Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 8, 2011: Thrush...


Ugh.  It is upon is.  Thrush.  Turns out both Ang and Julian have it.  The lactation consultant yesterday explained that thrush is common among c-sections because the antibiotics given due to surgery wipe out the flora that keep thrush at bay, thus letting it run amok.  Wouldn't it be prudent to ask a repeat c-section patient if they developed thrush in past pregnancies, and if so, prescribe an anti-fungal prophylaxis?  However, when you are at a hospital that pumps out 5,000 babies every year (no joke... seriously 5k), that might just be being a little too detailed with the patient.  Yes, that was sarcasm.

What this means is pain for mommy and pain for Julian at feeding time, and has left us with one crabby baby over the past 12-24 hours.  Luckily, the lactation consultant caught it relatively early and now both momma and Julian are on medicine.  Still, it's a bit frustrating since it was really high on our radar, and yet we still couldn't avoid it.

Alright, gotta keep it brief tonight; I'm working on my statement for when I testify in front of the FDA and NIH next week in MD.  Dr. Wagner would like a draft by Saturday to see if I'm on track with what the focus of the workshop is.  They are conducting a two-day workshop on examining the obstacles in pediatric clinical trials, and Dr. Wagner asked me to testify and tell our story.  I am flattered and honored to speak to a body of people that will include the NIH, the FDA, government staffers and officials et al.  I have always preached that if you want the right to bitch, first go and be part of the solution.  Be of service and earn the right to speak you mind.

God night.

Nightly story time...

Nightly Julian time for Ali...



  1. Dear all,

    Looking at Julian's arms and legs, and at his nose and his ears, and at his kneecaps and his lovely curly babyness in the first photo, I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to have had baby Bella and not to have been able to scoop her up and love and snuggle with her.

    Then I remind myself that if Bella's life had begun more conventionally, and if her days had never been recorded by you, I would never have had the joy of sharing your lives through the relatively new medium of your blog.

    I am very thankful for all the turns in the road that led me and my family to you and your family.

    Always fondly, from my late summer dry rooftop,


  2. Prayers and well wishes for you all!

  3. How awesome that you're going to share your story with the FDA! Praying that it goes well. Sorry about the thrush - I had that with all of mine at one point or another and it's so irritating!! Hope Ang (who looks FABULOUS by the way) and J-man are all better soon!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Love from TX,
    Laura (for Team A)

  4. Bummer on thrush! If the prescribed medicine doesn't help enough, grapefruit seed extract and gentian violet are both really effective alternative/natural remedies. Plus probiotic supplements!

    Good luck with the statement and workshop!


  5. Don't those IKEA flowers put off a TON of light?! The girls have several of them in their room and they always have one on as a night light. By the time we go to bed, the light has gotten so bright that it lights up the hall. It looks like a Christmas tree is in there! They're super cute though. Good luck on your speech. That is an honor!

  6. Hello there! I read your blog daily...thanks for sharing your journey with me...I do so enjoy your writing!
    I had a horrible case of thrush with my first kiddo! It was awful! NOTHING worked and no one would listen to me!! Finally, after trying gentian violet, oral medications, and topical meds, I got on the internet and read and read and read! The thing that worked best for me? Tell Ang to DRY HER BRAS!!! In a HOT dryer! I had always hung my bras up to dry (most women are taught it is sacreligious to dry their bras!), but in this case...COOK THOSE PUPPIES IN THE DRYER!!!! Within 1 week, my symptoms and my daughter's symptoms were GONE! Also apple cider vinegar applied topically helps as well!!! Good luck and I am praying! Thrush is NO fun!!!
    Kathryn in Kansas City

  7. That is soooo cool, that you get to go share your story in front of all those important people.

    Poor J and Ang! I hope its getting much better! And Ang- didn't you just have a baby? You look amazing.

    Cute pics... love them. And Bella too!