Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20, 2011: Chug Chug Chug...


Hi gang.  Not much new to report over here.  Feeling squeezed.  I can feel the ball dropping.  Such a crummy feeling.  Seriously considering canceling my trip tomorrow to AZ.  Wish I could clone myself.  Feeling grumpy that I can't (clone myself).

This too shall pass.  Not soon enough.

God night.


  1. Tim,

    Just off to bed myself. Saw you'd posted. Keep on keeping on, my friend. You have the strength of a majorly large army.

    Fondly, to you and your girls and your boy,


  2. So drop the ball! Or don't. But either way, it's ok. You need to make sure you do what is in your best interests.... a few moments to stop and breath may be more important than your to do list. It isn't a sprint and you don't have to win every race! :) Be well...

  3. I'm sure that you just need to rest. You are exhausted.Easy to say than to do it.
    What a beautiful picture of Bella....

  4. Tim, take a break. You're no good to anyone if you run yourself into exhaustion and a nervous breakdown. It's okay to put the ball down for a second, the world will continue to spin - I promise. Take a day off, rest, sit around and stare at your family while they go about their everyday stuff. Marvel at your beautiful wife as she's preparing lunch, watch your children grow... do... nothing.. soak it up. Recoup and come back, pick the ball up and get juggling again - but for now, take a mini vacation. You're too important to the world to end up worn out. Much love to you and your family xxx Trine from http://alittlelessalone.blogspot.com

  5. Just keep swimming...just keep swimming.
    Thinking of you...

  6. Try and get some rest. He is a cutie

  7. Take a day to yourself, to regroup, recharge and refresh yourself. Love your family time, hug them and realize why we are in the rat race everyday. for our family, without them nothing is worth having. Sleep well and sleep in. Holly in ND

  8. Hope you are all OK, Ringoolds....

    I have just checked the archive here, and my first ever comment to you was on the 21st of September last year, the day the fabulous Miss B raised her triumphant fist and was seen sporting flip-flop socks.

    So many millions of gallons of water have passed under the proverbial bridge since then. I am the richer for each and every drop...

    Much love always, fondly always,