had been skipping over TONS of pictures inadvertently (I won't get into the details... sleep still beckons) so there are a bunch more pics to share of Ali and Bella!  I am so excited about this... Here is a medley I have NO MEMORY of taking!


  1. Just wondering, are your photos saved to a website or flashdrive? My computer crashed and Best Buy Geek Squad accidentally deleted 5 years of photos when they were fixing it! I had fortunately saved them all to an external hard drive (a "Passport" which holds 100,000 photos). It would be beyond devastating to lose all your pics.

  2. Love seeing pictures of your girls and will never tire of doing so!

    Have a great weekend, sweet family!

    A friend in NC

  3. Thanks for the prayers....we've successfully had a bath, and more importantly, figured out how to continue Lego-ing ;). We will get through the next 3-4 weeks creatively!
    BBQ was delicious!
    Oh..and jacks 8.5...not 7....just on case he reads your blog and is offended ;)

  4. You don't remember taking those pictures because I took them :)

  5. Ha Ha, Angelique. That's funny!

  6. Hey Ringgolds...thinking of you all always. Hope that you are all doing fine and feeling well! I have been checking your blog from my phone lately, and it is impossible to comment from there. But, tonight I got back on the computer and had to say a quick "Hello!"