Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 6, 2011: Two weeks of Julian!


Well, two weeks of the J-Man!  Ang took him to his two week check-up this morning.  She enjoyed getting out of the house, and being able to reach the steering wheel again now that Julian is in the back seat and not in her lap!  He weighed in at an even 9 oz, just two oz off his birth weight.  He has been growing steadily, and doing well.  He really is so peaceful.  When I hold him, time disappears.  Ali continues to be completely smitten.  It is so cute to watch.  Tonight, I put Julian in her bed, and she started laughing she was so happy.  It is so nice to watch her recapture her role as big sister.

Life is good here, and I need to sleep.  Thank you for your continued support and presence in our lives.

God night.


  1. Good morning, sweet family...

    I imagine that Ali isn't the only one smitten with Baby J. He is beautiful, uh, I mean handsome! Just wondering what Lucy thinks of the newest member of the family? I'm so delighted to "hear" the joy in your voice. God is good. All the time.

    A friend in NC

  2. It's great that Julian is growing and doing well. I imagine Ang was really happy to get out of the house, those 4 walls can start to close in real fast, especially if you are like Ang that is always on the go and so active. So glad all are doing good. Julian is really handsome and you can just see the beam on Ali's face for her new brother and being the big sister. Lots of help. What a wonderful family you have and the love you show. God Bless.

    All Our Love;

    Myrna & Dwight ( CA )

  3. Love the diapers busitng out of the container. You forget how many diapers you go through in a day! Glad you are all doing well. Think of you often!

    Tracy Stuewe
    St. Peter, MN

  4. Sweetness! He is so adorable and Ali looks like she is enjoying being a big sister. LOL at the diaper pail, been there! :)


  5. Beautiful, sweet and precious - all three of them!

    ...the diaper pail, not so much. But I have been there! :)

    Love to all the Ringgolds from the Team in TX!

  6. Julian looks just like daddy :)

    The last pic was of Bella right? Sweet faces all around, good night sweet dreams. We're right behind you in March with a new one to keep us up all night and overflow diaper pails, can't wait :)

  7. So so so glad you are all doing well! I love the picture of the exploding diaper pail. I was also always amazed at how tightly I could wrap those newborn diapers up! Julian is just so lovely! He totally looks like big sis Bella. Same cute shaped head and sweet little mouth and lovely eyes. Lots of love to you all.

  8. Man, the two of you make the most beautiful babies!! So good to see you all so happy! You definitely deserve it!

    Be well sweet family!!

    Elk Grove, CA

  9. Kathy Jo Stuva, Springfield, IllinoisSeptember 8, 2011 at 10:02 PM

    Its a good thing that you are good-looking, Tim, cause this precious boy looks JUST LIKE YOU!!
    Congratulations and Best Wishes!