Monday, September 26, 2011

September 25, 2011: Even quicker...


Sorry I didn't post on Thursday, and sorry this is so brief.  I did travel to Phoenix, and we had a small reunion of friends over on Thursday night, and we stayed up really really late playing live music and playing in the pool.  It felt good to play.

Tonight, I just walked in the door from seeing my favorite band, Dream Theater, play for I think the 9th time since my first show in 1993.  So unbelievably inspirational... amazing.

Julian has been growing like crazy.  The thrush persists.  Boo, thrush!

Momma and Ali are also doing well.  Thanks again to grandma for staying over while I traveled.

Alright.  Gotta jet.  Just fell asleep with my head in my hands!

God night.


  1. If all is failing with the Thrush, talk to the doctor about Gentian Violet. It is over the counter. My first had horrible thrush and it only took twice of *painting* it her mouth and on me and it was gone. We had tried Nystatin and it hadn't worked. It is an old remedy and it really worked well and fast though it is messy and does stain!

    Glad you had a good trip to Phoenix!

    Kristi- CO

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  3. This has probably been recommended before but try Gentain Violet for the thrush. It kills yeast on contact. If it's a severe case, I would recommend treating it on the baby once or twice a day for three days. If he has diaper rash, use nystatin cream or clotromizole from target. Use the gentian violet on mommy as well. If she has it only on the surface (not in milk ducts) she can use it 3x a day for 3 days. If it's in the milk ducts, she will need a prescription to clear it up as well. Gentian violet makes a really big mess and stains but it works great!! When treating baby's mouth, rub a little olive oil or vaseline on his chin and face around his mouth first to help some of it to wipe off.

    Also, wash everything that comes in contact with mommy and baby separately with vinegar in the rinse cycle to kill the yeast. Otherwise, it will keep spreading.

    Hope that helps!

  4. I was just looking back to see how long the thrush has been going on and I can't believe a doctor hasn't suggested gentian violet already. Unless they have and you just haven't tried it?! Either way... pick up some asap and give it a try!!

    I also know a few other things that can be used if you don't want to use gentian violet. Update us in a couple days if the thrush is still there and I'll post some more recommendations:)

  5. I remember when my c-section son had thrush, and that awful purple stuff was the ONLY thing that cured it. Sure it took 3 applications a day, and ruined EVERYTHING, but it worked like a charm. The others have of course named it, it's been too long for me personally to remember the name. Good luck, and remember throw out all pacifiers, as they just keep that yeast circling around in his mouth!